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Author's forewords: Welcome I am bishop mizu, A young African American writer. This will be an ongoing series. I will drop multiple chapters each month for this dark novel, or I might surprise you with random drops. I want to build an active community of fellow writers to give any advice or valid criticisms freely. I love fan engagement, so you can contact me on Facebook and other social media by asking me. All art is owned by the artist, the original artist, and DM. If you need the artist names, they are free to use. Content WARING THIS CONTAINS MATURE CONTENT and topics 18+ The authors do not share views with any characters. Also, I'm not the only author. I have guest authors to write some chapters, and I will give myself credit. Don't worry. They will stay consistent with the plot and canon. Much love and appreciation from your friendly neighborhood horror wittier, Bishop Mizu. Story description: This is a tale of Judas Baphomet, the black goat and future ruler of earth and spawn of the black Gaia, aka shub-ziggurat. Will this eldritch half-goat, half-man humanoid being rule the omiverse, or will Bill Sliver and his friends stop him? There are many cosmic deities and various demons that are pulling strings. This story is told through the eyes of the protagonist, Bill Sliver. He and a group of his friends camp in the black woods. Bill and his friends will soon find out that they are not the only ones in the woods and that hell on earth will quickly fly out like a bat from the fiery gates of hell. They shall soon see they are just a grain of sand compared to the onimverse.

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Welcome to Black Creek

Leviticus 16:8-10 (ESV): 8 And Aaron shall cast lots over the two goats, one lot for the LORD and the other lot for Azazel. 9 And Aaron shall present the goat on which the lot fell for the LORD and use it as a sin offering, ten but the goat on which the lot fell for Azazel shall be presented alive before the LORD to make atonement over it, that it may be sent away into the wilderness to Azazel. (infinite outer-versal planes.)Bishop Mizu, comic Morgan Freeman-style narrator, mixed with Twilightzone).

(bishop mizu, the narrator)

(in alternate earth of 666, 2035, technological advancements have made more leaps of advancement, and so has witchcraft—the rise of cults within the ominous omniscient-omega-verses. Most countries have made a plot with Judas Baohomet, a deity that is beyond human comprehension. The webs of fate, time, and causality are constantly being expanded. The samsara of pain is always a wheel with this dark Forrest of Kabbalah multiverse trees that are mere roots and saplings of a giant omega omni Yggdrasil, The Gods and other beings beyond the comprehension of even beings that define the laws of the Omniveres.On the earth of 666 is a grimdark plane of existence where the nightmare of the subconscious can manifest into reality; there are various cults, hate organizations, and layers of secret dark government that are all tied through the webs of ShelothBane.the kings of this earth fight a shadow war for control. There are so many theories to describe the omiverse that will answer one question that leads to another infinite amount of questions, making even gods go mad from the eldritch truth. Will Bill Sliver, an American southern-born but Midwestern-raised otaku, see sights he never thought his feeble mind could comprehend? Will he keep his faith??? or will he sink into the madness? Will he be the prey of the spider that spins the wheels of synchronicities in the same fabrics of time and space? The seeds of the world tree scatter across the vast Omniveres that are an infinite ocean. The tides are laws that constantly change as soon as one learns the mystic rhythms of this song of pure dual dark and The Sublime, the force of yin and yang, our war of hate. Welcome viewers to the story told through the webs of ShelothBane. The webs of time are constantly spinning.)

The Small American Midwestern with Southern elements, you could hear the Chris of the birds was delightful. You had vast pine forests filled with a unique biodiversity of deer, elk, and the other natural beings of creation. The small town, which is your average small town, only had a few apartments, but mainly, It had Morden houses and log cabins. There was the massive Black Creek Baptist Church of the Divine Quadrinity of the conscious and mindful. There was a pub that was forty-five minutes away. It looked like a combination of pubs in Amsterdam but had a spin of Mississippi and Michigan if it was terrible where the strange and other groups gather. If the bar had a song that describes it, it would be " A Horse with No Name by America. The energy was like a peaceful area where groups, even if they hate each other, gather. From the emo to the bikers, all shapes, sizes, and different colors. The inside of the bar looks like an old-school salon from the Western cowboy era with steampunk and cyberpunk styles. There was a wall of metal bands like Soilwork, Slayer, and other heavy metal bands. There were so many guitars hanging up on the wall. Wild game like boar, elk, ram, and goat heads hung on the walls. Some of them had Viking swords that had the symbol of the world tree and rune of life. The town was above a mass grave covering the sins of the lands. The bones held the secrets of the dark past. There are the insane asylums of R'lyeh with dread and ghosts haunting them. There is The city hall of Ulthar. A theocracy rules the town with an iron fist, the council of the elderly elders, And the small clinic named black Butler Hospital. Another landmark was the mega malls. They were colossal towers of pure honey Trap. Even a Superman couldn't save a dollar there. Groups of gangs like the Sons of Suijin and The East Iron Tiger claws. They would always fight for territories. There was also a considerable biker culture within this town. Much crime was underneath a false mask, like a wolf disguised as a white rabbit.)He teleports)(Bill silvers holo gram hands manipulate the atoms of wind and water his (main power!)he was typing like a MADMAN333.1

Cars(BOOM!!! Boom!! )

Playing x(song playing )

Yeah, it's Darko

My bicth is the jaws some, I'm wave the sharko

Hit you with the waves, tsunami with the flow

I'm a deadman any way so that's why I'm going to glow

Rip to my slime. You all outer gods don't know

I'm feeling dark Forrest theory with my golden soul

I feel like I'm getting the body's. I have to go

Hit hoes with the dick like I'm Neptune

Shout to the new wave, my nigga lil moon

I feel like a moth coming out of my shell

I feel like an infinite inferno. Virgil is trying to pay me money and some pills

I'm then black creek hills(3X hills)

Making money nigga. I'm big black dollars, the big bills.

I shot out the Netherlands cause I'm higher than Peter Pan (Bill is now going to the cybersecurity building passport. He shows them his I'd showing his various black (Black voodoo style tattoos, His star of David tattoo of his brown oak ebony skin, His red eyes

YOU TAKE THEM BICTHS OFF BRO BRO WHAT UP DOE (cybersecurity guard one Was waving his hand. Bill Sliver. cause he was looking at the cyber phone, said) Guard one

(Bill puts down air pods (holographic headphones to block sound.)




I've got souls. I got soulsx2

I got smoke for iron white tiger clan hoe

I'm going shout them white at my nuke biographical metal arm

Like orchi, I'm cooking up plans (say plans 🈺2x)

Wave hands bicth it's the year of the dragon (2024)

If you got them cowhide jackets, you bastardized CCC Fukas have to go

I feel like spawn(2xsay spawn)

Dragon to snake, dragon to snake, I'm In Verdan lawn.

I finally found my light (say it.)

I'm one in grey. This may fight

I'm finally doing it right.

That is true with the dark twist of my tower.

This my willpower

My hoe Sakura bad you don't know (Bill is walking to his apartment to the mega flats of the Black moon it is underneath the sundown town of the black creek (Vroming! Just coming in, a cyber crackhead had blown up a bank in the black creek hills. He was going through a cybersecurity Warg of the Grey Fang and then said that the rise of Roko is near (here at greytech will protect the viewers of this content. Waring we are trying to protect you(ai basic stereotypes)

Hello, my name is Bill Silver. I was just your average black Christian. I am a sinner on a Saturday but looking for my savior on a Sunday. We all sin, but sometimes those sins come back to haunt us. My faith was destroyed because of all the things I saw. Things that would make you go mad from fright. The fear is like a flame burning and consuming you, stealing your will even to live and essence. My god was false, but I discovered that things are beyond what a god can comprehend. Things that would make Jesus Christ weep and lose his faith in god.

I had brown as-oak skin, brown eyes, and a high-top fade with dreadlocks. I wore black and gray clothes. I would wear a Cuban chain that was silver. Some black pants have comedically inaccurate skeleton legs. My gray shirt had ravens, owls, and skulls. It looks like the stereotypical Hawaiian shirt, but if I was emo. My belt was a dark oak brown. I had one of those introductory hot topic anime chain walks that said Cyberpunk Detroit is coming soon in Metal Band Cover Gothic font. My skin was clean and clear of pores. My dreadloocks were black and red. My eyes were dark brown. Some hair had religious jewelry of all faith tied to god. I had a star of Solomon gages that all had the seal of Zailton, the divine god of light and order, the mount of The Highest Yahweh. Man, At Time, I thought look so epic and cool. I probably look like a fucking Weeb! The cologne I would wear was a combination of strong cologne I would wear was a combination solid, and soft, as if the ocean waves were made from lavender.

The rings on my finger were my astrology chart, but my main signs are Aquarius moon, Scorpio, rising, and Gemini, and yeah, for you Chinese zodiac lovers, I had my Symbol, an eastern grey and black dragon. I had a lower grill that was silver with runes from Emerald tablets. I'm an unorthodox member of Christianity. I probably look like I should be sending Maximillion Pegasus into the shadow realm rather than being a church boy. If it had a theme, it would be Soilwork -let this river flow. It was my ringtone. I lived in the mega apartment called Miskatonic Towers. The elders and youth lived in these apartments. They were very empathetic to each other. It was a decent-looking New York-looking apartment building with the angels of the Quadrinity Godhead. (Bill was Typing on his phone while walking through the black creek to go to Lower Black Moon City.)(birds chirping.)Bill is the narrator of this ) The Camera shot first person of a cyber city that is at night In Detroit, Michigan, with flying cars and a shot like a character is walking

(Bill finally goes to his apartment, then goes on kisscord.)

It all started when my friends came into town. We had our yearly camping trip. We would travel all over the country, and we have seen many sites. My first friend, Sarah J. Green, was a timid person. She was a typical hipster, liberal, and feminist. She was an artist that would sell her various exquisite pieces all around the world. She was like a modern-day Bob Ross mixed with a little Andy Warhol. Her specialties involved speed painting, making sculptures, abstract art, and other art forms. Sarah was beautiful. She had red ember hair that would flow in the wind like fire. A face filled with freckles. She had eyes that were as green as the meadows during spring. She would wear this alluring perfume, the smell of lavender and roses.

Sarah was going to Wayne State for a bachelor's degree in occultism and mythology. She would always make paintings of wolves eating goats and crows. Me and Sarah would talk on the phone for hours on end. One of my favorite plays and books was The King in Yellow and The Scibe of Hastur. If there were a song to describe her nature, it would be Huit Octobre 1971 by Cortex. It's one of the songs we listened to when it was just me and her. We would star in the stars, eat smores, and watch movies on a projected. Looking into her eyes was so breathtaking.

When I stared into her eyes, I felt so safe, like the world was pure. His gaze was the physical embodiment and manifestation that made Aphrodite and the other deities of beauty and love look like hags in comparison. I had various thoughts of lust, her crimson lipstick that was otherworldly. Whenever I thought she had or gave her a simple hug, it felt like a tornado of sparks, positive energy, and feelings that I trapped within myself because I was afraid....of the unknown. I fear fate and chance. With every day, hour, and year passing, my feelings were a fire that was consuming me as a sinner dammed for hell, but that was an inversion of that. Instead of feelings of regret for our sinful nature, it was more like I met my soul mate; it felt like in the past life with the samsara of the world Kabbalah tree that in our infinite lifetime, we were lovers of every kind. It felt like she could give energy to every kundalini was getting energy. Like the mere mention of her name would fuel my heart chakra, she was a Capricorn sun, Virgo moon, and Virgo rising. She dislikes false information, tomatoes, anything pumpkin-related, incels, and Reddit mods.

Then there was my other friend, Oscar Novi Noir. Oscar Noir was a light-skinned black man. He had green and gray dyed dreadlocks; also, he wore red eye contact, but he always had a pair of emergency glasses, just in case. But he had light hazel eyes. He had gages and various Japanese-style tattoos. His fashion sense was dark but unique. Oscar was a hippie on the inside. He was kinda of straight edge cause he never would ever sip a beer or smoke. He was a nerd who always had odd conspiracy theories about black creek. I remembered all the demons, aliens, and witch conspiracies he would discuss. He was a paranormal investigator. Also a private investigator. He was still a rookie, but he had a heart of gold. He frequently can be nervous, and he uses comedy as a protect his emotions. If Head had a theme song, it would be black hole sun by Soundgarden. It was the physical embodies a lot of aspects of his nature. He was very supportive, he was a spark of inspiration, and a lot of people would underestimate him because sometimes he was like a class clown, always there to try to pick you up. I'm feeling down. He wore a black detective trench coat. He is a Year of the snake, Aquarius sun, Libra moon, and Virgo rising. He was always at I'm Going to Eat the black Forrest Ramen and wrote his paranormal blog on different strange, supernatural, bizarre, and unnatural events, as well as Scps. His favorite Scp was SCP-3004 and SCP-001, The Scarlet King.

(Bill on the phone with Dante: yeah, bro, I'm making our dnd kisscord right now, bro. I'm working on Oscar (POV shot Bill Apartment is a fusion of Western and Eastern anime and comics. There's a samurai theme poster and Kung Fu, a flat-screen TV with an Xstaion; the rug is green underneath a table; it's a one-bedroom Apartment that is very large from the inside.) Bill starts walking to his main bedroom, which looks like a manga studio or music studio. They're all types of posters (non-webtoons, their colossal tit big ass ebony hentai poster, Some of them say are weed posters, One of the posters is a cow saying don't eat me nigga or we going have beefed up the top of the poster it says Vegan Gang!.1

Then, there was Emma Athena White. Emma was a very religious person, more than myself. Her father was the pastor of Blackcreek's Baptist church. She was also a stoner who was the opposite of uptight ultimately. Emma had daisy blonde hair, and her hair had an aura that was so heavenly and beautiful. That was curly. She had alluring eyes that were an icy ocean pale blue. Emma dressed up like a typical mall chick. But her personality was great. It shined like a sun. She was a Beauty YouTuber and video game streamer for Twitch. She was also going to school for journalism. She was the best gamer in the group, often beating me and Oscar. She won the Oscar the most, as Dante.

I was her only rival. Me and I went to the same church as the kids. We met when we were seven years old at Sunday school. His father was like a spiritual sensei that would enlighten me about god. He always would try to analyze and answer my questions with logic and reason, giving me complex questions back. He also told me about the dark sides of religion and how the solid weaponized, corrupted and inverted the will of god and religious doctrine. My faith was also a lifestyle, but it would be blinded by it to hate and judge God's creations. Emma had a California Mall Valley girl accent, but it was a little bit unique because it had Midwestern tones within it. She was born in the year of the snake; she was a Taurus moon, Virgo sun, and Leo rising. (typing sounding. Bill put his hand on the kitchen counter and then said yeah, I'm getting down with Emma.

Dante Room, a song, was playing a POV shot of Dante's sports awards and rip-off hell boy mix with spawn rip-off that said in Blood Letters (send me the character sheets. He had posters of hot women

Dante is screaming off the phone. Why do you make me last as Bill sits on his bed to see some vagabond-style samurai manga?

Last but not least, my friend Dante Hades Levi was your typical all-American college athlete. Still, he looked like a K-pop and hip-hop artist like Lil Peep. he always wore a green sports jumpsuit. He had jade green highlights with a butterfly tattoo on his lower cheek and a sword between the wings. Dante is going to film school on the side. He was a hard-working type of guy and hard on himself. He was a nationally known track star as well. Dante had Medium-sized hair that was black as coal. This year, Dante wanted to surprise us. His surprise was that his girlfriend was going on our camping trip. His girlfriend's name was Marry black. Marry black had red dyed hair and red eyes. Marry black had pale skin that was white as snow. Marry was a shy and very calm, mellow person. She was a huge metalhead and hip-hop head, more than even me. Her nickname was Anthony Fantano because she loved a lot of incredible music but wouldn't stop talking about how she hated Nav and loved Death Grips. She had red highlights. Marry was a Scorpio rising, cancer sun, Aquarius moon, and Aquarius moon.

She wore a misfit tee shirt and other cool punk vibes. The only person who knew about her was me, for I was in on the surprise. Dante & Mary would just Video Chat me a lot. But did have another surprise that I didn't, Mary, and Dante would watch horror movies like Mothman vs the Michigan Dog Man. A theme that captures their vibe is Chamber of Reflection by Mac DeMarco.Man, I miss the times when Dante and Oscar would catch bugs like fireflies and other critters. Once, I found a white rat snake that scared both of them. With it, they ran like two screaming little divas. It was knee-slapping funny and made you want to spit off ya water. He and Mary would wear matching love bunny shirts because they both were born in the year of the rabbit. I, Dante, and Emma would always play the latest online first-person shooters and dark fantasy hardcore games. For some types, we would get the home crew to play tabletop RPG games. Dante liked old-school music and movies. He had a vast collection of VHS and other things.

Before our trip, we all had to meet in town at the local bar called black water. Black Water was a Small, discreet pub where bikers, goths, and metal bands just hung out. But it had the best liquor and music in this boring old town. I drive my van until I reach black water. I walk into the pub, and then I see all my friends chatting loudly in a booth. I then walked over there, but before I could join them. I bump into a large old biker. The biker had a leather black jacket resembling Ghost Rider, but it had patches and a button blackjack. It had long spikes on it that were black. The biker had large skull rings, a black hand skeleton tattoo on both hands, and a death on both his knuckles. He had various satanic tattoos and had a bald head with the Ouroboros snake on his bald head. He had a long gray and black bread; his bread looked like a black bread type modern style. Also, he had snake bites and a septum piercing. He had a creepy face; his pure, pitch-black eyes stared into my soul. I felt his rage like a massive tsunami hitting me. He had the anger of a bull and its intimidation. He slowly reached for his knife. He had a silver and gold serpentine-like blade. His friends suddenly grabbed him, and all the bikers left the pub. All you heard was their engines screaming, and they all started up simultaneously. But before he left, I saw he had a large Baphomet tattoo On the biker who tried to attack me. As the bikers left, I heard a creepy song.

The song felt like a musical symbol of madness and darkness. It felt like it was causing the distribution of vile energy. (ゴゴゴゴ (gogo gogo),(*Keeeeee**)

(Birds Eye pov of watching the pub)(Bill rubbed his neck as he felt the goosebumps on his neck.)

Then the next thing I hear is Sliver, get over here. I recognized the voice instantly. It was Oscar. I take a seat in the booth surrounded by my friends. Oscar said so what was all that hostile energy about with those bikers? I Said in a Sarcastic tone. I wanted to have a classic bar brawl. Emma breaks out in laughter. Then Oscar said well anyway, are we going to see that local creepy fortune teller. Dante smiled and then said You know it's our tradition to get our Fortune told by the old Baba Yaga in the Witch forest. Dante then said the Baba Yaga prediction has never been wrong. She is the best fortune teller in the state. She is located deep hidden in the witch woods. Woods was known as the twin of the black woods. (POV shot of the Baba Yaga looking deeply into Pannel.)

Emma then said she has human bones, and Flesh uses them for various things, such as material for her gate or other darker things. Sarah said I heard she kidnaps children to then devour or use for her spells and rituals or even use them for blood magic and sacrifice. Mary was texting her phone when Dante grabbed it and said so babe, are you ready to meet the spooky witch? Marry smiles, a face filled with love. Then she said I have you as my knight in shiny armor. Also, you have backup knights that will protect us, like Oscar and Bill. Oscar said I'm not going protect anyone but myself. Then, laughingly, he said no, I'm just messing with you all.

When everyone finally finished our delicious meals. We all began to get up and leave to see the fortune teller. We get in my van and follow the path until we all stop at the Witch Woods. I parked, then walked on the forest path until we hit the fork. We took a right on the path. I could hear the screams of crows and ravens. As we walked, I could not help but feel like we were being watched by something or someone. The hairs on the back of my neck were raised high. I only just thought in this moment the sensation of fear and dread. I could feel chills going up and down my spine. We walked deeper into the forest. The trees were just filled with murders of crows. I watched as they screamed and fought each other. The other ones were just in the nest, staring at me. Then I saw a red raven with a third eye fly. Nobody else saw the sizeable red raven. The raven had an aura of green that looked like the shade of polished jade.

We finally walk to see the house of the Baba Yaga. It had a gate of bones and skulls, and multiple crows and ravens were everywhere. They had a nest on her roof. There was a large old walnut tree growing next to rosemary and various other plants that witches used for spells. We walk toward the door where there is a crow 13-century door knocker. I use the door knocker twice. We waited five minutes, but it felt like hours had passed, Oscar said. Will I think she is not home? Let's go to my house and then get ready for camping in the morning. Dante said you know we have to wait. She's an old lady. She is taking her sweet time. Oscar said I don't care, bro. Even if she was the mighty queen of England, she needed to hurry up. It's not like we have much time left, and I hope we don't come across some modern-day sundown town.

As we stood there, we heard the creaking of an old door opening. Soon after, a small, frail older adult appeared before us. She was a sight, with long gray hair almost covering her small crow-like eyes. Her teeth were barely there, and the few that remained were very yellow and damaged. She leaned on a large staff, which had a human skull and two crow skulls attached to it, along with crow feathers. It was evident that the staff served as a cane for her. Her necklace was made of crow bones, with a baby's skull attached. She wore a long black robe with raven feathers, and on her head, she had a large black hat that resembled a wizard's hat. Her skin was covered in multiple old magic seals and tattoos, and it was so pale that it almost seemed translucent. Her skin was wrinkly and dry, and her nails were black and looked more like the talons of a giant eagle. The Baba Yaga wore silver and gold skull rings and other jewelry that added to her eerie appearance.

As we entered the Baba Yaga's home, we were greeted by a quiet but unmistakably malicious tone in her voice. The house was in shambles as if a tornado had swept through it, leaving books, papers, runes, and various potions scattered everywhere. A large cauldron sat in the corner, filled with multiple mysterious ingredients. A table with seven chairs stood in the center of the room. The Baba Yaga then invited us to sit so she could read our fortunes through tarot cards. We all settled into our chairs, which were made of old, black bones.

As we waited, we heard the soft purring of a cat. Suddenly, a black cat with piercing green eyes appeared, following the Baba Yaga as if it were her loyal companion. The cat had a white crescent moon on its forehead, which seemed to glow in the room's dim light. The cat looked like a purple, dark nebula; its fur pattern of stars with golden greenish eyes that were very mystique was unknown.

The Baba Yaga then proceeded to reveal our fortunes. Looking at Oscar, she said, "Oscar Novi Noir is your full name. You are only 23 years old, and you are a private eye." Her words sent a chill down my spine, and I couldn't help but wonder what other secrets she might reveal.

As Oscar listened to her words, his eyes widened in surprise. He turned to his friend Dante and asked how he knew about their question. Baba Yaga, the enigmatic figure in front of them, looked at Oscar and replied that she had seen it in a dream. She explained that travelers often came to her to read their fortune through the cards, and she had been blessed with the gift of seeing past and future events since she was a child. Dante chuckled at her words, but Baba Yaga's serious tone made him curious.

Baba Yaga then suggested that they begin to read their fortunes. She shuffled the tarot cards multiple times and cut the deck twice before laying the cards on the table. Baba Yaga revealed that their question was about their upcoming camping trip, and Dante's smile quickly turned into a confused gaze. He asked her if she could read their minds, but Baba Yaga laughed and replied that her dreams always told her the future. She claimed to have the eyes of fate and to be one of the children of Loki, the father of Odin.

The Baba Yaga then pulled three cards from her demonic tarot deck.

Virgilivs and the evil spirit. The card had a goat-like demon with black fur and a Young man with long blonde hair who wore Greek-like robes summoning the black monster. Then the Baba Yaga said You will all summon the spirits of the black woods. One of you will bring the tremendous black darkness to this land. The black goat is watching you all and is hungry for new souls. You will all be responsible for countless bloodshed. The next card she pulled was the devil. I was looking around for a bit at her house horrors. They had carpets made from the flesh of crows and infants in a display that would make some of the most muscular men flee. I was thinking and praying on God's words to give me some rise of hope, but I could not due to the baba yaga who had a gaze that would make A bear flee in terror.

The Baba Yaga, with her wrinkled and gnarled fingers, tapped twice on the card. The room fell silent as she spoke with her frail voice, "One of you is the devil but in sheep's skin. You are a wolf hiding amongst sheep, waiting for the right time to slaughter the weak lamps and sheep." Her words sent shivers down everyone's spine. The Baba Yaga started to laugh with her evil, frail voice, cackling with delight at the fear she had instilled. As the people in the room looked at each other with suspicion, the Baba Yaga pulled the final card, the atmosphere tense with anticipation.

The baba with her nasty black-grayish talons with symbols of death and sacrifice runes to the next card. She had a smile that was so otherworldly and grotesquely strange, even a face that a mother couldn't love. She had worms and parasites in her mouth like a diverse ecosystem of complex organisms. Her mouth looks like she has only eaten rotten flesh in her life. She had a halo of flies and small goat-like horns that were barely visible but caught my eye.

Death was the next card. The Baba Yaga said only three of you will survive and will live to tell the story, but the others shall perish into ash. The room was utterly silent as the candles in the room all quickly went out. The Baba Yaga then said If you go in those black woods, you will die. Your fate will be sealed when you go to those black woods. Regardless of my warning, I know you shall go. I've seen it in my dreams. My dreams are always accurate. I see it clear as day those woods are cursed. She started laughing evilly. It was like she had to voice one deep, and the other was very weak, old, and frail but creepy.

As the tension in the room continued to mount, I broke the silence by asking Baba Yaga how much this session would cost us. Her response was unnerving - she flashed a creepy smile that revealed her rotten old yellow teeth and told us that this session was free of charge because we all had higher debts. Oscar was taken aback by her comment and demanded an explanation, but the Baba Yaga just stared at me with that same creepy grin. I felt like a hawk was watching me, and I couldn't shake the feeling that something ominous was about to happen. The table was made from human bones; it had a tablecloth made from cowhide and the skins of infants of various colors. The hues were so sickly and disgusting. The baba yaga had book sleeves filled with jars with wolfbane, lilac, and other flowers that would be used. There were jars of different stages of life in an infant, but it was in a gross display of anti-fertility. Various jars are meant to preserve organic life filled with xeno goat-like humanoid beings so grotesque that my mortal words cannot even weave a description. Still, if they were a hideous manifested emotion, it would be beyond the shackles of the shell. There would be so many vast emotions of dread that it was an ocean with a never-ending abyss.

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