Isabella Guzman

A Greavard happily kills people by draining their souls, unaware that a huntress and her Weavile are tracking him down. ( Thanks to Avery and Haley, Greavard and the bounty Hunter have names)

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" Heh heh heh."

A Greavard named " Hades" ( Thanks, Avery and Haley) was roaming the region of Paldea with the intentions of killing Trainers and Pokemon by draining their life force.

Normally, Greavard would unintentionally drain people's vitality, but Hades was an exception.

He found sadistic pleasure in watching his victims die slow and painful deaths.

No Pokemon, not even Baby or Legendary, was safe from Hades' deadly ploy.

" Pawn." a voice whispered.

A wild Pawniard approached Hades, a bloodthirsty gaze in his eyes.

Sharp claws stuck out of his hands, which were pointed at Hades.

" Pawn." Pawniard hissed, " Pawn.."

But Hades had drained the Dark Steel Pokemon's vitality before anything else could happen.

" Greav." purred Hades.

The Ghost Dog Pokemon laughed villainously as he strutted off, leaving Pawniard an immobile statue.

The Pokemon lie sprawled on the ground, a silent void in his eyes.

" Pawniard!" bawled a voice

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