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Where you, Y/N, fall in the under ground, and fall in love with an Skeleton named Sans, the game is gonna be the more canon I can find, frisk, and the other characters are going to be here, not an exception in anyone, it's probable that it's going to be the Three runs, so be aware of your tears 😭

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After I start this First chapter I need to explain I don't speak this lenguage, it's not my native, but, I would be glad if you adviced me if I say something wrong.

After This, Let's Start the chapter!


Pov Y/N

I was looking at the M. EBOTT....I was so cautious of being there...but... recently I started to feel some kind of attraction to it.... It's like... itself is calling me to come to it...and I couldn't deny I wanted to know what kind of things stayed there or if the storys of it were real.

I climbed it.....and now i'm in a kind of hole...I looked down...I tried to push a rock with my leg, just to know if it was dangerous the fall, but I fell in the hole thanks to a thick stick on the ground.

A bed of yellow flowers stoped my fall...It didn't hurt that much, so i just took a bandage from the bag i brougt with me.

I stood up and exit the gray room where I falled, I enter another room, this was all black except for the middle, there stood....a flower?, I walked to it and started a fight with me.

???: Howdy human!, my name is Flowey the flower, and i'm gonna learn you how the things are here on the under ground.

I looked at my chest, there was a pink colored heart, I looked at the flower with horror.

Flowey: Don't be scared!, that heart there is your soul!, If you haden't a soul you won't feel anything!, these "friendly" petals of here...

The flower apparead a bunch of white petals around me.

Flowey: They won't do any harm, It's to make friends!,so catch all the "petals" you can!

When I reached one of the white petals it lowered highly my HP, I was so scared, I closed my eyes, Why did I come here in the first place!?

Flowey: You idiot!, did you really think they won't do anyting!?, in this world is kill or be killed!!

I opened my eyes when I didn't feel pain, my HP was complete again for some reason and the flower was attacked with some kind of flamed ball.

A goat came after the flower flyed thanks to the flamed ball.

???: Hello my child, I'm Toriel the Guardian of these old ruins, I check everyday if an human has arrived.

The goat named Toriel said softly as she holded softly my hand as if I were some kind of fragile glass, she give me a good sensation of comfort, so I walked with her.

we exit the dark room and enter another room this time it was colored with lavander, in front of Lady Toriel and I was a dummy.

Toriel walked to the exit of the room and stood there.

Toriel: My child...the monster will try to fight you when they see you...but don't be afraid...they are just scared of you, so... don't do any harm and Sparethem...Try with this Dummy!

I started a fight with the dummy, and acted...I talked to it friendly, but I didn't recibe a response, that makes me feel embarrassed, because I was talking alone, so I just spared him.

Toriel: Great!, my child, that was awesome!, Let's go to the next room!

She happy, I smoked softly and started to walk at her, she took my hand again and we exit the room, and enter to another with the same color, we stoped in what like seemed like a puzzle, and Toriel do it.

Toriel: The ruins have much puzzles, some are harmless and anothers are harm full, so... Let's be careful, My child.

I nod and we walked to another room, it had two little rivers but we walked on them like nothing thanks to the pieces of wood on top of them, I presed some switchs Toriel told me to and we kept walking.

But suddenly a frog started a fight with me, I acted and complimented him, but Toriel scared them away and we stoped walking when we see a puzzle with a lot of pinchs.

I looked at Toriel with terror, but she looked at me softly.

Toriel: This is the puzzle I talked about, but, don't be afraid my child, I will help you solve it.

she smile and I nod, we started to walk, the pinchs started to get down doing a passage, we reached the other side and I celebrated happy.

Toriel: sorry for this my child...

Toriel said as she walked away, now I was alone and I walked cautiously in the room, till I reached a door, when I was going to exit, Toriel exited the back of and old pillar that was there.

Toriel: Sorry for leaving you alone there, my child, I was trying to see if you could be independent, I will have to do somethings, so, don't exit the room, I will come back.

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