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Ever dreamed of a perfect holiday with someone you love? Vivianne Ferris had dreamed of that with her best friend Rosie Spark. They've never spent any holidays together. This would be the first time since knowing one another that they could spend two special one's together. Would Vivianne get to make a great impression on Rosie? Or Will it be for nothing as their friendship crashes?

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Chapter 1

Vivanne had one goal that was to make sure Rosie Sparks would have the best of time with her and her large family. Vivianne has two loving parents with six other siblings. She loved her large family though Rosie wasn't very fond of it when they would be hanging out at her place and admitted if she ever had a man in her life they would only have two kids, a boy and a girl. Vivianne didn't see herself with any man because she had this crush on Rosie. In Vivianne's eyes Rosie is a beauty queen with bright yellow with red streaks in her hair, bright blue eyes, she loved wearing yellow tank tops and blue jeans even her favorite Nike shoes were red and yellow. Vivianne is just boring with brown wave length hair, brown eyes, with a white tank top with a purple jacket that she loved, black jeans, and worn out white tennis shoes.

Vivianne wanted more than anything to tell her best friend how she felt but it would be a risk. Though Vivianne couldn't get herself to say who she was out loud either that would destroy who she is in her family and friends.

On this particularly cool winter-like morning with the low forties, they were both bundled up in jackets and heading to a coffee shop downtown that just arrived called Country Corner Cafe that served new pastries and looked like great coffee. It felt like home when they arrived that she saw Rosie getting excited to see the unique flavors on the wall.

"What do you plan on getting, bestie?" Rosie asked with a whisper.

"I was thinking Mocha Iced Coffee and probably just a plain bagel. I'm not in the mood for much." Vivianne replied. "What were you thinking?" Vivianne looked over at Rosie.

"A hot coffee with sugar and light creamer. I'm not hungry right now." Rosie responded with a small smile.

Vivianne took their orders then took a seat at one of the booths. While waiting Vivianne could tell Rosie wanted to say something but kept fidgeting with her scrunchie.

"What's wrong, Rosie?" Vivianne asked.

"You know how you keep asking if I can come spend Thanksgiving with you and your family?" Rosie asked in return.

"Yes, and?" Vivianne could sense disappointment coming.

"I don't think I can do that. You have such a large family and it always feels like I'm an outcast once arriving because they take you away." Rosie replied with a deep sigh.

"Then we can spend time at your place for Thanksgiving. I need a change anyway and I do love your moms cooking." Vivianne responded with a smile.

As soon as Rosie was about to speak their orders got called and Vivianne went to grab it. At that moment, Vivianne didn't reach the table once she saw Rosie leave her behind with their drinks. This isn't the first time Vivianne has witnessed Rosie running from their situation in her big family and Rosie's small family. She knew that reaching out to Rosie would be impossible at this point. Vivianne returned Rosie's coffee and her bagel, settling for her iced coffee then decided to stay inside at the table they were at and thankfully, she got a refund. Vivianne didn't feel it would have been wise to chase Rosie, no matter how much she wanted to tell her that she feels more than just best friends, it becomes apparent that wouldn't be worth saying since she wants the picket fence life. Before long she heard the door's bell go off that revealed her sister Vanessa and her girlfriend Trisha.

"Sis, where is Rosie?" Vanessa asked curiously.

"I don't know. She ran out on me again as soon as we discussed Thanksgiving." Vivianne replied with sadness in her voice.

"She really has a bad habit of doing that. You would think as long as you and Rosie have known each other this would be resolved." Trisha piped in.

Vivianne hung her head knowing that Trisha isn't wrong. Vanessa is a splitting image of her besides having their dad's tight curls and Trisha has blonde straight hair down to her back, blue eyes, and looks like an asian model. They were the perfect pair for only being together a few months. Vivianne has a bit of jealousy that their bond is full of love and understanding.

"Nessa, are you and Trisha being with the family this year or going to hers in Colorado?" Vivianne asked curiously.

"We are leaving for Colorado for Thanksgiving and having a nice vacation together before deciding our next steps into this world." Vanessa said while kissing Trisha's hand.

"No, see her family?" Vivianne couldn't help wondering why that is.

"Not happening. They already disapprove of us and do not want to hear it." Vanessa replied.

"Any other ideas about our siblings and their plans?" Vivianne asked knowing that Vanessa doesn't keep up with the whole family.

"Sis, if this is to keep Rosie in your life this isn't smart by having us all separated. Mom and Dad wouldn't be pleased." Vanessa replied pointing a finger at Vivianne.

"I am just trying to keep her in my life because we all know how this is all going to backfire once I head off to college." Vivianne knew she crossed the line when seeing Vanessa walk away with Trisha and they ordered their stuff then sat away from her.

Vivianne got up from her table then made her way out the door and threw her coffee out. Stepping out into the bitter cold as temperatures went down to mid-thirties. Walking down the road to the lot by the movie theater since it was a safe spot to park her car and with hopes Rosie would be in her car at least. It would be about a three minute walk from the coffee shop to the Elk Theater. Vivianne didn't understand Rosie most days but they were always so clingy to one another.

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