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Maeve and Will had been best friends since the tender age of six, a childhood friendship that held a hidden secret, closed within Maeve's heart - Will was her first love. But their world shattered when a tragic car accident took Maeve's father's life, with Will's mother behind the wheel. Amidst the overwhelming grief, Will laid blame on Mavae for the tragedy before his family relocated from their neighborhood. Maeve was left desolated, carrying the weight of his accusation, though she should have been the one feeling betrayed. Years rolled by, and as Maeve prepared for her first day of college, she never anticipated catching a glimpse of those familiar green eyes and golden hair she had once known so well. However, the innocence that had defined him had long since vanished.

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Chapter 1 - “When I met you”

The days of summer always brought with them a certain warmth and magic.

The hot breeze would make people sweat, but they still liked it, relishing the feeling of the sun kissing their skin, tanning it to a golden hue. And then there was the beach, with its mesmerizing waves.

But for four-year-old Maeve, the beach was a place of discontent. No, she didn't just dislike it; she hated it with a passion.

She detested how the relentless sun made her delicate skin burn, how the sea was so salty she couldn't even consider drinking it - although she'd tried once, to no avail - and how every time she put on her sneakers in the sand, those infuriating grains seemed determined to infiltrate her socks.

"Maeve, let's go swim in the sea, don't you think it's pretty?" Maeve's father, James, asked, waving towards the inviting waves.

"Pretty things can be deceiving," Maeve replied, her tiny fingers gripping an anatomy book for children, while she comfortably sat on a towel.

Maeve's parents had always known she was exceptionally intelligent. From a young age, she displayed a voracious appetite for knowledge, yearning to read, write, and endlessly inquisitive, even when visiting the doctor, because she aspired to become one when she grew up.

The book she held in her hands now, she had purchased herself, determined to be the one responsible for the acquisition. Unfortunately, her intellectual prowess came at a social cost - her classmates were intimidated by her, never daring to approach the girl who always had her nose buried in a book.

"Maeve, sweetheart, let's go for a quick swim, and then you can have all the time you want to read," her mom, Lara, suggested with a reassuring smile.

"Do you promise?" Maeve inquired, her face lighting up.

"I promise," her mom affirmed, lifting her up.

Maeve's daily routine was as predictable as the tides, revolving around reading all sorts of books. Although her dream was to become a doctor, she found herself drawn to fantasy and science fiction, her mind wandering into realms unknown. Sometimes, she'd wonder if she'd ever meet a friend who shared her passion for books.

But, her routine took an unexpected turn when she turned six. She noticed a moving truck pulling up to the house next door, and a family of four began settling in.

This was a rare sight for Maeve, as they'd never had neighbors before. Curiosity got the better of her, prompting her to do something entirely out of character.

She wanted to observe them more closely, so she decided to "read" outside – more like spying with a book she'd read countless times and had no intention of revisiting. She perched herself beneath a tree, discreetly observing the new neighbors as they unpacked their belongings.

There was a man and a woman, presumably the parents, and two children. One was a girl, about three years older than Maeve, and the other, a boy of her age, but seemingly less mature. He was being dragged into the house by his older sister, who attempted to coax him with words of reassurance.

"Come in, it's not that bad!" his sister urged, patting his golden hair. "You'll feel at home in no time."

However, his resistance was unwavering, and he continued to cry, accusing her of being mean and reminding him of their recent move. He refused to enter the house, sulking on the steps as if he had any alternative.

"What a baby," Maeve muttered to herself. Little did she know that her comment, though unheard by the boy, had already caught his attention. Soon enough, she found herself facing a pair of captivating blue eyes.

"Who are you?!" the boy stuttered.

"I could ask you the same thing," Maeve replied with an air of confidence that slightly unnerved the book she was holding.

He appeared momentarily speechless and embarrassed, but his gaze was soon drawn to the book she held in her hand.

"I read that book last week. I really liked the witch," he confessed.

Maeve was taken aback for a moment. He didn't seem like the kind of person who would read such books, and she knew how rare it was to find someone her age with a shared interest. To confirm his claim, she decided to probe further.

"The witch is my favorite character, but it's sad that she had to lose everyone she became close to because of her immortality, and she never found true happiness with anyone," Maeve lamented, her expression reflecting the melancholy of the story.

"Yeah, yes! That's true!" the boy agreed. "It's so sad."

"That's a lie. At the end of the book, she finds someone to spend eternity with. If you'd truly read it, you'd know that," Maeve replied, shifting her attention from the boy to her book.

"Um, I..." the boy attempted to conjure an excuse, but he quickly realized the futility of it. "Fine, my sister read it last week and told me about it. But her favorite character is the witch!"

Maeve looked at the boy with newfound curiosity. "Then I'd like to talk to your sister. She seems like an interesting person."

"But what about me?!" the boy interjected, tears glistening in his eyes, albeit ever so slightly, enough for Maeve to notice.

They were polar opposites. Maeve was composed and collected, while the boy was childishly stubborn. She reveled in the world of books, whereas he pretended to have read one. Though Maeve initially told herself she didn't want a friend like him, her curiosity got the better of her.

"What's your name?" Maeve inquired, interrupting his hiccups.

"I'm William, but my friends call me Will!" A smile began to form on his face.

"Very well, William. I'm Maeve. Nice to meet you."


In no time, to Maeve's discomfort, her daily routine changed. After finishing her homeschooling sessions, her mom would insist she go outside for some fresh air.

It was during these moments that Will's sister, Sophie, often joined her. Sophie, like Maeve, was an ardent reader, and to Maeve's astonishment, she was probably as intelligent as her.

"How come you don't go to school, Maeve?" nine-year-old Sophie inquired. "I don't get it. Don't you want to make new friends?"

Maeve sighed and regarded Sophie thoughtfully. "I don't need any more friends. You're all I need."

What Maeve didn't confide in Sophie was that many of the other children she encountered lacked the same level of intelligence.

So, she refrained from expressing her enthusiasm about making a new friend, fearing potential disappointment when they couldn't engage in the intellectual conversations she craved.

To see if they could actually become friends, Maeve developed a three step plan. If Sophie checked all three of the boxes, then she would be the perfect friend for her!

Firstly, she initiated a conversation about the book that William claimed Maeve had read. This involved discussing the witch character, and to her delight, she discovered that Maeve's favorite character aligned perfectly with her own preference—the witch. Check!

Secondly, Maeve introduced more sophisticated vocabulary to gauge Sophie's response. Would Maeve feign understanding with a nod or genuinely inquire about unfamiliar words, revealing her passion for learning? Sophie chose the latter, then check!

Lastly, Maeve aimed to uncover shared interests. Through a series of questions, she unearthed Sophie's love for reading and her aspiration to become an author in the future. With each step successfully completed, Maeve felt confident that they could truly become friends.

The only annoyance to Maeve's enjoyment of this newfound friendship was Will, Sophie's pesky younger brother, who often disrupted their plans with his childish tactics trying to get Maeve's attention.

On one occasion, William attempted to propose a "truce" with a half-eaten lollipop that appeared to have been languishing in the fridge for months. Sophie explained that he was always like this and advised Maeve not to get too impatient, assuring her that he would eventually cease his childish behavior.

However, instead of diminishing, William's tactics only escalated over time.

On another day, while Sophie and Maeve peacefully read beneath the shade of a tree, William resorted to rolling in the grass right in front of the them, becoming thoroughly dirty and muddied in his relentless effort to capture Maeve's attention.

When he realized that this ploy was in vain, he resorted to hiding behind the tree, attempting to scare her but only managing to splatter mud onto her book.

This time, even Sophie couldn't contain her anger at her little brother, scolding him all the way to their house and profusely apologizing to Maeve for his behavior.

The silver lining, if any, was that William's homesickness seemed to have disappeared. It appeared that annoying Maeve had its own unexpected advantages.

What Maeve didn't realize was that she would grow to miss his annoying antics and the times when he was simply an innocent, cheerful boy who made her heart flutter.

And she didn't realize that this very boy would eventually break her heart into a million pieces.

A/N: This book will have a lot of chapters unlike Your Ten Letters. I can't wait to write all the things that I envisioned. Don't get fooled by this first chapter, this book will get pretty dark and will have plot twists! :)

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