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This book is about my study of serial killers and why they are the way they are

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The Psychology

Now lets begin with small common traits with serial killers you see this may not apply to all serial killers but most of em follow a tendency of antisocial behavior. This is due to the fact that most of the killers feel nothing as if they don’t feel connected to most people as if they’re almost disassociated with society, as if they were the drawing line of the people in society and them as if they have no feeling of belonging as the other humans of this planet almost as if they don’t even see humans they see pawns and pieces like living organisms just going on about their day to day lives,meaninglessly absolutely nothing which fall into the category of Psychopaths.Now Psychopaths are an interesting topic because there are plenty of psychopaths around us and they are incredibly good at masking themselves they could be your lover,mother,father,sister best friend perhaps anybody it’s truest hard to detect one unless you actually know what you’re doing,so psychopaths are people who are basically incapable of emotions and are often bored like we started earlier with most serial killer being antisocial and seeing people as boring most people go through their day to day lives without a care in the world whereas psychopaths find them as boring soulless people with no entitlement or purpose where as some psychopaths are liars and yes they lie a lot almost a terrifying amount some psychopaths can lie and arrive through their compulsion to lie and manipulate and benefit their needs which is mind boggling considering the fact they move in silence and move as a ordinary human and even be a little more charismatic,one minute you could be having dinner and enjoying their time and be looking as if that person is the most charming thing in the world and the next boom you’re on the news being known as missing but note that note all psychopaths are serial killers and not all serial killers are psychopaths.Another crucial thing is that serial killers tend to be lacking of remorse therefore they don’t truly understand right from wrong or they do and just have a disregard for the law,most serial killers who have a lack of remorse tend to not care who they hurt for they actually take profound enjoyment in killing therefore the murders they commit is horrific due to them having a blood lust and they see things like the human heart unattainable to them they really don’t understand what true love or compassion is they just kind brutality.

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