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The thing was glowing red. The Asteroid was coming but it wasn't that close because he had seen it from far away giving the entire of humanity and living things an hour before KABOOM. Miles flew into earth reaching a speed of up to 1000km/hr. Entering the Earth's atmosphere he thought hard and decided to go and see the Earth's most famous agency NESA not NASA he rushed to their main headquarters in Canada. As he entered he was greeted with panic people where sweating trying to find how to stop this awful Asteroid, he talked to the Asteroid agency boss about the Asteroid, then she said it might be a weirdly shaped asteroid from a collision with two other planets in another Solar System, then he asked the comet boss and he had the same assumption as the Asteroid boss. He called every single NESA worker and boss in a huge hall and told them that the Asteroid is not a normal type of asteroid but is Radioactive and it's shape is not only from a collision but was also in an encounter with a black and a white hole giving it that spear shape, everyone was shocked about miles theory and did not expect a 16 year old to figure this out.

Part 3 next ....

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