Isabella Guzman

Skye and Nina develop feelings for one another in this short-but sweet “ Nina’s World” slash fanfiction.

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Skye In The Cute Cute House

Nina's bedtime is 9:00."

" Emergency numbers are on the fridge."

" Chicken nuggets are..."

" Don't worry, Miss Lin." sighed Skye, while gazing dreamily at Nina, " We'll be just fine."

" Ok. Goodbye, Nina. Goodbye, Skye."

Mami left the house, leaving a flattered and enamoured Skye with Nina, her eye candy.

The eleven-year old's heart beat at a rapid pace, only accelerating every time she laid eyes on Nina.

" Hi." greeted Skye

" Hi, Skye." greeted Nina, " How's your day going?"

" Great, but greater now that I'm here with you."

" Thanks, Skye."

Skye plopped on the couch next to Nina.

A tender, affectionate smile was plastered on her face, which was proceeded by a geniune blush.

" What do you want to do first?" asked Nina.

" Let's just chat for a while." suggested Skye

" Ok."

" What do you want to chat about?"

" The upcoming episode of The Vampire Chronicles."

" Vampire Chronicles?"

" Vampire Chronicles is basically a show about a girl that befriends new vampires in every episode."

" Skye."

" Yes."

" You seem to like vampires."

" I do."

" They're cool."

" They really..."

Skye fumbled mid-sentence and ( with Nina's permission), affectionately spooned the young Latina.

The soothing warmth of Skye's embrace was enough to bring a smile to Nina's face.

" This feels nice." Nina admitted.

" It sure does." agreed Skye.

" Skye."

" What?"

" I love you."

" I love you too, Nina."

The two savored every second of this precious moment.

This sweet pasttime was an Energizer battery: long-lasting.

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