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After several difficult stages of my mind, I've found ways to return to myself. I have arrived to a place of pausing, breathing, questioning my own heart, living life as now. I have found my mission in this magic universe. And that is to do things because of love. To write because of love. To dance because of love. To talk because I love and I'm loved. By accepting myself as I am right now, I can become who I want to be, without chains nor attachments. My plan is to inspire and help others by finding my own soul. By making myself a better person who breathes with freedom and authenticity. By finding my own light. I hope that by reading this you can find your own. I know that one way or the other we are all connected, and you will find your uniqueness.

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Love is my freedom

Love is the beginning. But is also the end. The beginning of life. And the end of death. It is the beginning because of oneness, of wholeness, of nowness. Because love is the magic that lies upon your pillow when you sleep and the ones that wakes you up every morning to move, to learn, to be yourself. Love is what makes you part of a persons life or a persons whole. Love is what connects you with the world and with the human hearts. Those hearts are always mirrors of our own soul. Because we are what we see, but especially what we love. All the things and the people that you love share your essence. They don’t only have it, they are part of it. The job that you dream of, the sport that you practice, the friend that you care about, the art that inspires you, the pet that you choose, the person that you kiss, the family that you hug, they are all you. Those things would never again be simple things, because you give them your love. Because when you give someone your love you become free. You become who you are. You start flowing with life and living the present loving every single second of what you do. There are not greater moments than those in which you are doing what set your heart on fire. That wholeness is nowness. Is living the now. Is living your love. Is making it sacred. The universe answers to people that ask things because of love. Not because of hate, or envy, or sadness. Because of love. That force is so powerful that it can´t be ignored. And when it gets so magically true and pure, it becomes the end of death. The end of separation. Because love is what always remains. Someone could not be here anymore, but his o her love will remain until eternity. His or her essence will always be inside you, changing your heart each morning. Or each time you drink coffee, or each time you sleep, or dance, or read, or write. Your love is your magic, and your magic is your door to eternity.

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Commentez quelque chose

I found that totally remarkable and breathtaking. Thank you for sharing your story with me.
January 04, 2022, 06:01
Elly Castro Elly Castro
Me gusta mucho el estilo tan poético del texto.
March 08, 2021, 03:36
L_ A L_ A
This beautiful text deserves a comment. Maybe not this one, but I'll try. What you wrote should be considered and explored often, like you would with a song that inspires you or a mantra that keeps you balanced. You write of Love from a position of Love. I admire and respect that. I'm sure it was not easy getting there (I might be wrong). What do you think of this text today, in 2017? It would be great to read a “sequel”. Some other things: I really liked thinking about “you are what you love”, Love as Freedom, Love as “what remains” and ends “separation” (Love is Everything and Everything is One). Keep writing!
July 04, 2017, 00:35