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In a world shrouded in darkness and despair, where the rain falls incessantly upon the ruins of a forgotten civilization, two solitary souls struggle to survive amidst the chaos. Ariel, a young man marked by the weight of a turbulent past, and his grandfather, a man whose determination is as firm as his gaze, are drawn into a journey of self-discovery and sacrifice as they face the horrors lurking in the shadows.

Post-apocalyptique Tout public.

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The last dawn

Saturday morning plunged into darkness under persistent rain, a torn curtain of desolation billowing in the distance, permeated with death and hopelessness. In the middle of that desolate landscape, a slender, pale young man lay exhausted, his body exhausted by the lack of sleep and food in recent days. Sitting by the window, his eyes, full of hope, scanned the horizon, awaiting the return of his grandfather, who had left in search of provisions.

A knock suddenly resounded on the door. The young man, barely having the strength to move, got up and dragged himself unsteadily toward the entrance. After a few moments of waiting, a familiar voice broke the silence.

— Ariel, it's me. Open the door for me.

The boy opened the door a crack and a man of about 67 years old slipped inside. His brown eyes reflected seriousness, his long, unkempt beard testified to years of loneliness, and his gray hair fell in disarray over his forehead. A backpack rested on his shoulder, and in his hand, a knife.

- How did it go? —Ariel asked.

"Well, I suppose," Grandfather replied solemnly. I would have liked to find more supplies and medicine, but I only managed to find a few cans of cat food.

"It seems that the area has already been completely looted," the young man commented regretfully.

— Yes, we better look for another place. But first, we must eat and rest, you are not in good condition.

"Okay," the young man agreed, lying down next to the window to keep an eye on his refuge.

"Here's a freshly opened can, just for you," Grandpa said, spreading the food.

—And what will you eat? —Ariel asked.

—I'll take care of the other can. By the way, I observed those creatures hanging around near the pharmacy before heading towards the toy store a few blocks away. Believe...

- No! —Ariel interrupted, her hands trembling—. Do not go. It's dangerous, those things...

"Don't worry, I know," Grandpa said calmly. I had no intention of going, I just wanted to plot its route so we knew where we were headed later.

— Will we move? —Ariel asked with surprise.

—Yes, our supplies are scarce and medicines are running out. Eat and sleep, we have a long road ahead.

Ariel began to eat the meager ration of cat food and, after keeping watch for a while, they both retired to rest.

[Three hours later]

"Crack... crack..."

"Ariel, wake up," Grandpa whispered.

- What's happening? —the young man murmured, still sleepy.

— I heard noises in the hallway. Don't make any noise and stay behind me.

Grandpa grabbed a knife from the table and crept to the door. Cautiously, he opened it... It was nothing more than a cat. There was no reason to be alarmed...

- Grandfather! —the young man shouted—Behind you!

Suddenly, a deformed, humanoid figure lunged at the old man, knocking him down and biting his shoulder. With a quick movement, the man managed to eliminate the creature, but it was too late. The bite had reached too close to the brain, and infection was inevitable.

— Ariel, run! —exclaimed his grandfather—. I do not have much time left. Take the backpack and run away...

But before he could finish the sentence, a group of deformed creatures burst into the house. In a matter of seconds, the grandfather was surrounded and devoured. With one last effort, he shouted: RUN!

The young man, unable to process the reality of what was happening, stood up and ran towards the door. However, he stumbled and fell to the ground. Before he could react, he was bitten on the leg. His screams echoed as more and more creatures pounced on him, until nothing was left but blood stains and a few empty cans of cat food.

Life, with its infamous ability to twist reality, drags us from apparent tranquility into the maelstrom of the darkest chaos. But how do we reach this abyss of despair? Let's go back about six years, where the protagonists of this tragedy began their fatal dance. Now, the choice falls on you, to decide which path you want to enter. May the dark story capture you, and until the next meeting.

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silver black Soy un escritor novato que siempre ha disfrutado contar historias y crear personajes imaginativos. Inspirado por los autores exitosos, empecé a escribir todos los días y aunque al principio fue difícil, estoy mejorando y confiando en mis habilidades. Tengo grandes ambiciones para mi futuro.

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