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The Neverending Hallway

The dimly lit hall was barely enough to see. The black doors lined endlessly down the hall. Each door had red numbers.

The girl, barefoot, slowly walked, her night gown sweeping against her legs. She reached for the first door, turning the doorknob, slowly and silently. She opened it to a gruesome sight.

Staring right back at her, was an 8-foot skinny being, whose limbs were turning the wrong way. Its mouth was stretched from ear to ear, filled with razor sharp teeth. It's sunken eyes, staring into hers. It's long greasy, stringy, hair hung low to its boney shoulders.

In its hand, it held a dismembered arm, which had chunks of meat missing as blood dripped to the floor. Dismembered limbs were sprawled out, a pool of blood spread out on the floor. The once-a-person's chest was ripped open, ribs protruding from their hiding.

The worst of all, the person was still alive. As they gurgled, drowning in their own blood that filled their lungs. The thing smiled at her as she tried to scream. It looked down at the person, who was still alive. It bent down to the person's head and wrapped its whole mouth around the head. The sound of crunching and cracking filled the room, and then there was silence. It stood up straight once again, blood dripping down from its mouth. Shards of skull stuck in its hair and clumps of brain stuck to its face.

She tried to run away, but she couldn't. She was frozen in fear, as the thing started walking towards her. The pool of blood making its way towards her as well, soon reaching her feet. The blood burned her feet, blackening and charring her soles. She fell back in pain.

She sobbed as the creature still made its way towards her. She whimpers away, but before the creature could reach her, the door slammed shut. She sat there, catching her breath. With her feet burning, she stood up. She opened the next door, only to reveal another horror.

It was dark in the room, but she could make out the silhouette of a large, furry, creature. It clearly had long claws and large rows of sharp teeth.

Its eyes glowed at her; she stepped back. The creature ran to her at incredible speed. Its mouth chomped down on her hand, and she screamed in agony. The sound of cracking and snapping filling the place with the end sound of tearing as the creature growled.

It retreated into the darkness once again, with her hand in its mouth. As it chewed and tore on the hand, she sobbed. She ran down the hall, not even bothering to open the doors. As she passed hundreds of doors, she began to wonder if there was an end. Then, she noticed the walls were closing in.

She knew there was no escape, the walls were getting closer. She didn't want to open another door, as it would hold something far worse than this. As the walls got even closer, she put her feet on one wall and her back on the other. She pushed with all her might, but to no avail, the walls still closed in. Soon, the sound of bones cracking got her attention, it wasn't long before they protruded from her skin. She cried in agony, but the walls were still closing. With a snap, she was folded in half. She was nothing but mush as the walls no longer closed.

You see, there was an escape. But she was too scared to think. All she had to do was go up the hall, not down. As she was at the beginning of the hallway.

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