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The rolling crown is a book which tells the story of how a little girl found the hidden truth about the priest hood of a community. The reward of obsession with the chicken often led her to a dream . Which with the help of her grandmother the went into the process of finding the truth. The rightful heir of the kingdom of Zugori. They met lots of hindrances and falsehood in the journey to discovering the truth.

Fiction adolescente Tout public.

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Waking up from her sleep that afternoon after a short siesta, Oriname realised it was all a dream. She felt happier and heaved a sigh of relief. She had reasoned that the dream may likely happen now or later.
'This is catastrophic'! Orimame exclained as she said to herself. She continued to reason about the next line of action. However , she thought of a good idea in order to avert the impending danger to the people of Zugori,,Adagu,,Osara or Isaro.
Later in the evening, she had quickly gone to her poultry house to check and also to count every chick, Coke, hen and their eggs before the sun sets. She felt happier on noticing that's Esoo, the white cock is with Ereh, the mother hen.
Oriname was obsessed with counting. She would count the chicks before the hen hatches . She often counts the eggs as the mother hen lays them in her nest, from day to day even as Ereh, the mother hen lays her eggs until if there is no additional egg in the nest, then she would proceed to counting the incubation days of the eggs which would be hatched into chick. At the age of eight she already know that the incubation period for a hen is 21 days.
Oriname waited for her father, Mr Michael to arrive from the market; as it was on an Akpe day which was a market day. After making sure that her father had discharged the passengers from the evening trip .At 7:00 p.m. She gained courage and decided she would take the bull by the horns.. She would not like to disclose such a dream about chicken with her mother. She had reasoned that back in the days her mother Adunni had told her why she disliked rearing chicken. She remembered her saying...
'Oriname stop playing with the chicken ; you could contact chicken pox or chicken fleas.Once they climb over your body,their hitches cause discomfort:'Adunni said provokingly.
'Infact I don't want to see you anywhere near the chicken nest in the poultry house ' she concluded.
With this thought of hers, she had no alternative than to wait for her father to return from work.
Mr Michael usually comes home with so much money on a market day which he realised from his transport business as a bus driver. He had traveled to many places and had made both male and female friends .
On evenings, he usually comes to the house , not only to see the family and inquired of their financial state but also to see if the family was in danger. It was in the course of doing this responsibility that Oriname approached him.
'Good evening dad's Oriname greeted.
'Good evening my daughter! My beloved daughter how is everything? He said as he looked towards her direction.
'I'm fine, dad's Oriname replied.
'Father I need your help ' Oriname called as she walks insteps beside Mr Michael.
'Yes , Orina my love, what is the matter? Mr Michael asked.
' Dad, I had a bad dream while I was having my siesta ' she said anxiously.
'What is the dream about?' he asked Oriname.
' I dreamt that there was a natural disaster in the land of Adagu.There was flooding as the rivers had overflown their banks. Consequently, the adjoining land and some houses very close to such rivers had overflown,and such areas liable to flooding were not spared. In the event of this, there was a horrible scenario; the animals were returning to their owners.The red cock and the white hen and her chicks were running to the poultry house. Immediately the white hen led her chicks to the poultry house, suddenly as the red cock in company with some other pullets were approaching the poultry house, it was attacked by the white hen. The white hen succeeded in chasing the red cock away and it got drawn by the flowing river and was drifted away by the running water'.
Oriname had imagined in her mind:
'Ha! A red pullet! I can't wait to see that promising cock. How I wished I had such a cock that looked like that to father the chicks of my hen Ereh"Oriname said jealously. She however, waited passionately to see to the conclusion of her plans.
"Orina my lovely daughter! Is that all about the dream?" Mr Michael teased.
He had resorted to calling the abridged,. shortened or the corrupted form of the name which is Orina. This usually happens each time he wants to ask her something about school, home, poultry-house or poultry business.
Mr. Michael continues after taking a closer look at the poultry- house.
"Orina I know you are so obsessed with your poultry; your love for your mother hen, Ereh" (which means profit) he said as he searched for a stool to sit down.
"Remember that you named the mother hen "Ereh" because she is a prolific hen; as she is the type of hen that violates the English proverb that says " do not count your chicks before the hen hatches.Ereh lays eggs and hatches the same number of eggs into chicks ".
" You are right father" Oriname said triumphantly.
"Remember that dreams come as a result of what we are obsessed with; which are likely our hobbies.
The things we think about and got obsessed with are likely to come on our path as we sleep and then ventured into the dream land" Mr Michael said conclusively as he held Oriname's hand and led her to see her mother.
"But father, some dreams are bad omen or vision that are likely to come to past. If its a bad omen, it could be averted of it It's to true meaning were understood and the right interpretation given and also it's source " Oriname said hesitantly.
"Oriname, from who did you learn all these lessons from " Mr Michael asked confusingly.
"Father, Inneh our grand mother taught me everything. She told me that there are some people who are gifted in telling the meaning of a dream "
" You mean you learnt these from my mother?" Mr Michael asked inquisitively.
"Yes, she also told me proverbially that, "I should not count the chick before it hatches," which means that ,I should not anticipate but to do the right thing at the right time while being patient" Oriname concluded.
"Yes, you have said it all "Mr Michael said surprisingly.
"So,be patient and wait for the interpretation " he concluded.
At this saying, Mr Michael made his way to the house to see his wife, Oriname went into the poultry house and counted the chicken again before going to see Inneh in her room. She had not told any one about the dream again.
Oriname on her own had nostalgic memory about the past,on how Inneh would usually come from Zugori for a visit on Akpe ( the first market day), and would go back on the fourth market day of Avoh. She had sold some cocks which she had taken to the market from her poultry house.
Inneh had trained some of her grand children on how best to look after chicken. She had empowered each of the grand children. The grand children included:Toriola, David, Ogbhokode, Uyani and Oriname. Of the aforementioned, Uyani and Oriname are girls and the others are boys. Oriname still remembered Inneh's conversation. Inneh had taught them how to be friendly with the chicken so that the latter would have to trust them.
A month later, at Inneh's poultry -house ,the children discussed.
"Inneh, the only thing that would make me to be friendly with chicken is when and only when chickens start wearing diapers" Toriola said jokingly.
"Ha! How can a chicken wear diapers Toriola? Oriname quarrelled."Hay! Madam Dreamer or should I call you chicken advocate I know you love the chicken so why don't you make them your body guards" Toriola said conclusively.
"Inneh, please can we have some eggs for support" David asked patiently.
"No way...! Uyani interrupted.You boys are only interested in coming here just for the eggs" she said faithfully.
"Okay tell us "Ogbhokode added.
" what then is your mission here?"
"Well, I'm here to assist Inneh to the market to sell the chickens. They are sold as meat to those that want it especially for sacrifice or for personal consumption " Uyani concluded?"
"Ha! You childrren of these days, you argue over trifle and trivial matters" Inneh educated.
"I don't care who is right among you? You are all my grandchildren. I want you all to be happy here . While you boys have helped in clearing the grasses which grow around to the poultry house and got a clutch of eggs as your reward for your diligence, Uyani often helps me to collect the Chicken and sell them by accompanying me to the market while Oriname often help in securing the poultry house by making sure she counts every hen, cock and chick as they returned to the poultry house"She said conclusively.
Oriname loved the chicken eggs each day so as to make sure there was no evidence of theft or hawk taking and chick as prey. Oriname had learnt to he art of protecting the chick from the Hawks and vultures. She has perfected in using either a blue dye or a pink dye as she dipped the chicks in the basin containing the dye.The chicks were smeared with the coloured dye. The dye on them is used as a deceptive colouration mechanism to deceive the Hawks in the air of its impeding prey, which are naturally white chicks.The vultures could not imagine eating a blue chick as a result, the vultures left.
"Inneh, I would need to buy the dyes on Avoh market to use on the chicks, as new chicks would be hatched on that day " Oriname requested.
My daughter....! Thank you for reminding me about the diyes. If not for you advice, l had lost at least three chicks on a daily bases to the Hawks and vultures, and a cock on each Akpe market day to chicken thieves " Inneh concluded.
At the mentioned of chicken thieves the boys began to develop cold feet. They looked at each other and thought about their past when were five years old . On that fateful day, it was on Akpe market and Inneh was not around, so they decided to give a young Chicken of three months old a chase. After catching it, they gather together and started removing the quail feather and then to the other feathers until the chicken became naked. They had planned to kill the chicken for meat but they ran out of luck as they were caught by Mr. Michael who ordered them to stop the act and he immediately reached for the cane and gave them three strokes of the cane on the buttocks, which made the three of them to weep as each of them regretted their actions which watching the tears as it rolls down like a pool of water on one another's face. Since then, they had learnt their lessons never to steal Inneh's chicken again.
The boys reasoned that since the arrival of Oriname it was not business as usual for the thieves. Toriola, David and Ogbhokode had developed hatred for Oriname because of these two reasons : firstly, her father in the past, had canned them for stealing Inneh's chickens. Secondly, they could not have their way anymore by thinking of how to steal Inneh's chicken. And thirdly, Oriname's dream which had involved chicken thieves made them to have a nostalgic memory about it; and has therefore implicated them.
On the other hand, she dreamt that some chicken thieves had come to take some of the birds in the poultry house and when they arrived, Oriname raised n alarm but nobody care. As a young girl, she used her bravery and made her way and reached out for the knife and when one of the three thieves bends down to pick up a chicken.It was a seven edged knife. After finding the knife, she stabbed one of the thieves on the buttocks. The stabbed thief after a few seconds, and almost immediately turned into a beautiful red pullet and in the process the other thieves ran for their lives. Oriname, then tried to reach out for the red pullet. The beautiful red pullet spoke and said my name is Toriola, David and Ogbhokode are the others.
Previously, on one of the Avoh market day, when Oriname had finished narrating her dream to Inneh, possibly other passers - by and children may have heard of it too; remember walls have ears.
So Inneh told her to keep watch on the chicken while she try to visit Ebuke the priest to find out the meaning of the dreams: the drown cock and the stabbed chicken thief. Thanks, have you decided to travel to Dandino for possible solution to this impeding problem " Inneh said conclusively as she made her way to her room to get prepared for the journey; in order to get the interpretation of Oriname's dreams. She did not travel alone.
"Inneh I want to accompany you to visit Ebuke the priest he may need my help and answers that may help in interpreting the dream" Oriname said politely, I have told Uyani to take care of the brooding house."Oriname, you have thought well . They say two heads are better than one" she advised.
"I know Ebuke to be a very good priest who could give me the interpretation to this dream" Inneh reasoned.

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