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Hi, I am Sasha. I am a teenager suffering from a rare blood disorder. I live with my mother a homicide detective. My older half brother is back home after a tour in Afghanistan. One day I made my usual trip to the hospital when I heard about a universal cure.When it arrived I used it on myself in the hopes that it would cure me. What I didn't expect was to find out the existence of vampires and werewolves. The government decided to find a cure make them human again but accidentally created the zombie apocalypse. I was told that there are those that want dissect me so now I must learn my abilities while hiding from those that wish to hurt me. Wish me luck!

Post-apocalyptique Tout public. © Ghaadha Rameez

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What the

I heard banging on the door but I kept on pulling at the bars to get out. I heard them call for a battering ram. I had enough and just kicked as hard as I could. The bars flew across the street and landed with a clatter. I punched the glass to make room. I watched as the bats arrive in huge numbers. The sky turned dark by their sheer number. Behind the door I just barred I heard people stepping aside to let someone break the door. I turned into bat and flew into the army of bats. Immediately they flew as fast they could to take me away from there like they were a motorcade or something. I flew half a block away and heard the door finally give. They walk in a declare that I was gone. Yes I was gone just not the way they assumed I would. Time to get my stuff and bail. Below me I saw my beautiful city in ruins. Zombies were attacking here and there. People were dying because now there are people that like kill survivors for fun. This pandemic has brought out the worst in people. I pray that this nightmare would end quickly. But that is a pipe dream.

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