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This story is for people who understand this and who need to read this.

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Has anyone here ever felt like they are all alone? I have. It's hard and I understand how you feel. Trust me when I say I understand when you feel like your drowning in all of your emotions and feel as if there is no way out. I know it feels hopeless but it's not. It will get better. I know how when people say they understand you feel like they don't. But some people actually do. They've been where you are and felt the way you feel now. So when they tell you they understand, they really do. I'm not saying everyone who says that understands but some do. I promise you, it'll get better. And remember this: "There is always somebody somewhere that loves you."

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Natalia Courtney I like to read, write, draw, and paint along with being around children and playing soccer. I like eating sweets and spending time with family.

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