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The life of a young girl whose life is more challenging than anyone knows.

Récits de vie Déconseillé aux moins de 13 ans.

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My young ages

My time as a kid were very big for me due to moving around a lot. There were always people who would tell my parents that their little gorl was gorgeous and they would always give me lots of love. Even sometimes too much. My parents tried their best but we were always lower class. My dad was young and so was my mom. I wish people truly understood how hard it was. My parents would always fight over money and it made us move a lot. My mom thought if we moved to a smaller house than we wouldnt have to have money problems. I lived in 4 houses by the time I was 6. I hated moving because I had this neighbor at my 3rd house. His name was Ed. He played in the hose with me and talked to me for hours. My parents were always busy working and my sister was much older and didnt like me much. I sometimes wish that we didnt move a lot. Life got hard the older I got. My parents fought more and my sister went through a tough mental stage. A few days before my birthday my dad walked out on us. I had never seen him cry before. Everything was so hard to deal with. Imagine being an 8 year old girl who everyone already hates and then your dad walks out. It sucked. I wondered where he was going. My grandma lived in a different state. Around 2 months later me and my sister visited dad. We met hos new girlfriend and I liked her. My sister didnt really get along with her though. Maybe because she knew more than I did. Later on my dad sold our house and took everything from us. I didnt know that at the time but everyone else did. I was so upset after my dad left I didnt know what to feel. Maybe just letting it go was for the best.

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