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10 years ago In post-apocalyptic New Orleans, I found myself amid the decay and death. A year since the outbreak, my family turned into monsters. I lost everything that day, surviving by a blur of instinct. With my son Timbo and our dog Lavender, we hunt for infected brains, seeking a cure. I'm Jeremy Gilmerton, surviving cleanup duty with Timothy, while reminiscing about the trio - Raymond, Tyler-Ray, and Naru - who changed my life. Their survival secrets remain a mystery, leaving me to wonder. Mc - Jeremy Gilmerton (prologue) Mc- Tyler-Ray (permanent after prologue) this is a LGBT+ appocolyptic story with monsters and fantasy to boot!

Post-apocalyptique Déconseillé aux moins de 13 ans.

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Before we start....

Hi! My name is Suraya Richards but my friends call me Rui and I'm the Author of the book your about to read. And it does have a few rules/warnings so listen up!

────┈ ↷

│ ✎┊ ❝ [Rules!] ❞


││• Those who read this should be atleast 13 or older and thirteen is pushing it, I know not alot of people will listen to me about this but This book has sensitive topics such as abuse, Rape etc so you've been warned.

• GIVE ME A SOLID REVIEW! >:) rude or not I do care about your opinion so tell me what chapter what you favourite and what was your least! I'll be adding questions at the bottom as well! Sometimes it will be related to the story and sometimes it won't. it's just a fun way for me to interact with you guys.

• I've had many people do fan art of Tyler (The Mc) and I love that! But remember she's a child 👮‍♀️

• Spamming. Do it u dare you. I DARE YOU.

• If you have an important question dm me, especially if I've made any mistakes as I know I do! And I have my very important friends

BieAmanda - Found on wattpad! And is an incredibly talented romance and modern school drama writer.

I recommend her book "VENGEANCE"

shine_like_a_potato_ - they publish on neobook and wattpad! They are kind and a potato. They also specialise in Quite sad but sombre Stories! But the one I am about to mention is an amazing horror. I recommend their book "The Doll"

Faywillows34 - Her Books can be found on Neobook, Inkspired , AO3 and wattpad and she specialises in descriptive writing and over all is and amazing person to come to when struggling with words (like me on a daily basis. 😰) I recommend her book "Tomorrow's Last Breath"

Gryffindoritnb - A very mature and intelligent woman that can be found on wattpad!, whose writing brings me absolute joy...She's amazing in any kind of relationship stories.

I recommend the book

"To Close for comfort" from their Selection ^^

and larvxv - Can be found on wattpad! Someone who is amazing at Dark romance (YES THERES A DIFFERENCE BETWEEN REGULAR ROMANCE) books

and other genres 😜 and is my honorary spammer who I respect to the end of time. I recommend their book, "Fearless seduction"

They've been so kind in reminding me I can't say one word correctly 🤭

• I do take Lore requests and I put a star at the end of the chapter and a life changing question (for Tyler) so you guys can choose this stories fate. Sometimes... I ain't giving y'all too much power 🤺

• SHIPS! don't do anything disturbing like shipping a child with an adult and such. Ships must be at 14 - any age older and they have to have a reasonable age gap. If I see any ships that are ridiculous I will delete them and block you ^^

• Lore. The Lore is going to be spread out between books so if you don't understand something in one book it will probably be in a different one. This is currently book 1...2? Yes I'm making Tyler's backstory and it will be explored in more detail.

│╰─────────── ·  ·  ·  · ✦

│╰┈➤ ❝ [chapter info]❞

• When sensitive/Trauma based chaper is released it will have "💥"

If its a steamy chapter it will have "🌶"

This is to protect readers if they don't want to see such content.

This book contains...

• Abortions

• Mentions of Rape

• Illegal Trafficking of children

• Physical and Sexual assault

• Drug misusage

• Kidnapping

• Domestic abuse

• Attempted murder

• Alcoholism

• Animal Abuse/Death

• Mental disorders Such as Bipolar disorder, PTSD,Autism,Anxiety,depression extra

• Cannibalism

• Blood

• Adultery

• Depression

• Black mail

• Gun violence

• War

• Constant Mature language and sensitive topics.

• All books I make are connected so watch out for small details.

• Noodles. (You'll understand soon 🤭)

But with that all done!


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