Tyler Ellicott

This Story is a personal reflection on facing challenges, taking accountability, and finding purpose amid struggles. The author speaks of overcoming self-imposed barriers and societal expectations, coping with bipolar disorder, dealing with personal setbacks, and finding inspiration from mentors like Coach Lara and Coach Kravig. The narrative also touches on themes of perseverance, resilience, self-identity, and the importance of not giving up in the face of adversity. The author emphasizes the value of hard work, seeking purpose, and encouraging others to keep moving forward despite life's challenges.

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Humble Beginnings

“But it ain’t about how hard you hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. How much you can take and keep moving forward. That’s how winning is done!” - Sylvester Stallone

It never seemed like life would pass me by as quickly as it did. Even though I'm only 26 it seems like only yesterday I was running quarter-mile sprints up and down that back dirt road next to my High School. With Coach Kravig’s humor and sternness that never was over the top. Unlike my Basketball Coach Marty Mondragon who was basically a drill sergeant right in your face and on your ass at every turn.

Despite the contrary beliefs about me I was bullied as a kid. I stood out like a sore thumb being a lengthy white kid in one of the most Hispanic-populated counties in the state. Weld County is where I was born. It is where I was raised and will most likely be where I die. Sad thought though it is home. I've always wanted to hear the ocean and see the northern lights. I still can but if I'm being honest, I don't save money. I spend impulsively nowadays, due to young and reckless behavior that I accumulated over the years by being spoiled as an only child.

Anyways, This chapter is supposed to be about humble beginnings. I'll get back to the bullying I got as a kid. But first and foremost was my family’s fight over their custody of me and my well-being. I never knew the gist of the story dating back to my baby years. I never got to know my Biological Father and my Biological Mother. I only know what was said of her by my parents and grandmother if we get down to it. I didn't even know I was adopted till about the third or fourth grade. When I learned the story I also learned about a Mom and Dad’s love that would turn out to be among the most loyal you could ever imagine.

Now I'm unable to go into every detail because I don't know and digging into the past sometimes leaves you depressed and sad. Focusing on today and thinking about tomorrow is important in anyone's repertoire for successful habits as well as hope and happiness. Sure there are good things to take from this story but there is a lot of bad too.

What I know starts with this My Biological Father had a drinking problem. My Dad now has the same problem but I'll get into that later. My Biological Father was also Bipolar.

My Father's name was Doug and my Mother's name was Jacqueline although everyone always referred to her as Jackie. I have a half-sister named Summer who was about sixteen when I was born.

Prior to my birth tragedy struck when my Mother got into a car accident on a country road out in Western Nebraska near the Ellicott Ranch. She overcorrected her steering by avoiding a head-on collision and then avoiding going off the road. Jackie ended up rolling her car over several times and suffered a life-threatening injury that left her in a coma for a long time. My sister Summer was with Jackie when this all happened and she got the help that probably saved my mother's life.

My mother was in a coma for a long time and when she got out she stayed with Grandma and Grandpa Ellicott. Summer was still in High school then and got bullied and picked on for having a mother with brain damage who had difficulty walking and was slow with her speech.

My mother ran away on a bus to head north to the greater Greeley, CO area. I must add she was as smart as a tick before her accident. Grandma says she was at the top of her class in High School, with straight A’s at Colorado State University studying Social Work.

I don't know how it came about but she was living in Greeley at the time and met my Father. I was unorthodoxly conceived by casual sex without them partaking in marriage. I was adopted around 15 months of age. It took a long time with lots of phone calls and court battles for my biological uncle and aunt to attain custody of me. I was nearly given away to strangers while my Dad was more than happy to raise me. Even my Grandma for that matter but my Dad thought she was too old.

My Biological Father, Doug during a manic episode jumped off a running train from quite a ways up. So then he got brain damage and was unable to raise me sometime after my mother's car accident. My Mom and Dad had to get him to sign a release which he did.

There's a picture somewhere of Doug and Dad standing next to each other. My biological father was towering over my Dad like I do today. It's humbling to look back and think about the what ifs.

I never got to know my Mother and I never got to know my Father. But I have a family that loves me more than anything in the entire world. It might not seem like it all the time but at my lowest times you'll read about later in the book their hearts kept showing through.

My stepbrother Matt, but I'll just call him my Brother from now on told me that I got the worst of my Dad’s alcoholic rage stage.

My Brother also told me that he would of liked for me to have gotten to know my Uncle Justin. Though he says my Cousin Tanner is the blueprint of who Justin was. My cousin goes by TJ. My other cousin Allison goes by Allie.

From what Matt has told me that Justin was the coolest uncle ever. When my Uncle passed away my Dad was very sad. I bet he turned to alcohol even more. Well, I know he did.

I remember getting the belt for something as little as knocking a phone over. I gave my Mom a little nudge one time when we were playing some type of chicken coop dominoes game. He took me into my room and pushed my head into the wall where I waited. He went back to finish the game with Mom. Then he came back and belted the shit out of me.

There were several other times when I got a punishment I didn't deserve. He kept me home from a basketball game for some stupid reason.

Growing up, I had kids fight me because I was lengthy, white, and timid. They would bully me just to make themselves feel like a bigger kid. There was one time I was hiding in a doorway from a bully. He pounced in the doorway from around the corner and scared the shit out of me so I grabbed him by the collar, lifted him, and tried to throw him. He landed with his back and head hitting the pavement. He then started crying out like a little bitch.

Kids would call me rice cake. In middle school, a Mexican kid in class pinched my skin and said this is what I like about white people. ”See they get even whiter when you pinch their skin.”

Despite all of that I tried my best to fit in. My neighbor Angel and I were friends even before we knew how to communicate. He didn't speak a lick of English. I didn't speak a lick of Spanish. We taught each other. My parents didn't want us to hang out.

For all of middle school, I tried to pass as Mexican. I wore América Aguilas clothes which was a Mexican soccer team. I spoke all the Spanish I was taught and knew. It didn't matter what I did the words were always going to hurt me.

In football, I was so frail when I started that I would have so many bruises everywhere a teacher thought my parents beat me. Dad stopped that sort of thing when I got to his height. I was six foot when I finished Middle school.

We had to give a presentation in eighth grade about what we wanted to be when we grew up. We had 3 we could choose from, I chose a Farmer, Artist, Filmmaker or something to that degree. The teachers were like he doesn't have the background to want to be a filmmaker. "What made you choose that?" they'd ask.

When I was growing up with Angel we'd make stupid videos together as soon as I got a phone that could record video. I learned how to edit videos pretty well on the computer at the house.

I started working out in Middle School. I'd do curls with dumbbells, Overhead Press, Planks, Push Ups, Sit Ups. I didn't care so much about my legs back then. I was naturally gifted with quads that were like tree trunks and cedar trunks at that when I got out of High School.

I won a tractor pull at the Boulder County Fair one year when I was over there showing pigs. I was pulling weight no kid had ever pulled before. You’re just pulling weight on a tractor-shaped bike. The newspaper the next day had the headline: ”True Grit”. It was about the grit on my face and the fortitude of me as a kid. You gotta love it.

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