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Who am I??

Some call me “Pooh” some call me “Nisha Pooh” But Everyone Knows me by Darnisha...

Born Friday May 21, 1993

My story is simple you read it, the rest is up to you.

I’ll start with a little story about my life as much as I can remember it.

My Name Is Darnisha Nichelle Lovett

Born and Raised in Detroit Michigan “the gem”

I have 4 sisters and 5 brothers big ass family I can admit it and we loved each other, at least we wish we could’ve stayed young.

Growing up I had my Mom and Dad to help raise me, God rest his soul, we loved parks, car rides banging Hot Boyz and Juvenile and other music that was out our Daddy listened to it he was the man lol but was our bond with our dad every single last one of them.

My Mom is one of the strongest women I know. You wouldn’t believe the trauma and pain she went through as a child and adult. She raised me and my oldest brother to the best of her ability and she did a amazing job if you ask me. So let’s get into it

Being the youngest in the house has its gifs and curse! Deante!!!!! As my mom would yell for us to get up. My mom washed me up every single day! (Princess treatment) but in all honesty this is what would be the beginning of trauma as we grow up. Not that it was our parents fault but how much would they know if they were never taught? Oh and my mom Ms. Michelle Bowdery (at the time) didn’t take no lazy shit, she had a explanation and reason for ANYTHING. Got a head ache? Take some Robitussin lol I’m kidding but slacking was not in her to do list.

We went to the Honorable Winterhalter Elementary well my brother Deante attended there while I was all too young to go there, I attend BroadStreet Daycare where til this Day I remember the warm love and care from Ms, Green who would make The Baked Chicken, spinach and rice for us to eat mmmm I was so young but still can taste it to this day.

My Mom was a daycare manager for our family along the way which is where she begin her teaching throughout many Detroit Public Schools, My Mom is Calm, STRONG, and also witty. She’s Been at her Job almost 30 years Now.

My Dad name is Chester Rene Lovett “Chet” god rest his soul, my dad was a ladies man. (Why you think it’s so many of us) My dad was the life of the party and my heart. Handsome, fun &, Full of life you couldn’t tell him nothing different My Dad was a mail man at the time so we would see him in weekends.

Growing up I wouldn’t think it would be so many tasks,heartbreaks,changes,etc life has a way of taking you down through there for sure… so let’s start shall we.

We have a big family! And Memphis Tennessee is where we would reside when we want to be able to let our hair down. Family Reunions, Funerals, Weddings, Holidays you name! it no matter the occasion is was a CELEBRATION Believe that. Damn I miss those days.

couple years later…

We attend Durfee Elementary

Durfee was where I thought I met all my true friends! Of course I keep up with them on socials but not as I use too.

I think it’s because this is where my first kiss was, my first boyfriend, my first EVERYTHING.

I wanted to get older but not to experience things that would change my life forever.—

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