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The story takes place in the Akenkwo village in the early 2000s, where the ancient chief of the village died( chief Smith). The successor was his only big son Mukete who took the thrown, he had two wives in which the first was name Madeleine and the second Jenifer. Suddenly Madeleine got pregnant of chief Mukete but he refused to accept the baby and Successfully abandoned her with the baby in her stomach because he had an idea that Madeleine was going out with another man while is not the case . So he preferred to keep Jenifer until Madeleine died with the baby in the forest and promised to revenge....

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ACT 1 scene 1 ( beginning of part 1)

Settings: In the palace

"The chief slept yesterday at 8Pm and he gets up today in good health. On Saturday at 8Am, he goes out in his room and sits in his throne to strength his bones.

Chief Mukete :guard.

The Guard:yes my king, what can I do for you my highness?

Chief Mukete : go and calls for Mike(the messenger)and tells him that I am calling for him.

The guard:ok my highness .

Chief Mukete :one thing, make sure that he comes very fast, I want to tell him something very important.

The guard :ok my highness.

"The guard went accompany by others guards, they arrived and knock the door in which somone opened it.

Mike's wife: good morning

guard, how are you doing?

The guard :I am fine and you?

Mike's wife:I am very fine, please what are you doing in my land,and what is the problem?

The guard: calm down the is no problem this old woman, the chief only want to see your husband.

Mike's wife: what have he does guard?

Mike's wife:I said calm down the chief only wants to see your husband in the palace.

(Enters Mike)

Mike: what is the problem here?

Mike's wife:the guard is here and says that the chief is calling for you in the palace.

Mike:(to the guard) good morning guard

The guard: don't waste time, the chief is calling for you.

Mike:ok guards.

Mike's wife: good bye honey.

Mike: good bye baby.


(Enter Mike and the guard in the palace)

The guard:my highness Mike is here with me.

Chief Mukete: thanks you guard (to Mike) how are you doing?

Mike: I am very fine my highness.

Chief Mukete: (to the guard) please my guard, I want to discuss alone with Mike.

The guard:ok my highness, your desire is my pleasure.

(Exit the guard)

Chief Mukete: I calls you here because, I want to tell you that my birthday is on next week Tuesday. I want the organisation to be good, also I want that everybody should enjoy and celebrate my name.

Mike: ok my highness I am going to call the notables.

(Exit Mike)

Chief Mukete:ohh! I am very happy to be the chief of this village, you can command everybody as you want.

(Re-enter Mike and the notables (Miguel, Atangana, and Kenzo))

Chief Mukete:I told Mike to go and call for you people.

Atangana : excuse me my highness, I want to say something very important.

Chief Mukete:yes, you can talk.

Atangana :our highness, our protector, the chief of this land and our superior I don't know the reason why you call us here, you should be direct my highness.

Miguel: he is very correct our highness, please tells us why you call us here.

Chief Mukete:ok my notables, I want to tell you all of you people that my birthday is on Tuesday.

(The notables shout)

All: wow my highness God bless you more and we wishes long life my highness.

Kenzo:we are so happy our highness, how are we going to organise or celebrate the party.

Chief Mukete: that is why I call all of you here to give ideas on how the party should be organise, what should be prepare on that day.

Atangana : for the preparation the servants will take care of it, especially myself I would bring forty litters of palm wine with colanut.

Chief Mukete:(angry) I don't want your palm wine here, I prefer drink like whisky, redwine. So don't bring your palm wine here, this is my birthday I don't need stupid drinks like Palm wine is it ok for everybody.

Atangana :why don't you want palm wine on your birthday, it has never happened in this land don't forget your tradition.

Chief Mukete:I say no palm wine, is it clear for everybody you people should execute what I am telling, I am the chief or not?

All: you are the chief, we are sorry for our disobedient.

Chief Mukete: for you people punishment, all of you should get out from this palace the meeting is over.

All:ok our highness.

(Exit notables)

" To be continue"

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