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Amy is a young, talented, Christian artist who finds herself drawn to the Gothic community. She has spent all her life living with her disabled mother and grandmother in the US Midwest, protected and isolated from many of life’s hard experiences. Until the day a close Internet friend is hospitalized for attempted suicide and she receives a request to travel a world away to support his recovery in Ostror. Little does she know her whole world is about to change. Soon she will start to question everything she was ever raised to believe. What is the truth? Who should she believe? Sins can be forgiven but can damaged faith really be mended? As Amy grows into her independence, she will learn to think for herself and strive to find the answers she so desperately needs. With the added bonus of finding someone to hold her hand through the journey.

Inspirant Interdit aux moins de 18 ans.

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Chapter 1: The Beginning

Age: 19

Winter, 2012, United States

Amy’s Morning prayer: Dear God, in Jesus’ name please forgive me of all of my sins. Thank you for everyone and everything in my life. Thank you for healing my heart of all of the heartaches I had collected during most of my teen years and then quickly healing the heartbreaks after that. Please help Christoffer and reach out to him, please bring him to salvation. Please help me today while I am at my aunt’s house, she stresses me out so much sometimes and I have stress ticks on my way to her house. I need help with this issue lord. Please get all of my family and friends through today. Lord this world is so dark please help me be a light in it. In Jesus' name Amen.

Amy sat up on the side of her bed while she brushed her long wavy dark honey blonde hair, then put on two pairs of socks. After she was dressed in an all-black outfit, she put on her pair of silver metal framed glasses over her blue-green eyes. Before leaving the bedroom Amy put her silver-plated crucifix pendant necklace around her neck. When ready she went into the kitchen and sat down in front of her laptop she brought up her main social media. There was a message from her friend Christoffer, he had answered the question asking if he had a girl he liked right now.

“No, I have a very hard time trusting women enough to be thinking about dating any right now. I got hurt a lot when I was a teenager, I haven’t dated anyone since then,” He left her after she went to bed the night before.

“I understand how you feel hun. I was used for sex and then months later I was dumped over private messages on here,” She replied “I am so happy we have had this year to catch up and get reconnected with each other. I missed you and prayed for you every time I thought of you.”

“My life has gotten better after moving in with my friends, though sometimes they want me to do stuff that I don’t feel like doing.” Christoffer texted.

“Tell them that you don’t feel like it, if they are real friends then they will understand.” She replied.

“I know but it makes me feel bad to tell them no all the time. I find myself imagining that they think I don’t like them when it’s just well... I don’t feel like doing much of anything lately.”

“I get like that myself a lot. I feel bored but then don’t feel like doing anything either.”

“Exactly! I feel lonely being by myself in my room all the time but then when I hang out with them sometimes I feel even lonelier. Crazy isn’t it? It’s like I am stuck in a funk.”

“No, have you talked to anyone about it?”

“I am now, I am talking to you. Talking with you has helped me tremendously this past year. It helps push the funk away sometimes.”

“I get in a funk too sometimes. It’s hard to make others understand something you don’t understand much yourself. But talking to you has helped me a lot too. You're the only one I have ever told about what Jason did to me. I feel you understand where I am coming from,” Amy admitted.

“I feel the same way. I wish we didn’t live so far apart from each other.”

“Me too,” Amy looked at the clock and gasped. She had five minutes to get to her Aunt Barbra’s house to take out her dog. She would never hear the end of it if she got there late. “I hate to cut this so short but I have to get going. It’s time to take my aunt’s dog out and I’ve told you how she can be.”

“Yes, yes hurry we don’t want Barbra to feel you are neglecting your duties. You have to earn that ten dollars a week she pays you.”

“LOL, my mom tells me she just wants me to learn responsibility like I would learn if I were working a job.”

“I’ll be back in an hour if you still want to talk then.”

“I might be online. If not then I will be sleeping or playing video games.

“I keep forgetting you guys are seven hours ahead of us. It’s still pretty early for bed. What is it 8 o’clock?”

“Ya, I might go play some games with the guys a little first.”

“Okay, I’ll be here if you want to talk some more, otherwise I'll talk to you tomorrow.”

“Ok, see you then. I guess.”

She rushed into her coat and snow boots and ran out the door to her aunt’s house. Once she opened the front door,

“Hurry and take him out!” Aunt Barbra shouted. “He has been fussing for an hour.”

Amy took her boots off then went into the bedroom and got Peanut, her aunt’s apricot toy poodle out of his cage and put his leash on. She walked quickly to the front door. Before she could put her boots back on her aunt said,

“You can wear your uncle’s slippers.”

After Peanut did his business, she brought him back inside and let him loose in the house, then sat on the sofa. Aunt Barbra was glued to her laptop. The soap opera that her aunt watched ended and the talk show The Chat came on.

The Chat is a talk show with five co-hostesses. They talk about pop culture, current events, issues, celebrities, and trending topics of the day. The creator of the show is Avery Fayber, a punk-rock goth actress. One of the hosts is a drag queen who goes by Kandy K Swirl, she is mixed race. Another is Yusa Kai, a Japanese woman, and Shaylynn Russell, a plus-size African American actress and comedian. In the middle of the table is the wife of a famous rock star, her name is Elizabeth Phönix. They each give their opinions, share stories and have discussions.

“Topics for today, Sandra Steinewerfer on the cover of Now Magazine, Black Demise’s live stream to celebrate their first North American tour, and Socialite and Sandra’s younger sister Sasha Marston was seen in the band’s fortress last night on their live stream,” Announced Yusa Kai.

“Oh! I have Black Demise’s newest album and I have been watching their live stream since it started.” Aunt Barbra said

“I am shocked that you like their music. I have heard some black metal myself, and to me, it sounds like cavemen growling while beating each other up with their instruments.” I replied

“They are better than most. Vince was on The Chat last Friday, Shaylynn really likes him.” Aunt Barbra said,

“Mmm, she better stay away from Vince!” Shaylynn Russell blurted out loud.

“The band member Christoffer has not been seen in the live stream,” Yusa said

“Maybe he is camera shy,” Kandy K said

“What does he have to be shy about? He has as many fans as Vince, maybe more even.”

“Whatever the reason, the fans in the live chat are asking the same question. Where is Christoffer?

“Well, fans will be seeing Christoffer and the rest of the band soon. They start the first leg of the US Downfall tour on December 31st to ring the New Year in with their fans abroad!”

“I plan on being there, Yusa. What about you?” Kandy K asked. “Do you plan on ringing the New Year in with the band?

“I’ve already got my tickets and they are selling out fast! Better get yours quick if you haven’t already purchased them from BandTickets.

“Well that’s all we have time for today guys. We will be back tomorrow with our special guest Actress Ashlee Connett promoting her new hit thriller “Killing Me Softly” which hits theaters this weekend. We will also have Everly Gates, creator of Pink Gate Cosmetics as a special guest host filling in for Kandy K while she tours Pop star Keyanna’s rockin new mansion and gets the scoop on her relationship status with Vince Vallin.” Yusa wrapped up the show and it went to a commercial break.

“I have an old friend named Christoffer!” Amy said loudly

“He is not the same person.” Aunt Barbra responded sounding a little annoyed

“I know, it is just that they have the same name,” Amy said with a sigh. “My friend Christoffer went on a webcam while we were chatting and we did a video call. Chris in the band is hiding from the cameras, so I know it isn’t the same person. He even showed me his stuffed animal collection.” Amy explained.

“Real men do not have stuffed animal collections.” Aunt Barbra said matter-of-factly.

“The fifth member of the band has now come into the live stream, he is getting ready to play video games with Vince and Bryan.” Aunt Barbra informed. “Vince has such a good-looking face.”

Amy got up off the sofa and looked over her aunt’s shoulders to see the live stream. She saw the man with the long light warm brown hair and corpse paint on his face.

“Yep, that looks like Christoffer with corpse paint on like he showed me sometime last year during a video chat,” Amy said.

“The man with the stuffed animal collection?” Aunt Barbra asked. “I doubt that he is your friend.”

“Well it looks like him and he looks way better without the makeup, even better than Vince. Plus he is a sweetheart and the beauty on the inside matters more,” Amy said before sitting back on the sofa. The rest of their time together was spent with just the sound of The Chat and the live stream.

A couple days before…

Winter, 2012, Ostror

Nicholas O. Federoff walked into the meeting room, where some of the members of the world’s richest, black metal band Black Demise were seated. The room had tan walls and a gray stone floor, and black silk was draped with bull skulls decorating the walls. Vincent Vallin, the lead guitarist, joined them, he kicked a chair before sitting down. The lead vocalist Sander Endresen came in while glued to his smartphone, he tripped on the displaced chair but didn’t fall on his face, and he sat down at the table.

Nicholas has hair that ends below his ears, he combs it back when working. His hair is dark warm brown. His skin is warm and fair. He stands six foot four inches and has a toned body. He is the band’s manager, lawyer, and chief financial officer. He wears silver-framed glasses and is dressed in mostly black with a red tie.

Vincent has straight shoulder-length dark ash blonde hair, he has well-defined high cheekbones, he has light gray eyes, and cool light skin. He is six foot seven inches tall and has a strong but slim build.

Sander is thirty pounds overweight and has long straight black hair that ends at his lower waist. He has cool fair skin and light blue eyes. He is six foot five inches tall. He has an upside-down triangular body shape.

"As you all know your North American tour is coming up in a few weeks. Tomorrow you are going to begin live streaming from a living room of your choice. I want all of you to be in the room for most of the time that the stream is live. The fans will love it!" Nicholas O. Federoff said to the band members of Black Demise as he stood at the front end of the table. "But no women are allowed in the room! If you bring any women here, don't bring them into the room while the stream is up. Have a servant escort them out of the fortress." Nicholas added as he addressed the band.

"What is wrong with bringing women into the live stream?" Vincent asked. "Some of the fire dancers are women."

"Got it," Sander responded to all that Nick said while looking at his phone the whole time.

"The fire dancers will not be in their underwear or naked," Nicholas responded.

“What about my dogs? Can they be in the live stream room?” Christoffer Wahlstrom, the youngest member of the band and second guitarist asked

Christoffer has long light warm brown hair that ends at the middle of his waist. He is also six foot-five inches tall. He has cool fair skin and hazel eyes. He has well-defined high cheekbones like Vince.

“Your dogs are allowed in the live stream,” Nicholas answered. All of the band members but Chris were on their phones now, “Why do I even bother?” Nick asked before leaving the meeting room.


While Amy was at her Aunt’s house on a different TV channel…

“Black Demise Moment hostess Kerstin Nicole here with more BD news.” a cherry red-haired woman dressed in all black with corpse paint on her face said to the camera. "Black Demise is the fifth largest economy in the world, they have billions of fans. Currently, the band is live streaming from one of their many living rooms inside their fortress, in Ostror. They are doing this to promote their first North American tour. Most of the band members have appeared in the live stream except Christoffer, one of the best-looking members of the band. Please, Chris, come out of your room and join your friends! The fans want to see you, I want to see you. The band has had fire dancers, fire eaters and fruit carvers on their stream plus American Socialite Sasha Marston has been seen in the room a couple of times. That is all of this BD moment."


Winter, 2012, Ostror, Black Demise’s fortress

"Christoffer! They are talking about you on The Chat and the BD moment! Come out and join us! The fans wanna see you!" Vincent shouted as he was banging on Chris's bedroom door.

"Um, Vince, didn't Nick tell us no girls should be around during the livestream?" Sander asked.

"I know, but she wanted to do it for the fame boost. She is also a horny slut and I recorded it. So I might release it so she can become even more famous," Vince replied.

"Christoffer, if you join us in the room we are live streaming from then maybe we could play video games together? You can even wear your corpse paint if you wanna," Bryan Champoux, the drummer said from outside of Chris's bedroom door.

"Okay, I will join you, but first get the makeup artist in here to paint my face, I don't want to ruin the live stream with my ugliness," Christoffer said.

After the makeup artist was finished and had left the room, Christoffer came out and joined the rest of the band in the living room that they were live streaming from. Vince was bringing a video game up on their gaming TV. Bryan was going to play then Chris also grabbed a paddle.


After Amy got home from her aunt’s, she opened up her laptop, brought up Spark (her main social media), then left Chris a “Hello”. Chris didn’t respond until she was about to go to bed.

“Hi, how was your time with your aunt?”

“It was a little stressful but I got it all done. She has been watching Black Demise’s live stream, I thought I saw you in it.”

“...” Chris responded.

“Oh, so you are in Black Demise?! You must be the youngest band member since you are only three years older than I am,” Amy concluded. “Please tell Vince that my Aunt Barbra has a crush on him. I would love to read how you joined the band but I need to go to bed. Love you and goodnight or morning for you.”

“Love you too and goodnight!” Chris instant messaged back.


The next day after getting home from her aunt’s, Amy brought up her favorite art program and searched for pictures of Christoffer and Vincent from the band Black Demise. She took their eye color and made it into a background for a drawing of each of them. After she was done she sent the art pieces to Chris,

“I drew pictures of you and Vince then used your eye color and his for the background of each image.”

“Why did you draw my ugly face and then use my horrible eye color?”

“Chris, we have been over this, you are the most attractive man I have ever seen.”

He replied with a slightly sad face emoji since he wasn’t sure how he felt about his appearance. Chris showed Vince the drawing of himself and he loved it, then he told Chris to tell Amy to do more for the rest of the band. She did and sent them to Chris and he shared them with the rest of the band. They all loved her art style.


Winter, 2012, Ostror, Black Demise’s fortress

“Chris, are you joining the live stream today?” Dalton asked as he was opening Chris’s bedroom door. It was dark in the room but Dalton saw Chris laying on the floor with his wrists slit, two puddles of blood on the stone floor and he was calling out,

“Amy, Amy.”

Dalton ran down the hall and up the stairs shouting,

“Guard! Servant! Anybody, Chris has tried to kill himself! We need to get Nick and get him medical attention!” He kept shouting while he was on his way to the room that the band was live-streaming from. A servant heard him and quickly called the manager about Chris.

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