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The years 1940s and the sons of two great generals.Louis Becker and George Bauer must support each other if they want to stay alive and keep each other safe from violence only for a few days will they learn the truth.Maintain their secret.How war became love is based in world war II and how it doesn't matter who you family is you must maintain alive and support your partner in the good and bad

LGBT+ Déconseillé aux moins de 13 ans.

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Louis and George

"I told you,this is insane!"Louis replide to George handing over the papers "We can get expelled.My father will get extremly mad,you know how my father acts when hes angry!"

"Louis,why cant you be more relaxed?So what if you're father gets angry? I will take the blame!"George handed over the papers.He took out his sweet voice out and grabbed Louis hand...

"Besides if I flunk anyways then I wont get to see my favorite person..." Louis blushed,George even left a tiny blush.

"Mr.Becker and Mr.Bauer!"The teacher yelled

They quickly separeted and sat down.

"It seems that you cant focus on your studies Mr.Bauer

The students in the backed started laughing."Gross!","Inappropriate"

When the class finished,George couldnt find him.

"You stupid ...!"The idiot bully James Johns grabbed Louis backpack with him and threw it into the floor

"Stupid creeps like you shouldn't be part of this academy!"

"Get away from him" George

"Look who's here!Are you gonna protect your precious?"

George couldn't handle any longer and punched James face,he list three teeth and got his nose full of blood.

"Dammit with you!"

"Im gonna tear that pretty face of yours!"

James was hitten

in the legs then grabed his face and punched him.George was able to knock off James.James grabbed George chest and...

"What is going on!"The principal shouted

"Mr.Brown!"James raised his hands"Were you inflicting violence in my academy?!"

"Sir,I...he attacked me too!"

"Well of course,Mr.Bauer was just protecting himself"

"I shall call your parents whether you should get expelled!"

"Are you alrigth?"George runned alamared into Louis face

"Are you alright?"

"Yes,better than you..."

"Youre welcome"

"For what?"

"For saving youre butt out there!"

"You didn't save me.I let you beat him because I know how much you hate him!"

"Im youre guardian.Say it!"

"I hate you!"

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