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Arielle Bennet is your average 17 year old who’s life is turned upside down with just a few month to her birthday. She discovers she’s a Nephilim and is the last Unicorn. Things quickly take a turn for the worse as she’s attacked by a group of monsters looking to kidnap her, sent by an evil organization called the Myriad. Arielle and her best friend, Drake, barely manage to escape, and soon they’re joined by Asher, a warrior from the host of heaven, looking to protect Arielle and ensure she is trained and learns to use her powers to defend herself. While trying to get her to safety, a threat, Andras looms in the distance, looking to come face to face with Arielle and take use her power for secret, and sinister purposes.

Paranormal Déconseillé aux moins de 13 ans.

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Chapter One

The grass was eerily soft, with the smells of spring in the air. On the horizon, the sun was setting, leaving a beautiful orange hue cast across the fields where Arielle laid in. She had sat out by the grass, looking to take some time to unwind from all of the stress from school, and it just felt perfect.
Arielle laughed as the wind blew dried leaves at her, causing her deep black hair to flail all over the place. Everything felt peaceful, and Arielle wanted to live in that moment forever. She sat up and looked around, taking in the view, seeing the plains stretch on for what looked like forever.
The smile on her face faded for a moment, as she scratched her head, “This isn’t Rovern.”
She felt a bit of worry begin climbing up her spine, as she didn’t know where she was. Arielle thought she had been out by the Rovern City Soccer pitch, finding one of those rare moments when the team wasn’t out to play or practice, and just relaxing as much as she could. But As she looked around, she was quite far from Rovern, as the grassy plains stretched out for miles.
A few hills and rocks pointed out here and there, reminding her of the old Windows home screen, more than anything. Arielle ran a hand through her hair and looked around, trying to see if she would find any houses but there were none in sight. She took in a deep breath, trying to center herself.
“What’s going on?” She asked out loud, a little shaken up.
She tried to calm down, as long as she was calm, Arielle would be able to get home. She just had to center herself, try to remember how she had gotten there, and then work her way back from there. But Arielle couldn’t even remember heading down to the Rovern pitch.
Arielle climbed to the top of the hill behind her, trying to get a better view of the world around her, and hopefully, she would see a road, and be able to flag a car down. But as she got to the top of the hill, all she saw was a large dense forest. Arielle felt her heart sink as she shook her head.
“No, no this can’t be happening!” She yelled, shaking her head. “What is this? Where am I?”
She could remember going to bed the night before, but that was about all she could remember. Arielle was thinking of her 18th birthday which was coming up in five days, and then she had fallen asleep. Nothing else seemed to fill the space between then and now, and Arielle felt helpless. She ran a hand through her hair and patted her pockets to see if she was with her phone, but suddenly realized she was still in her pajamas from the night before and didn’t have any pockets.
“Hello! Is anybody out there!” Arielle yelled at the top of her voice.
She heard her voice travel through the emptiness and get out to the woods at the bottom of the hill, but save for a few birds that quickly flew into the air, there didn’t seem to be anyone looking to give her a response, and Arielle dropped to her knees, shaking her head.
“Okay, you couldn’t have gone far in one night, but you are lost,” Arielle began, thinking out loud. “Rover is surrounded by dense forests on all sides, but there are a lot of roads and lumbering people, and there’ll be one around somewhere, I just have to find it.”
Arielle nodded to herself and heard a sound behind her. She looked at the bottom of the hill where she had started and saw a large dog quickly running up towards her. At first, she wondered if it was a rescue dog that was sent out to find her, but as it grew bigger, Arielle realized it wasn’t a dog. It was a lot larger and was looking to have her for dinner. Arielle was looking at a wolf, and as she watched, four more wolves appeared from behind bushes where they had hidden, stalking her.
“Oh no, oh no!” Arielle yelled, pushing herself off her feet and running down the other side of the hill, heading towards the woods. She could hear the sound of the wolves snarling, rushing towards her. She looked over her shoulder to see how close they were, but it was the wrong move.
Arielle tripped and began rolling down the side of the hill, bouncing off the grass which had suddenly become a whole lot tougher and coarser than before. The wolves tried slowing down, so they wouldn’t topple over. Arielle rolled to a stop, slamming hard into a fallen tree trunk on the floor.
She quickly leaped over to the other side, and pulled a branch free, holding it above her head. The first of the wolves made its way down the side of the hill, standing tall as it slowly began walking around her, keeping its distance from her and the stick.
“Get away!” Arielle yelled, swinging hard and kicking up dirt, looking to throw the creature off, but it quickly got out of the way, waiting for the others to join it. Arielle saw she was quickly being outnumbered, and she turned to run.
The wolves snapped, snarling and growling as they chased, hot on her tail. She flung the branch over her shoulder, as hard as she could. She heard the cry from one of the creatures as the branch slammed across its head, knocking it to the ground, and causing another directly behind to trip over the fallen wolf as well.
Arielle rushed through the woods, with the low-hanging branches and leaves ripping at her face and clothes. She stared up at the branches of a tree and jumped up into it, pulling herself up on the tree, and out of the reach of the snouts of the rabid wolves.
She turned around, looking down at the wolves as they gathered around the foot of the tree, snarling and jumping, trying to take a swipe and a bite at her, but she was too high up for them to reach, and Arielle chuckled, glad to be temporarily out of trouble.
“Ha, you thought you could get me?” she chuckled, looking down at them.
The creatures suddenly stopped and turned their heads up at her all at once, as though in a trance. Arielle watched in horror as the creatures stood on their hind legs, and their arms began to stretch out, turning more human. Their faces still in their wolf form, except expanding to match its new humanoid form.
“What the…”
The branch that she stood on gave way, and Arielle fell straight down, landing in a heap. The creatures quickly bent low, trying to get to her, but now on their hind legs, they were slow to react to her fall, and Arielle quickly crawled between their legs and took off running again.
Her body ached, and she felt the pain from where the leaves struck her face, again and again, causing Arielle to cry as she knew she was going to get caught. There was no escaping them, there was no way she would survive whatever those creatures were, and she was going to meet her gruesome end at the hands, and snouts of the wolves.
She suddenly came out to the side of a clearing and fell forwards, inches from dropping off the side of a cliff. Arielle held a breath as she watched the rocks and dirt that she had pushed off the corner fall several hundred meters into the valley below. It was a straight drop to the ground, one which would kill anything that fell from that height.
The wolves burst out of the foliage behind her, snarling as they slowed to a walk, surrounding Arielle. She crawled backward, trying to get as far as she could from them, but she was trapped between the cliff and the wolves, death on both sides, and a tough choice to make.
One of the creatures lunged at her, opening its mouth as wide as it could, its clawed paws outstretched looking to get her. Arielle lifted her feet, stomping the stomach of the creature, and forcing it over her head with all of the momentum she could muster.
The creature fell off the side of the cliff, and Arielle fell as well, pulled along by the weight of the wolf.
Arielle screamed as the floor quickly began rushing up at her face, and she knew it would be over in a moment. Just before she could hit the ground, she felt a tight pair of hands grab onto her shoulders, and she slowed down. Arielle looked up to see a scaly pair of clawed hands grabbing her, and she looked up to see a large winged creature taking her back up.
She watched in shock as the other wolves stood at the edge of the cliff, watching with their jaws dropped. They quickly turned to run, but the creature which had saved Arielle from plummeting to her death let out a deathly scream, and from its mouth came a long stream of fire that instantly set the wolves and the forest on fire. Arielle screamed as she was flown through the flames, and she suddenly sat up.
She blinked twice and looked around, trying to adjust her eyesight. Arielle realized she was still in bed, at her home, and all tied up in her bedsheets. Her phone’s charger had tangled up with her hair and had been pressed into her face from her own weight, making Arielle realize she had just been dreaming.
“Oh man!” she laughed out loud, cleaning the sweat from her forehead as she looked at the clock on the table beside her bed. “Oh, you have got to be…!”
She ran out of bed, seeing it was just past nine o’clock and she was well past the late mark. She quickly jumped in the shower, brushing her teeth as she bathed, and five minutes later, she was out, dressing up. She quickly pulled on her least dirty pair of jeans, a large I Love NY polo, and a sleeveless jean jacket.
Arielle checked under the stove and found the money which had been left behind by Myriam, her mother. It was just so she could buy things in case of emergencies, but now, she had missed the school bus and would have to take the regular bus to school. Arielle rushed out and began running down to the bus stop.
Her mom worked night shifts at the meatpacking plant, and she usually got back home late in the day. She got on the bus and sat all alone at the back. She got off and rushed towards Rovern High, completely sweaty and out of breath. Before she got to the building, Arielle took a moment to compose herself, and then walked through the entrance.
Arielle pushed open the doors to the hallways, which were usually filled with students, but found it eerily empty, as most people were in class already. She quickly walked over to her locker, grabbed her books, and checked her timetable to know what class she had, before heading over.
“Miss Bennet, you seem to have chosen to learn at your own pace, welcome,” the teacher called out, with a wicked smile across his face. “Care to tell us why you’re so late?”
“I’m sorry sir, it won’t happen again,” Arielle began, lowering her head as he walked over to her seat.
“I’m certain it won’t, and if you tell me what it is, I’ll help you make sure it doesn’t,” the man replied.
Arielle paused and turned to her physics teacher. He was known for being a complete ass most times, but it seemed like he was in one of his moods where he felt like belittling whoever was in his crosshairs, and Arielle had walked right into it. She let out a sigh, knowing it would be best to just get it over with.
“I spent the night making invites for my birthday, and I fell asleep late. I woke up late, which is why I’m here now. I’m sorry, it won’t happen again Mr. Samuel.”
The man shook his head and then pointed to her seat, causing most of the class to burst out laughing as she rushed to her seat. A hand reached out from behind her, grabbing her shoulder and pulling her backward. Arielle began to fall over, but the arm held her steady, stopping her from falling.
“You know, I know what it’s like to come to school late, and you really didn’t do that bad,” said Drake, her best friend.
“If we keep talking, we’re going to get in…”
“Mr. McKenna, Ms. Bennet, is there a problem, or are you both going to need some alone time in detention, because I really do not appreciate the latecomer, and the worst performing student in my class teaming up, do you understand?”
“Yes Mr. Samuel,” Drake and Arielle echoed.
By the end of the class, Drake got out of his seat and rushed up front, sitting on Arielle’s desk. Drake had moved into the neighborhood just a few weeks after Arielle and her mother had moved into Rovern as well. They had gotten to the house on the opposite side of the street, and Arielle and Drake had instantly formed a friendly bond. They went to the same school, and since they lived next door, the two were pretty much inseparable.
“So, let me see it,” Drake began, holding out a hand for Arielle to hand over one of the invites.
“Just keep it to yourself, I don’t want that many people seeing it until I’m certain this is the final design,” Arielle whispered, picking up her books as they headed out to the locker to get their next notes.
“Well it’s a little too late for that because…what is that?” came Yuki, Arielle’s arch nemesis, and the only Asian in school who pulled off the Asian barbie doll look effortlessly, without breaking the school dress code. Yuki was a slut, and the dream of every junior and her fellow senior years. She knew she was hot, and Yuki made sure to make use of it.
Yuki pulled the sheet out of Drake’s hand. Drake turned around instantly and rushed to get it back, but a large guy got in his way, and Drake instantly recognized him as one of the starting quarterbacks. He had no idea what his name was, but he could easily run through Drake and everyone else in the hallway. Drake took a step back and got in front of Arielle.
“You’re cordially invited to Arielle’s 18th birthday bash! We’ll have scented candles, an infinite supply of punch, and my taste in music and cake because it’s my birthday,” Yuki read out of the note, shaking her head. “Did you all hear this? What a joke, am I right?”
“It’s my birthday invitation,” Arielle replied, getting out from behind Drake.
“It’s a joke, a pity party. I mean, who were you going to invite other than your loser boyfriend, Drake?”
“He’s not a loser, and he’s my best friend. Someone who really cares for me, and doesn’t just hang out with me cause I’m hot!” Arielle yelled back at her, “Now give me my invite back.”
“Oh, this invite?” Yuki asked, dangling it up in the air. “I think I’m going to keep it, so I can show all of my friends and make sure they know what a shitty party invite is going to look like!”
Yuki began walking away and Arielle wasn’t going to have it. She began moving towards her, but Drake grabbed Arielle, shaking his head, trying to stop her. But Arielle pulled free. She wasn’t about to get walked over by some bubblegum-headed girl, not with just a few days left until she was legally an adult. Arielle walked past the jock who doubled as her bodyguard and grabbed her bag.
“Yuki, let me have it back, right now,” said Arielle.
“What? Do you have any idea how much I got this bag? Get your hands off of it!”
Arielle pulled, not letting go. She knew Yuki was looking to make fun of her, after seeing what happened in class, Yuki wanted to capitalize on it, and make things even worse for her. The jock walked up to Arielle from behind, reaching out to grab Arielle from behind. Drake quickly jumped in, grabbing the guy from behind, and pulling his underwear up in a wedgie.
He turned around, yelling in pain as he spotted Drake. He quickly backed off, allowing the jock to come after him. He raised his hands in defeat, knowing he wouldn’t be able to win a fight against the guy, and he chuckled. “Look man, I think we should just let the ladies do their thing, you know? Let’s just let them work it out!”
Arielle pulled on the bag, shoving Yuki to the side. Yuki put a forearm across her chest, shoving her to the ground and pulling her bag away. She dusted it, as though Arielle had stained it just by touching it. “You have no right to even be that close to me, now stay away!”
“No!” Arielle yelled, raising a hand as she felt a tear flow across her cheek.
For the briefest of moments, Arielle spotted a small beam of light, smaller than a laser pointer. It emanated from her hand, almost moving in slow motion. It slammed into the side of the bag in an instant, and tore right through it, burning through everything that was on the inside.
Drake froze, hearing a whisper in his head, Surgere.
Yuki screamed and tossed the bag to the floor and began searching through it to find her phone, and to figure out what had just happened. Someone yelled that her smartphone’s battery had exploded while in her bag, but Arielle knew differently, she knew she was somehow responsible for what had just happened.

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