rrwinchester Robert Richard Winchester

After a needed vacation, John is ready to save the galaxy from the enemies ignored by the whole galaxy.

Science fiction Opéra spatial Déconseillé aux moins de 13 ans.

#romance #exploration #action
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After a week on the mend, John had a bad experience with the Alliance. His words were useless. Nobody wanted to believe in the fact that the galaxy was in danger. Instead, he was shunned into his vacation. His first month was over Talisia, following Ashari around. She was getting a few pointers on her old career as a model. After that, they passed a few weeks with their friends; they met Xania’s mother and skied on a wonderful resort. Later, they moved to Laptra, where her next shows were. John was astounded by the spectacle. Every person on the galaxy was talking about it for months. The real vacation started there, parading around in the oceans of the planet. They visited the trenches, the poles, a few museums, and many beautiful reefs. They came back to Centra to expend time alone at home. John was happy just with her. Now, they were in their second round of the travel. They were traveling to Huanshi in a fancy cruiser. They had every luxury there. Gym, pool, and even a shopping mall. Ashari didn’t like to travel with his brothers in arms. They trained in the morning before lunching in a restaurant to finish the morning with a nap. John woke up to see a half-naked Ashari in front of him. She was folding a towel with just his shirt on. He could see her naked legs parading around. She found him awake, but just kept tiding the room.
“Hello, lover…” She softly said. “You love your naps…”
“Just with you, Asha…”
She wiggle her hips for him.
“I’m parading my ass around for you, mister.” She quickly added. “Why are you not grabbing it?”
John stood up to hug her.
“Those are not my ass…” She said with a smile.
“Sorry…” John jokingly said. “Turn around.”
“That’s better. How are you? You’re cute when you sleep.”
John tightened his hug.
“You’re cuter than me in any situation.” John said at loud. “What are you doing?”
“Tiding a bit… thinking a bit… Did you know that the last friend we spoke with was Vashi? Like a month ago…”
“Ah… It’s true!”
“Yes! We passed a difficult test, lover.”
“A test?”
“Yeah, a relationship test.”
“I love to expend my time with you.”
“That seems to be the case, love… So… I was wondering…”
“You can ask me anything, Asha…”
“Would you be interested in marring me?” She said with a smug smile.
“That’s the question… would you?”
“You can’t answer with a question!” She said with a smile.
“I can play that game, miss… I would be interested, though.”
“Me too… I’m not proposing I’m just… probing you a bit…”
“Maybe I’ll propose…”
“Maybe I’ll do it fist…” She quickly said.
“We’ll see… I didn’t know that was something important for you…”
“It is… As you know, in the eyes of my brethren, we are practically married but…”
“I know… we’ll see.”
“It was not a challenge, mister!”
“It sounded like one…” He said with a smile.
“I love you, John.” She seriously said before kissing him.
“I love you too, Asha… Are you nervous?”
“A bit, it’s the first time I came home with a boyfriend…” She said with a smile. “I want to be myself too.”
“Ah, that’s the new part…”
“Yes! I’m dressing like myself…” She said with a smile. “People will be offended, I don’t care.”
“Did you talk with your parents often?”
“Never, actually. I usually talk with my sister or my handler.”
John kissed her neck.
“Vanshi was exited… like you…”
“Sorry, your perfume tantalizes me.”
“We have an hour to kill, and we need a shower… and you need to make love to me! We can do all that in the same place.” She was full of lust.
John picked her up to take her to the bathroom.

John and Ashari walked into customs with their things floating around. John put everything in a scanner belt while talking with the officers. He was quite famous nowadays. They were surprised to learn that he travelled only with his handgun. Ashari was smiling at them without letting his arm go.
“Just my handgun.” John was saying.
“Your biokinetics are impressive, sir.” An unarian said while looking at his gun. “This is a fine piece of hardware.”
“A testorian friend got me one of their shotguns, but I left it at home.” John was looking through a window.
“Lady Soraya, it’s a pleasure having you on our planet.” A man said while looking at her.
“I’m already at home, mister.” She said with a smile.
John noted that everyone was looking at her. People were a bit more modest than her in Huanshi. She was revealing a lot of skin, and her dress was tight.
“Commander, you need to take a detour through the medical facility. You’ll be needing a shot for the pollen.” The woman added while giving him his gun back. “You can carry your weapon; people will know who you are, though.”
“I’m used to it, ma’am.” John quickly said. “Allergies shot; I got it.”
“That way.” She was pointing with her hand.
“I’ll wait for you here, lover.”
John walked to a corridor to end up in a line. After a few minutes a doctor and a nurse were looking at him with curiosity. He was one of the few humans in the starport. After a quick greeting he was walking back to his girlfriend. She was talking with half of the customs crew. Everyone was a fan. He made his luggage float behind him before approaching her.
“We can take a picture if you want!” She was saying. “My man is about to…”
“Your man is back.” John said with a smile.
Everyone was looking at the floating luggage.
“You’re way better than Kurg, lover. It was a pleasure to meet you, people. Our host is waiting for us.” Ashari said with a smile.
They walked through a corridor to end up in a beautiful exit. There was a park a few AVs ready to go. There, Vanshi was waving her hand to get their attention. Shali and Farkas were waiting with her. The trio was wearing unarian clothing. They looked like a suit. Vanshi looked like a princess, but that effect was mostly thanks to her tiara. John put everything on the backside of the AV before kissing Vanshi.
“Welcome to Huanshi!” She was excited. “How was your flight?”
“Everything is wonderful with John around, sister.” Ashari said with malice. “I almost took my secret passage to the city, but my man was enchanting the customs crew with his presence.”
John kissed Shali and shook Farkas hand.
“This place is wonderful… I like those trees!” John said at loud. “You look like royalty, Vanshi.”
“Hello, John… get on, please.”
John sat in the AV with Ashari at his side. Shali was the driver. Vanshi was looking at him, but he was mesmerised with the city. His spell was telling him everything about the city. The name was Imppona. It was one of the oldest settlements on the planet and there was nothing from the galaxy in there. Unarian architecture had columns and domes. The buildings were tall and made of some kind of sandy stone. The roads too. He saw a river, and some kind of old stadium in the middle of the city. Ashari was caressing his head.
“I apologize, sister. John gets easily distracted with the view…” She said with a smile. “He makes a particular face that I love…”
“I can see…” Vanshi said with a smile. “It’s like a child…”
“Your city is wonderful, Vanshi. It looks like the old pictures of Rome on Earth… I like those domes…”
“This is a cultural capital, John. Our modern cities look like what you expect…”
“Ah, it’s fantastic… is that a coliseum?”
“It’s an amphitheatre! We never did those violent… shows.” Vanshi said at loud.
“You could play there, Asha…”
John was looking through the window. The river was separating the city from a sea of sand.
“That’s… a big desert.”
Ashari sat on his lap to watch the view with him.
“It’s called the Golden Sea.” Vanshi added from behind.
“I love the view!” John said at loud. “Is that…”
“The Royal Palace.” Ashari said at loud. “Are we staying there, Vanshi? Mother will be furious…”
“Well, it’s my palace now, Ashari. She will have to learn to tolerate you.”
“She wanted to see her…” Farkas was reading his HUD.
John could see a lot with his spell. Weaknesses on the encryption, UIs, everything… he had a lot of time to learn about his new life companion. It was a the most powerful piece of tech in the galaxy. Sadly, nobody knew about it. Eridia and Kyashi failed to spot it in their scans, they could only find the fact that he could communicate with their tech without implants. The palace was in the face of a tiny mountain. The river was just behind it; a part was falling into a lake with one of the most beautiful waterfalls he had ever seen in his life. The place was golden and tall. The towers where white and the guards were wearing old metallic armours with shields and pikes. They landed in the backside in the middle of a clearing. John jumped out of the AV to make his luggage float without looking at it. Instead, he was watching a strange bird in a pond. It was yellow and fluffy. It was there, mimicking a plant, if he had to guess. He hid behind a railing to watch it. It was beautiful. Then, he was jumped by a giant cat. It moved like a dog and was brown. Its ears were pointy, and its movements were full of grace. The cat smelled him to sit in front of him. He patted its head like a dog.
“He already befriended my guardian.” Vanshi said after approaching him.
The cat was jumping around her, wigging its tail with happiness.
“That’s new…” Farkas said at loud.
“You’re his first human.”
“His name is Nappa! It’s my royal hound…” Vanshi said at loud. “He one of my friends in the palace, I raised myself!”
“Ah, it’s like a cat but behaves like a dog.” John was clueless.
“It’s an appo.” Ashari said at loud. “They are our partners, like your dogs.”
“I see, I like that bird too…”
“That’s a banppa. They usually live in the oasis on the sands.” Shali quickly added. “We have a reservoir in our lands.”
“I’ll give you a tour later, John. We can’t make the queen wait.” Vanshi moved his hand to make the cat sit.
“He’s very obedient.”
“This way… she didn’t like to wait.” Farkas seriously said.
“You can let your luggage with our staff.” Shali quickly added.
They were walking in front of them.
“I’ll worry about our things. I don’t even think about it these days… I’m a true ignician!” John was smiling to a man.
“Welcome to the palace, commander, Shadow.” He seriously said.
“Hello, Borkan.” Ashari said with a smile.
The man was looking at him, noticing details in his face and clothes.
“You can’t mess with my man, Borkan. You already know how dangerous he is.”
“I know, Shadow. The queen waits for you in her office.” He said before disappearing in a door.
“He’s cryptic as ever…” Ashari said at loud.
John noted the art and the peculiar shields and armours in the corridors. He stood in front of a mural with a lot of people. Their clothes looked expensive, and they were judging her girlfriend with their gazes. After a while they were looking at him and his flying luggage. They wait for a few minutes in front of that mural. It depicted a battle between unarians over the dunes of the Golden Sea. Ashari was groping his ass. He was sure that she was doing it to annoy the people in the hall.
“This a peculiar mural…” John softly said.
“It’s the last battle before the unification.” Vanshi quickly answered.
She talked normally.
“Is this the way you dress? I’m used to your uniform…”
“Yes, Asha bought me this jacket… it’s my favourite. I feel like a racing pilot…” John said with a smile while Ashari groped him without a care in the world. “Asha…”
“What? This little cute ass is mine…” She said with malice. “Look at these people, they’re offended!”
“You’re incorrigible…” Vanshi said with a smile.
“Your mom must be proving a point… just like Ubai. He likes to make me wait in front of his office… Thing is, I usually go to drink a tea with his neighbours.”
“I heard about that, they like to talk with you…” Vanshi was looking at the door. “It’s part of being a queen… or a diplomat.”
“Are you two talking? I heard that you had a fallout.” Shali was near him, holding his husband hand. “I heard a lot in the embassies.”
“They took me to a meeting with the Council to tell my story. They looked me like I was a mad man, but… they wanted to tell me about the future of humanity.”
“I heard that humanity is getting a spot in the GHC…”
“Yeah, they asked me about possible candidates… I told them that Ubai didn’t represent what humanity stands for.” John seriously said. “He’s been avoiding me since the incident… probably a wise decision.”
“He is a prick, John. But it’s a great politician.” Vanshi was looking at him now. “I understand how you feel.”
“Well, I don’t know who is going to take the place, I just hope is not him.” John said at loud. “Sorry…”
“Don’t worry, you’re speaking with their princess.” Vanshi seriously said to make everyone look away. “You’re in important places lately…”
“It was like… wow, five months now.” John said while caressing Ashari’s back. “Time fly when you have fun…”
She just kissed him.
“That's what I was talking about earlier, lover.” Her smile was broad.
“Yeah, but I didn’t count the months…”
“We watched your shows in Laptra, Ashari…” Shali shyly said. “They were wonderful.”
“Yes.” Farkas seriously said.
“Oh, I love Laptra… we did a lot of tourism. You must go, Vanshi. You’ll love it, take the love birds with you too, there’s a lot of places for everyone.” Ashari was looking at him. “We swam around with Vashi and his friends. Visited a lot of wonderful places… Met a lot of strange animals…”
“Well, we need a place for our next vacation…” Shali said at loud. “What do you think, husband?”
“I don’t like water that much…”
“You can rent a turbine!” John said with a smile. “Feels like flying.”
“I saw your videos…”
The door suddenly opened. Silence filled the hall. Everyone was standing straight, and he could see fear in the eyes of the other unarians. Borkan opened the door for a woman. The Queen of the Ascendancy. The woman was wearing a crown and a long dress. Her hair was greenish, a dark black with a green shade. Her piercing grey eyes were locked on him. She walked in front of him to closely look at his face. He saluted like a true soldier. He knew that she had to talk first. Everyone was looking at him.
“You could do better, Ashari.” She said after moving his chin to the side. “His face is weak.”
“I don’t think so, mother.” Ashari said with a smile.
She was at her side looking at him too.
“He’s cute.” She quickly added. “And he’s a devil between the sheets…”
John just blushed. The people on the hall were talking about Ashari being her daughter more than anything.
“You can talk, human.”
“I’m pleased to meet you, your majesty. I’m…”
“John Valentine, my boyfriend. You probably know all about him by now, mother. He just saved the galaxy.”
“Centra and a human colony.” She seriously said. “At ease.”
John broke his salute to put his hands behind his waist. Ashari just grabbed his ass.
“His tall and his ass is firm too.” She said with a smile. “How are you, mother? You still like to make your nobles feel the terror of your presence.”
Vanshi was smiling in the background.
“I’m busy, Ashari. I want to talk with you and your… human later. You’re dining with us; your father will be there.”
“Oh, I can dress him up…” Ashari said with a smile. “Are you not going to present yourself, mother?”
The woman was looking at her daughter. Ashari was immune to her piercing gaze. He was terrified of her.
“Queen Kallari Castella Unari, human. That’s my name. You already know that.”
“Yes, mother. We all know your name but is proper to present yourself like a lady. You taught me that… Now that I thought about it, that was the last thing your taught me.” Ashari said at loud. “Thank you for letting us stay with you.”
“You can thank your sister, Ashari. Farkas, your father wants a word with you. He doesn’t like the commander presence in the palace.”
“Mother, say it.” Ashari quickly added.
“You can call me mother, Farkas. That’s what I am.” Kallari quickly said. “You’re pushing too much, Ashari.”
“That’s the place of the youngest, mother.” She said with a smile. “John is the most honest man in the galaxy. You can trust him.”
“He will be a poor spy, mother.” Vanshi quickly added. “He’s too noisy and likes to punch things.”
“I saw the videos, daughter.” She was looking at him.
His luggage was floating behind him.
“I want him screened by the Spymaster.”
“He will meet everyone, mother.” Vanshi said with a smile.
The queen was looking at Ashari now.
“I’m glad that you are well, Ashari.” She said before turning her back on them.
John learned that moment that the class was a family thing.
“We’ll talk more later.”
The queen walked inside her office in a second. Borkan was already calling the name of the next noble. Vanshi grabbed his hand to walk back the corridor and take a stair up.
“That was fine…” She said at loud. “You’re so mean, sister…”
“What? She’s my mother… and… well, I’m me.” Ashari said with a smile. “Don’t be afraid of her, love…”
“Sorry… it’s my first time dealing with parents, Asha…” John said while scratching his head. “I was worried for a second, I thought that she would bite me or something.”
“I was worried too.” Vanshi said with malice.
He could hear a giggle from Shali.
“Don’t let her intimidate you, John. She’s the Queen of the Ascendancy, but… she’s our mother too. I hope that my attitude was part of your plan, Vanshi.”
John stood in front of a balcony to see the view. The waterfall was directly in front of him. He could see birds and some kind of enormous rodent on the riverside.
“It looks like a… carpincho!” John said at loud.
The animal was big and looked like a horse size capibara. The main difference was its ears and the fact that it had a tail. He used his spell to see the details. The animal had hooves too and its eyes were like those of a lizard.
“A what?” Farkas quickly asked. “That’s a mapappo, a female one.”
John realized that Vanshi didn’t had implants. She used lenses. She was looking at capibaras in her HUD.
“Ah, they lookalike…” She was surprised. “They’re cute!”
All of them were looking at photos of carpinchos.
Ashari just hugged him.
“I like that face you make, lover…”
John just blushed.
“You groped me in front of your mother!”
“Yes! It’s part of rebelling to your parents, love.” She said with malice. “She probably can guess what we do when in our bed.”
“What? Couples make love, mister… You can ask anyone. Don’t be a prude…” She kissed him. “Don’t ever change, John… I love you!”
“Shut up…” He was blushing.
“Vanshi… where are we going? Are you taking us to my… room?”
“Exactly! This way.” Vanshi was exited.
John looked at an armour, a pair of axes and an enormous castle on a display. It was a perfect replica of the palace. They entered the royal wing through a golden door. The staff was looking at him with disdain. The carpet was red and had a beautiful pattern on it. Ashari opened the door and jumped into the bed. She was surprised. John made their things float to a corner before opening the balcony door. They had their own terrace and a perfect view of the city. A little table was perfect for a tea.
“I can’t believe this, Vanshi!” She said while sitting in the bed. “It’s just like…”
“I updated your furniture… but…”
“Thank you, sister!” She said with a smile. “Come here, lover…”
John sat at her side to let her hug him. She was moved.
“Don’t cry, Asha… You know that she never forgotten you…” John softly said to her head.
“I…” Vanshi was moved too. “This is your room, Ashari…”
“We need to do a few things, sister. Are we lunching together?”
“Yes!” Vanshi quickly said. “Then we need to go to the city, we need clothes for John!”
Shali pulled his husband hand to disappear into the corridor. Vanshi just kissed his sister head.
“I leave you two alone, John. Ashari knows the palace. You can wander around, I got you access.”
“Thank you, Vanshi… I’ll take care of her.”
Ashari was sobbing in his arms. He will never like see her cry. John just hugged her.
“Sorry, lover…” She said while he was cleaning her face.
“Don’t apologise, Asha. Are you well?”
“Yes…” She was looking at him. “I love you, John… All of this is thanks to you.”
“I don’t think so, Asha… I hastened her plans… maybe.”
She was sobbing in his chest.
“I don’t know if I would be this person without you…”
“Ah, well… maybe I helped you a bit. But you are an independent, strong woman, Asha… You can be whatever you want!”
She just smiled before kissing him. She pushed him into the bed.
“You’re the first boy in my room…”
“Am I?”
“Farkas doesn’t count…”
She was caressing his chest and took his jacket off with a single swift move.
“This is going to be our bed from now on…”
John could feel her lust all over her body.
“I’m supposed to be the horny one!” He said with malice.
She take his shirt off and moved his pants the bare minimum.
“I’m showing you how much I love you, lover…” She pulled his hand up after taking her dress off.
John couldn’t imagine his life without her.

Ashari was pulling his hand through the corridor; she was wearing her training clothes; her ponytail was wiggling in front of him. They were looking for Shali, but she knew every corner of the palace. She stopped in front of a painting. It was in the end of the royal wing; the whole family was there.
“Nobody looks at this one too much…” Ashari hugged him. “John, I want to… to…”
“You can say whatever you want to me…”
“I don’t want a fake family like this one…” She seriously said. “I want a proper one… like us.”
“It starts with us, Asha…”
“I know… I love you, John. You don’t understand how much you changed my life…”
“You did the same to me… We’re having regular pictures, though. This is too much for a kid of the streets like me…” He said with a smile.
“I want a statue of you!” She said with malice. “A naked one!”
“I forbid it…”
“You can try…” She was looking at his eyes.
She kissed him.
“I love you in your training suit…”
“You’re quite basic, mister… You like curvy women.”
“Just one, she’s pretty intense.” He said with malice. “Are you lost? How do you remember this place?”
“I remember… I lived here until I was ten if I recall correctly. Farkas is two years older than me, he was sent to the military school when I was eight. Vanshi used to help me with my homework…” Ashari said while looking at him. “Until they took me to the Academy.”
“Did she visited you?”
“No. I see her after the graduation…” Ashari hid her face in his chest. “I didn’t have a heart back then. Our relationship was purely professional.”
“I see…”
“You changed that… you gave me my heart back!” She kissed his chest. “This way…”
She pulled his hand to take a stair down. They walked for a while until they reached the bottom floor. Ashari took a right and they walked outside through a beautiful garden. John loved the purple flowers.
“They smell like you!” John carelessly said.
“I smell like them, cowboy…” She said with a smile.
“I met you first, Asha… Are those your flowers?”
“Yes, they are called quimurattas.” Ashari said with a smile. “You smell better…”
She pulled his hand to take a left and walk in front of a font. Then, after a long corridor with a nice view of the garden. They entered a nice patio. There, Shali was looking at his husband. Farkas was talking with some of the staff and Vanshi.
“Welcome.” Shali said without looking at them. “We were about to start without you…”
“Sorry, we were… checking out the bed.” Ashari said with malice. “And I changed into something more comfortable.”
“You revolutionized the palace, Ashari. Everyone was talking about you and your skimpy dress…”
“It’s not skimpy… Tell her, handsome.”
“It’s skimpy…” John said with a nasty smile.
“You didn’t say much when I took it off…” She said with malice.
“You look better without it.”
“Oh, you two…” Shali was blushing.
“Heh, you’re so easy, Shali. You know how much we like each other.”
“You’re too open about it…”
“She is…” John said at loud. “This is a wonderful garden.”
“You would be a perfect fit for a cute unarian girl, John…” She said with malice. “Mother used to bring us here for breakfast…”
John heard a gentle squawk. He walked to the fence so saw behind it. There was a big green field with a little pond. An enormous bird was there. It was golden and its beak was bigger than his head. It was a horse sized bird. The animal was fast and elegant. It looked at him with curiosity. His squaw was cute and high pitched. It had a little harness and something like a horse muzzle on it; it was silver. John touched its plumage with caution.
“You’re good with animals, John…” Shali said at him.
Ashari just hugged him from behind.
“He’s so pretty!”
“Heh…” Ashari was giggling behind him.
“His name is Pakkun, it’s a chobbo.” Shali quickly added. “They live in the sands and the rivers… They helped us to cross the Golden Sea.”
“They are like those… horses you show me in Terranova or those lizards the valkirians used to ride.” Ashari was smiling at him. “You’re so cute…”
“Amazing! It’s the biggest bird I ever meet!” John was caressing him. “He likes it…”
Farkas gave him a glove.
“Go with the feathers.” He quickly added.
John was quickly brushing the bird. Pakkun really liked it. Ashari just kissed him.
“You make me feel like a teenager, John… I just want to kiss you!” She quickly said. “Pakkun likes you…”
“We can ride later.” Vanshi was looking at them. “He likes to come here for water… he lives on the reserve.”
“I can brush him… I don’t like to ride animals.” John quickly answered.
“We can walk then; vehicles are prohibited in the reserve … But you can ride him.” She said with a smile. “They like the jubba fruits and some seeds.”
“You can go, mister… You’re fluffy now!” John said with a smile. “He is so pretty…”
“We can seat… I want to do this often…” Vanshi sat him at her side with Ashari. “I really like this…”
“We’ll be here… we dinner together when you are in Centra.” Ashari was looking at him. “I hope the cook is good, John is hard to surpass.”
John was looking around. His new friend was there, looking at them.
“Pakkun likes him… You’re his first human.”
“Ah… well, curiosity then.” John said at loud.
The table was in perfect condition. He saw too many forks and a strange little gripper between the cutleries. The man served the table at prodigal speeds. He was looking at his plate with hunger. It looked like some fried thin meat with some runny egg on top of it. The tea was strong and sour. Ashari smiled when he started to eat.
“Nothing… you’re the cutest man in the galaxy.” She said while caressing his leg behind the table.
“They already had breakfast with us…” John said to keep eating.
“He’s always hungry…” Shali carelessly said.
“My fault!” Ashari said after a quicky giggle. “I make him workout…”
John was oblivious to the comment.
“I wanted to ask something…” Farkas seriously said. “I guess we have a proper friendship now…”
“Just ask, brother.” Ashari was using the proper fork.
The gripper was for the strange balls of bread in the middle of the table. She used it to carefully cut it in half.
“How your relationship works? You know… in the… personal side. I don’t know much about human anatomy.”
The man was red.
“Ah… I was hoping you asked that. Vanshi and Shali will never dare to ask it at loud…” She said with a smile. “He has a few more fingers… a few more teeth and a big nose but…”
“Is not that big…” Vanshi quickly added. “They just have… bigger noses than us.”
“It’s true… We do the same things you do with Shali, brother. Maybe in different positions…” Ashari said with malice. “His tongue is big too…”
Everyone was blushing in the table.
“Asha!” John said at loud.
“What? He asked…” She said with malice. “Don’t be a prude, lover… you have no issues in our room.”
“Man…” John said at loud. “The food is fantastic…”
“That’s just the first plate…” Vanshi said with a smile. “How was your check up?”
“Excellent…” Ashari said at loud. “My womb is still useless, but… John can’t hurt me.”
“My microbial fauna loves you too, Asha… That’s why.” John said with a smile.
“I like that… We don’t have that many differences. We can eat the same, we usually train together too. Kyashi check him up regularly, so… I got a flu the other day, John was immune, so… he took care of me.” Ashari carelessly said after taking a bite. “I never lived with a man before, so… I don’t know much about their… personal chores. He’s… hairy.”
“I heard that… I met a few workers in the embassies with beards…” Shali said at loud. “The man in customs…”
“Yeah, I remember him. That’s a proper beard.”
“He shaves regularly… I want a beard, mister!”
“Sorry… you should stop me in the mornings. I just do it, it’s part of my… waking up ritual.” John was scratching his head. “Ignicians do everything together… they’re weird.”
“What?” Vanshi quickly asked.
“I don’t know. They shower together; they talk about life… They help each other with their horns and other lady things.”
“And you were there?” Shali was curious.
“Yeah, they only had one bathroom… they usually spied on me. Most of them work on ignician space, so they don’t know much about men. I was some kind of animal circus at first.”
“Little Xania got a good look at you…” Ashari said with malice.
“Maybe… Kuri was the annoying one. She was obsessed with me… or men, I don’t know. Most of them are just curious.” John said at loud.
“That’s why you are so good with women…” Vanshi said at loud.
“I got a lot of practice, but… I don’t treat anyone different. And they don’t consider themselves women in the same sense that you do. I never understood it completely.” John said at loud.
The waiter was fast and now he had some a bowl of yellow seeds. They were bland and fluffy, Ashari helped him and put some sauce over it.
“Are those… bread?”
“Yes, try them!” Vanshi was happy. “Thank you for coming, Ashari…”
“Why are you thanking me, sister? John wanted to come, so… I was about to smuggle him.” She said with a smile. “Mother hates him…”
“It’s a matter of time… He got through our brother in a few weeks.” Vanshi said with a smile. “Father is going to be a problem…”
“Maybe… I don’t know father well.” Ashari was looking at him.
“What are we doing after lunch?” Farkas was looking at the princess. “Shopping? I’ll need my uniform.”
“Yes, but… no uniform, just be you, Farkas.”
“Someone has to protect you, sister.”
“I’m on charge of security…” John said between bites. “I have my handgun.”
“You’re a guest, John…”
“John is my bodyguard.” Vanshi said with a smile. “Just… follow his lead, please…”
Shali was smiling.
“That usually works, husband…”
“Yes, but… it’s my job.”
“Don’t worry, Farkas. You can take the credit.” John said at loud. “This has a lot of calories…”
“Take it easy, love… I don’t know how you stay on shape.”
“I train a lot…”
“You do… maybe those biokinetics of yours help you with your calories.”
“They definitely do that… Do I have to know something about your parents or customs?”
“I need you to be you, John. That’s it.”
“I’m dressing you as a beautiful unarian noble, mister… I’ll take a thousand pictures!” Ashari said with a smile. “I’m going to enjoy taking your clothes off later…”
“Are you going to dress too?”
“Yes. We’ll be a unarian family. Alien boyfriend included.” She said at him.
John was ready for anything.

The park he was walking was wonderful. There were only a few tourists there; He felt lucky to be one of the few. Children were playing football. He ended up giving them a few pointers and showing off a bit of his technique. Everyone was impressed. They crossed the park to enter an enormous market. He got paraded around by Vanshi and Ashari. Farkas was his silent partner. Shali and the girls were trying out dresses with them as company. John had every bag floating around them. The man was looking nervous trying to find danger. He got a call from Xania.
“Xa! How are you?”
His bee was in front of them.
“This is Farkas…”
“Hello…” The man shyly said.
“Bee! You should call me more often… You look great!”
“Ashari is dressing me as an unarian… I don’t know what that means yet.” John said at loud. “Are you on Talisia?”
“Yeah, I’m doing a tour with gran and the girls… Your vacation is too long.”
“Sorry. I got daily updates from the twins and Nick. They ship is almost ready… Are you coming to Earth with us? Ashari wanted me to ask you.”
“Of course. I want to meet your mom.”
She connected her camera.
“My drone is not cute like your bee… but… We’re doing exercises with unarians. They’re cool…. Korran says hi.”
“Is he with you?”
“I lost him a few hours ago, he’s the… captain or something. He’s like a galaxy expert for his people.”
“Ah, cool. Say hi for me, please. Vanshi was asking about him… How are you, Xa? Something new?”
“Not much… Mom was happy with you. She wanted to meet you in Centra about your… genetic profile. She read a bit of Kiki’s work and got hooked. Granny and her talked about your for hours…”
“She has my tag…” John said at loud.
Ashari and Shali were comparing dresses in front of a mirror. They were buying like old timers instead of trying the holographic ones.
“Yeah… besides that… not much. I got you a present and bought that cheese you wanted.”
“Thank you, Xa… I got you a cute plush around here... Look. Did you see the picture of Pakkun? I found him on plush size.”
“That’s the cutest bird in the galaxy…” She said with a smile. “Thank you! Gran… come here!”
Farkas saluted the huntress.
“Hello, John…”
“That’s Farkas…” Xania quickly added. “He’s…”
“The princess royal guard. We met in Centra.”
“It’s a pleasure, huntress. We’re… shopping companions today.”
“He got the day off. I’m running security.”
“You’re a bit overqualified, John… are you well? Why do I have to get a call through my baby?”
“Sorry. Ashari’s orders… I can pick up, though.”
“He’s on vacation mode.” Xania said with a smile.
“You look cute in that jacket…” Chandra quickly added.
“Thanks… I miss my uniform, though.”
“I regret not going with you to Laptra. I missed one hell of a show!” Xania was sad.
“Yeah, sorry…”
“I need a few months before reporting to your ship, John… I need to clear my backlog.” Chandra quickly added.
John was clueless.
“Ah, he’s not on the loop, gran.”
“I’m your biokinetic instructor, mister.” She said with a nasty smile. “I’m going to put you in shape!”
“You already put me in shape, Chandra.”
“That was child games, John… I’m treating you as an ignician from now on.”
“Oh, Asha! Chandra is going to kill me!” John said at loud.
“Nobody is killing my man!” She jumped into his arms. “Hello, girls.”
“I’m not killing him…”
“You almost killed me before, Chandra…” John said with malice.
“You can take it, John. You needed experience and you… well, you got it. I’ll make you a proud human huntress.”
“That’s something else… He will be the first Hunter of humanity!” Xania said with malice.
“Exactly. We should move, princess. See you soon, John.”
“Bye, bee! That show was something else, Ashari… I wish I were there…”
“I remember inviting you, Xa… Next time!” She said with a smile.
Ashari was checking him out.
“I already decided in one outfit, John. You’re going to be the cutest unarian in the table.”
“That’s not hard.” Farkas quickly said.
“We are dressing you too, brother… How were the girls?”
“Fine, Xa is doing a tour with them…”
“You’ll be back soon. Don’t worry.”
“She’s right, though. I have to come back soon.”
“Yeah… I’m used to have you around, lover.”
“Me too!” John said at loud.
Ashari’s new bag was already floating around.
“Shali’s is trying something for you, brother.” She said with malice.
Farkas just blushed.
“Don’t bother him…”
Ashari just kissed him.
“I love you, John…” She said with a smile. “My brother doesn’t need a protector…”
“Everyone needs a protector against you, Asha.” He said with malice. “Where is Vanshi?”
“Trying new underwear. She’s a princess and needs to dress like it!” She was full of energy. “Did you get something for Kiki?”
“Yeah, I got her that wine you suggested. My ears got burned when I try it out, the seller was impressed by my allergies.”
Ashari giggled a bit.
“I can verify that.” Farkas seriously said. “Are we visiting Intelligence?”
“Next stop… we need to put the bags in the AV first.” Ashari was looking at his brother. “You need to relax, Farkas. John is taking care of us today.”
“He doesn’t look like a proper guard.” Farkas seriously said.
“You know he is…”
“You got only a few respectful photographers outside…” John said at a loud. “I gave them one of my piercing gazes. I wish I could have your mom’s power, though.”
Farkas smiled.
“She’s the queen, love.”
Ashari turned around to be hugged by him.
“Are you going to be a cool uncle, Farkas?” She said with malice.
“What do you mean?”
“Exactly that… Are you?”
The man was looking at them.
“You’re taking your time to get Shali pregnant.”
“Don’t push him, Asha…”
“Sorry, it’s mostly envy…” She said with a smile. “Maybe I got Xania go gave us a little red girl with you…”
“Man…” John said at loud.
“Heh, she wants to take you for a ride…”
“What? I’m just listing our options.” She said with malice.
“I’m going to be a cool uncle, Ashari.” Farkas seriously said.
“Ah, that’s what I wanted to hear… Shali, are you ready?”
“Yes…” She shyly said.
“Let’s find, Vanshi and pay for this…”
Ashari kissed him before walking with her. John had another bag on his collection.

John lost Vanshi and Farkas in a corridor. The office building was sterile and generic. Shali was the guide. They stopped in front of a wall. The scanner was hidden under a light. John could see a lot of the hidden security system thanks to his spell. The wall was a secret door.
“I love the spy stuff.” He said with a smile.
Ashari was in front of him, she had higher clearance than Shali.
“You’re my guest today, John.” She said while pulling his hand.
Behind was a little reception. A man was looking at them accompanied by a hidden turret. His spell was extraordinary. He could see another door behind him and a lot of the hardware in the walls. He can even see the connections between the electronics in the air.
“Shadow!” The man jumped of his chair to open the door. “Welcome back!”
“Hello, Inario. This is my pretty boyfriend, John. Katari wanted to see him.” She said with a smile.
“Commander, it’s a pleasure to meet you.”
John saluted like a true soldier.
“You’re on vacation, love.” She said with a smile.
Shali was filling a form in her HUD.
“Thank you, captain. The minister is waiting for you in the meeting room.”
Ashari pulled his hand to walk through a corridor. Everything was hidden. The windows were black, and he could barely see anyone in the corridors. A little bot was cleaning around and he could see a nice picture of the queen in front of the wall. A woman was waiting for them. She was wearing a black light armour. Her eyes were pink, and her hair was blonde with the tips matching her eyes. She was pale and very silent.
“Katari.” Ashari quickly said.
“Shadow.” She instantly replied.
There was a bit of tension in the air.
“Is your first time since… me?” John said with a smile. “Pleased to meet you, my name is…”
“Commander.” The woman interrupted him.
“It is, lover. How are you, Katari? Are you adapting well to your new post?”
“It’s a challenge.” She was looking at him. “He’s not what I was expecting.”
“He’s cuter in person.” Ashari said with a smile. “Katari has biokinetics like you, lover.”
John could see the specs on her implants through his spell. They were akavian.
“Don’t be so tense, Katari. John is a guest of the crown and… well, a friend of the family.” Shali was looking at her. “John is a fine man, too.”
“Can I see your telekinesis?” John said at loud.
The woman pushed a chair to invite him to sit.
“Nice… do you have headaches? Are you properly trained? Do you use your…”
“One question at the time, cowboy…” Ashari said with a smile.
John helped them to sit before sitting at her side.
“I don’t have headaches. I got trained by the akavians back in the day.” She quickly answered. “Can I see your…”
John made everything float around. The table, the chair and even Ashari.
“I love this…” Ashari said at loud. “It was time for you to start to show off, handsome…”
“Sorry…” John said while scratching his head.
“Impressive, commander. I saw your videos; your progress is astonishing.” She seriously said.
“If you wanna improve I can get you help with the ignicians.” John was looking at the window behind her. “It would help you build bridges too…”
Shali was smiling.
“He got connections…”
“I will take on that someday, commander. I’m adapting to my new position.”
“We’re transitioning to an Intelligence Service. She used to be the Spymaster.”
“Ah, I see…”
“She was my handler.” Ashari quickly added. “You should relax, Katari. John is not a problem…”
“I should apologize to make your job harder…” John said with a smile.
“I was the one who failed her mission, lover.” Ashari quickly added. “I’m not sorry, Katari. He’s the best thing that ever happened to me.”
“I can see that, Ashari. I’m trying to see things with a new perspective.”
“How are everyone?”
“Fine, most of them are… transitioning to operatives. Some others just retired. We changed the recruiting program… the Academy is just an academy now. We choose people through tests now.”
“Are you still training spies?” John asked with curiosity.
“Yes, but only people who wants to be one. It’s… challenging.”
Vanshi and Farkas were in the corridor. John moved the chairs for them.
“Your majesty, captain.” Katari stood up to greet them.
“Good afternoon, Katari. I hope you don’t have issues with my guest.” Vanshi said with a smile. “I was checking on our people.”
“He is exactly what the file says.”
“I got a lot of data of you, lover… I’m a bit of a spy.” Ashari said with malice.
“Ah… I was expecting that.” John was looking at Vanshi. “Do you visit them often?”
“Yes, I like to be present… The changes were my unilateral decision, so… I want to be around and help everyone.”
“Ah, that’s fantastic. Am I on the clear now? I don’t want to offend your mom.”
“Don’t worry, John. Mother can’t kick you out of the planet. I can’t guarantee that after dinner, though. She may find something to use as an excuse.”
John was terrified.
“Don’t worry, lover. I’ll make a scandal if she dares to kick you out.” Ashari was caressing his hand.
“Mother should be satisfied by now. You meet everyone in Intelligence. Farkas will parade you in the fort, John. You’ll meet some of the admirals and maybe you can find a place to train.” Vanshi was looking at Katari.
“I’m fine with that…” The woman was looking at him.
“We should move, sister. I need time to prepare my man…” She said with malice.
Ashari pulled his hand to greet everyone.

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