The main character is in a prison when an apocalypse happens.

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The prisoner

I woke up from a nightmare. The same one I've been having for years. My cellmate was staring at me drawing a smirk on his face.

Consequently, I ignored him and I started doing my daily workout to keep fit so I don't get beaten by the bullys of the prison.

Suddenly, the whole place became all noisy at once, no one knew what was happening. The guards were shouting, two of them even started unlocking everyone's cell, they were free, after five years there I was going to be free, despite the fact that they were unlocking the ones from the left and I was at the right so I still had time to wait.

As the time came by, more noise there was, it was actually scary. All the prisoners got out of there next to the door near my cell, which was the way to the playground, while one guard was freeing everyone until she ran apologising to us saying there was no time. I got so mad at her, I shouted as loud as I could, but that didn't change her mind. Only two cells were locked, mine and the one in front of me were my best friend was.

The noise got closer to us, it sounded really weird, I cound't undertand what they were saying. A few seconds later, a guard peeked into our cell making strange noises, he didn't vocalise, his eyes were black, he had several bites, he stared at us and put his hands in the cell as if to grab us. Me and my partner walked away in fear as we heard more footsteps approaching our cell, the other people were doing the same as that guard. They were like... monsters.

Many of them passed by and went out the door through which the prisoners had left. Others would stare at us and try to enter the cell, then surrender. One of these monsters dressed as a guard approached the cell opposite and my friend tried to grab the keys from him but in the attempt, he got bitten in the hand, my friend screamed and that attracted more monsters.

It was a long time before all the creatures left and I tried to talk to my friend, but he seemed asleep. Meanwhile I was still locked up with my partner, we didn't get along at all, we had many clashes in the beginning and we hardly talked to each other anymore.

From the door next to us, we saw that it was already dark, that day we had not eaten anything, I was very hungry and I could not believe what I had seen.

Suddenly, I heard the same noise the creatures were making, without vocalising, I thought they were coming closer to us but then I realised that the noise was coming from the cell in front of us. It was my friend, he had finally got up from his bed, but he wasn't the same, I called out to him several times and he only moved his arms wanting to grab me. His cellmate woke up and when he saw him, he was very scared, he didn't know what to do and when he called out to him, my friend went to him without thinking twice. He bit him on the neck and couldn't stop. Me and my partner didn't know what was going on or what to do, I couldn't even look at what was happening. The screams brought a few more monsters towards us.

I saw the moment, one of the monsters had the keys to the cells, I had to get them if I wanted to get out of there and see my family. I called the attention to the creatures that were heading to our cell. My companion grabbed my arm trying to stop me.

- What the hell are you doing?

- If we don't do anything, we're going to die in here. - I said.

I approached the bars and this time I was able to grab the keys. I put them in my pocket.

- What are you doing? Open the door!!

- And what do you pretend, get us killed? I'm not going out now, and on top of that, it's night.

No matter how much I wanted to get out of there, I wasn't going to risk it. He seemed to see my point and we each sat down on our own bed.

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