Tetsu Love

A Vampire, Leah, and a werewolf, Damien became entranced with each other. They fall in love while their kinds are fighting against each other. Vampires own bars and clubs that involve blood and lust. Werewolves own hotels and restaurants. The two lovers fight for their relationship between their families rivalry. Will they be able to openly love or must they keep their relationship secret?

Érotique Interdit aux moins de 21 ans.

#sex #violence #trauma #abuse #sexual # #cursing
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Enemies Meet

It was cold rainy night, the sound of rain drops hitting agianst the roofs and pavements. A young slim vampire walked the dark streets. Her footsteps covered with stealth from the sound of rain. She was drenched, her white shirt sticking to her body while her pants sagged. She didn't mind for it was what the weather had predicted. She walks down the sidewalk till she stopped at a deserted park. She pauses, her eyes glowing red.

"It can't be....the smell of wolf blood..." She whispers to herself. Her desire for blood was going crazy. She walks through the park, her eyes scanning around in every direction. The smell of blood growing as she gets closer. But, a part of her is telling her to stay away..

A growl was heard. Shimmering blue eyes looked through the bushes. She haults as she stares at the blue eyes, her own glowing brightly red. "Who are you..?" A weak male voice was heard, she could tell how much pain he was in.

"What happened to you?" She ignores his question as she bends down to peer through the bushes at a handsomely faced male werewolf. Her heart skipped a beat at the sight of him. Her cheeks flushed as she then notices a bite on his neck.

The werewolf groans as he moves and gets out the bushes. He sits down in front of her, his legs to weak to balance him. "I got attacked by your kind, Vampire.." He snarls deeply as his blue eyes burned into her.

She looks up towards him, "Oh? Well, werewolf we are out at night for hunting..you should've been more careful.." Her voice sounded hypnotizing as if luring in her prey. "So.." She moves closer towards him. "Would you mind if I just...drink some of your blood?"

His body tenses, his eyes narrowing as he looks at her. He growls while he turns away as he debates his choices. He turns back towards her. "Tell me your name." His tone was demanding and low.

She sighs softly. She moves closer towards him, her eyes never leaving his. "Leah....My name is Leah.." She smiles slyly as she looks at him then lower, trailing her eyes to his neck looking at the bite on his neck.

He notices this and groans. He tries ignoring the way she was looking at him. "Alright Leah, I am Damien....I guess you could have a small bite, not to much.." He looks towards her then away as he moves his neck for her to have room.

She leans in, her fangs sinking into the bite wound on his neck. Her hand gripping his neck as she does so, she seemed very eager to drink his blood. But as she did it, her body started to grow warm. He notices this and touches her waist. "Hey..are you-" before he could finish his sentence, she shrunk and turned into a bat. He was stunned, staring at her now bat form. "What. The hell..." he sighs as he picks her up, he stands feeling much better, he turns and walks away from the park.

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