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Terri loves her best friend Brooke though they never exactly told one another. Terri made the most horrible mistake of her life marrying Monica whose heart is as worthless as a penny. Terri did everything she could to keep her marriage with Monica but when Monica slept around it made Terri realize their marriage wasn't worth it. Can Terri get away from Monica to be with her true love? Gale is a whole new leap for love, she's obnoxious, a full time nurse and hateful but despite everything she is in for a trail of love that can save her from being disrespectful. Can Leah be a one of a kind woman changes all that?

LGBT+ Interdit aux moins de 18 ans.

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Chapter 1

Longest time Terri spent the past few months alone staying in her apartment as her wife Monica would go out doing whatever she wanted. Terri would be looking for anyone to speak with to get her away from her wife since Monica controlled who she spoke with especially her best friend Brooke, drove her up the wall because she needed Brooke just Monica scared her off due to Brooke lusting after Terri for two and a half years. Terri felt no compassion with someone like Monica who treated her badly as they were only together. It didn't last since Monica ran off leaving Terri no way to get back home. It hurt her deeply.

Terri decided to take a chance looking into apartments so she wasn't by herself all the time since Monica left her without anything to survive on except for the clothes on her back and few spare items. One thing Terri also is proud of herself for still having a job to save as much as she could until either she finds Brooke or someone that can spare a room in Terri's gut she knew that she had to get home whenever that possible chance maybe she had no clue where to begin, Brooke knew things that would get Terri out of a mess like this.

After a week and a half of searching Terri finally found an apartment she could stay at. The problem is if the ladies are straight she knew darn well Terri knew she wasn't going to fit in. Terri knows it is the chance to take whether to stay alone or go with two ladies that have no idea about her sexuality and past. Packing her things came to a screeching halt when she found all her wedding items from when her and Monica got married over six months ago, the items were the wedding pictures,rings,wine glasses,napkins,love letters and more it killed Terri holding on to them so she pushed the memory a side decided to rush down stairs, throwing them out hoping no one finds them to return to her since she didn't want that memory.

Terri finishes packing the last little bit knowing her nerves are on edge meeting new people always makes her shy and also very, very nervous. She took a deep breath saying to herself,

"I have to do this."

Terri looked around the new area since it was a few blocks from the old place that Monica's mother dropped her off. Terri had a bad feeling meeting two new women who have no idea who she is or what she is doing out in their neck of the woods. Looking around the apartment seeing as it reminds her somewhat of home it'll have to make due until Terri is sure of what to do next. Terri's mind replays the day Brooke left without a word because of Monica pushing her away before Terri could speak with her.

Terri heard ladies laughing down the hallway as she sat on the couch with hands folded getting ready to meet these people. Door flung open as the ladies looked at Terri with a look of wonder that their roommate looked tomboyish not knowing what to think of her since they looked the same, Terri stood up with nerves racking placing her hand out saying,

"Hello, I am Terri, your new roommate."

The gorgeous blonde with blue eyes and perfect figure extended her hand saying,

"Hi Terri, I'm Lavender and this is Rose, welcome to our apartment, what brings you out here?"

Terri sighed at Lavender greeting each lady saying,

"I am out here to get out on my own again to get home and find someone dear to me. I can't say it's too rough right now."

Rose and Lavender looked at one another agreeing on leaving her alone on that. Terri didn't bother mentioning she is lesbian since they were very nice to her, hoping it stays that way. Terri headed to her new room and started working on a novel that would hopefully be a hit on Amazon and nationally called "Romeo & Juliet: A Lesbian Romance" it became a hit on Wattpad, the most popular site for writers.

Lavender walked up behind Terri whispering,

"What are you working on?"

Terri shivered responding looking into Lavender's eyes saying,

"A novel."

Lavender scoots Terri over holding her hand replying,

"Hope it turns out good, right now though I need you to follow me."

Terri not knowing what to say unexpectedly to this busty blonde woman who she just met hours ago. Terri follows right behind her feeling her nerves build up again repeating to herself over and over,

"This isn't happening,this isn't happening."

Lavender looks at Terri saying,

"It is okay, Rose went out with nothing to worry about."

Terri knew that sign all too well when her past experiences taught Terri knew never to trust anyone, she held it in though not knowing what to expect or where they were heading. Lavender told Terri gently to sit on the bed that they needed to talk, making Terri even more nervous.

Lavender sat beside Terri holding her hand whispering,

"Are you into women by any chance?"

Terri's eyes lit with unsure how to answer so she just blurted it out,

"Yes, I am Lavender."

Lavender lightly kissed Terri's lips as Terri placed her hand over saying,

"I just got out of a marriage trying to move on. Lavender is not ready for another woman."

Lavender took matters into her own hands saying,

"Listen here Terri you can't push me away, I got Rose wrapped around me and you will be too."

Terri shoved her off replying,

"I am not going to be your slave or any of the sort so you best be walking."

Lavender placed a knife to Terri's throat responding,

"You best not push me Terri, this knife is going to cut you through like I have my other's."

A door slammed shut hearing Rose crying as Terri knocked Lavender out cold rushing out the bedroom door saying,

"Rose, what is wrong? we have to get out of here Lavender is going to kill us."

Rose looked at Terri grabbing her hand replying,

"You have to go, not me."

Terri shocked at what she said replying,

"You aren't staying, come with me before she wakes up."

Rose grabbed Terri's hand as they bolted out of the apartment leaving everything they had behind.

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