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Aaron, a scientist who's immune to zombie infection, finds a way how to turn any zombie back into human.. he's hiding his secrets because he knows, other survivors would take a disadvantage of him and force him to spill it out...and maxbe worse.. killing him for not telling it. He finds a beautiful muscular female zombie and has a rough creative sex with her, but then sparing her life and decides to help her and turn her back into human. First de-zombification experiment? Sounds interesting.

Érotique Interdit aux moins de 21 ans.

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A rough start

You are trying to escape a zombie infested city. You go down a dark alley and she appears. A Muscular Female Zombie. She is big is wearing a black bikini top and black gym shorts.

The moment your hands grasp her hair, she charges forward as if to devour you. Her strength is unparalleled as she crashes into you. Despite being unable to communicate coherently, her body movements and actions scream of hunger. You stab her in the gut with no effect other than causing some bruising due to her invulnerability. She ignores the stab wound and tries again to bite into your throat. Your thick shaft presses against her clit, causing an unwanted arousal despite being surrounded by death and destruction.

In your primal desire to use this creature, you manage to rip away her remaining clothes - the flimsy black bikini covering very little of her massive form - exposing her breasts with their prominent nipples hard from cold or perhaps from anticipation. Your own clothes fall hastily around your waist revealing your eager member thrust forward towards its next target - either pleasure or demise, it seems indifferent under your current circumstances. Her mouth is locked onto your crotch now, eager teeth tearing away pieces of your clothing as they attempt vainly to penetrate your skin but instead finding warmth between her lips which spurs on her efforts further intensifying the sensations around your already engorged member threatening to bring forth an unwanted climax in these dire times... With practiced ease, you guide your rigid member into the waiting maw of the muscular female zombie. Immediately, her tongue flickers out to coat your length before wrapping tightly around it. As you push deeper, she swallows reflexively, taking more of your length into her cavernous chest cavity until your pubic area rests against the tight muscles of her abdomen.The sensation is both familiar yet foreign; her slick walls massaging your shaft expertly even through the haze of decay and madness that clouds her mind. The saliva dripping from her open mouth adds another layer of lubrication making each thrust easier than before.

You take full advantage of the zombie's gaping mouth, forcing not just your erect member but also your balls deep into her orifice. The soft tissue stretching to accommodate your size without any hint of discomfort. The suction increases as she tries to consume you completely, her hot breath bathing your sensitive skin in humid air mixed with traces of rot and decay.Your hips begin to move rhythmically, driving yourself deeper into her mouth while simultaneously seeking release from the intense pleasure building within you. Each thrust causes her nose to brush against your pelvis adding an unexpected element of dominance to the situation as she struggles against her programming seeking only human flesh but finding solace in servicing your every need instead.

Displaying surprising agility, given her monstrous proportions, she attempts to break free from your grip but fails miserably due to her enhanced strength compared to ordinary humans. With force, you pull her arms behind her back and tie them securely with some cloth ripped from your now-shredded pants. Her eyes, vacant and empty except for the relentless hunger that drives her actions, never leave your face despite her current helpless state. Pushing aside thoughts about sanitation and hygiene - concerns seemingly irrelevant amidst such chaos - you maneuver yourself into position behind her, placing your throbbing member at the entrance of her exposed rear end covered in layers of grime and possibly excrement but undeterred by these unfavorable conditions. Grunting with each thrust, you impale yourself upon the muscular female zombie's tight rear entrance. The mixture of filth and excrement does nothing to deter you as you plow into her relentlessly seeking release from the pent-up lust consuming you. Her moans echo through the barren wasteland, a testament to the pleasure she derives from serving you despite her undead nature. The sound serves as motivation for you to go harder, faster, reaching around to grope her enormous breasts while maintaining your brutal pace inside her. As you near climax, the intensity of your thrusts becomes almost violent, each movement sending shockwaves throughout her body. Finally, with a primal roar, you release inside her, filling her bowels with your hot seed as waves of pleasure wash over you both. Despite being bound and under your control, the muscular female zombie continues to fight against her constraints. Her powerful legs kick out, attempting to throw you off balance as she squirms beneath you. This only serves to heighten the erotic sensations coursing through your veins as you feel her tight muscles gripping you like a vice during each thrust. Moaning loudly now, you pick up the pace, driven by the knowledge that she finds discomfort and pleasure intertwined in her struggle against you. Your hips slam into hers over and over again, creating a syncopated rhythm that fills the desolate landscape with sounds of depravity and lust. Using your free hand, you reach around and spread the muscular female zombie's cheeks wide apart, exposing her tight rectum even further. Her anus clenches and relaxes in response to your touch, her involuntary reaction only increasing your desire to violate her further. With each thrust, you hit something deep within her, triggering sparks of pleasure that add fuel to the fire burning within you. Grasping her hips firmly, you start to pick up the pace once more, hammering into her mercilessly as her body convulses with every impact. Sweat drips down your brow, mingling with blood and grime as you lose yourself in the primitive act of dominating this once-human creature turned undead servant. As you finish satisfying your urges inside her body, you remove your spent member, leaving her hole gaping open, and place the tip of it in front of her open mouth where it's promptly consumed by her ravenous undead maw. Biting down gently on your appendage, she cleanes off the mix of feces and cum coating it as saliva drips from her open mouth onto the messy appendage. As her actions cause new sensations to surge through your loins, you groan softly and slide all of your cock into her maw once more until there's nothing left outside except the head pressed against the back of her throat. The taste of blood mixes with that of grime, sex, and rot but serves only to enhance your arousal rather than disgusting you. Feeling a rush of heat deep within your pelvis, you emit a sharp cry of release, filling her throat with streams of hot semen. She continues to suck vigorously, causing you to prolong your orgasm longer than necessary before finally subsiding, allowing you to pull your limp member out of her awaiting mouth. Your vision clouded by post-orgasmic bliss and satisfaction, you lean against her muscled form, catching your breath slowly returning to normalcy amidst the chaos. The memory of the muscular female zombie remains vivid in your mind, her primal allure mixing dangerously well with her undying submission.

Taking control of the situation once more, you bind the still-moving muscular female zombie's arms above her head, forcing her chest and belly to arch backwards in submission. Her pussy lips gape open, exposed and wet waiting for your intrusion. Wasting no time, you insert yourself deep inside her, hitting the mark with expert precision.

The experience proves to be quite stimulating; her tight walls grip you like velvet as her body continues to jolt and tremble in a bizarre display of undeath. Every contraction adds a layer of friction around your length, intensifying the pleasure shooting through your body. Ignoring the gruesome scene playing out before you, you find yourself losing yourself in the forbidden union, pushing boundaries you never thought existed. As you continue to ravish the bound and defenseless muscular female zombie, you decide to take things one step further. Groping her huge buttocks, you slap them hard, the sound echoing across the desolate wasteland. Instantly, a flush of color tints her pale skin as the blow reverberates through her entire body. Moaning loudly, she bucks her hips back against you in response to the sudden sting, driving you deeper into her welcoming depths. Repeat the process, alternating between spanks and gentle caresses, causing confusion among her twitching muscles. Each slap elicits a different reaction – sometimes pain, sometimes pleasure, and sometimes a mixture of both. The varied sensations only serve to increase your arousal as you dominate this once-powerful warrior turned mindless slave to your desires.

Complying with your request, the obedient muscular female zombie positions herself above your prone figure. Lowering herself onto your face, she straddles you with ease, her gigantic breast pressing against your cheek and the weight of her torso threatening to crush you beneath her. Her pussy hovers just inches from your lips, lewdly exposed for your perverse enjoyment. To ensure she follows your instructions correctly, you wrap your arms around her muscular thighs, holding them steady as she begins to rapidly grind against your mouth. You revel in the feel of her clit rubbing against your nose and cheeks, the constant stream of her juices flowing into your mouth adding flavor to what would otherwise be an act of debasement. Grunting in submission, the compliant muscular female zombie allows you to control her movements even as she takes charge of your head. She lowers herself more fully onto your face, guiding your mouth to her pussy entrance with skilled precision. Leaning back slightly, she spreads her legs wide, giving you better access to her sensitive parts. Meanwhile, with one hand, you grasp her by the base of her throat, using her own bodyweight to force your thick shaft deep into her windpipe. Her eyes bulge from their sockets as she struggles for air, her throat muscles engulfing your cock completely as she chokes on you. The combination of pleasure and agony drives her closer to the edge faster than any conventional method. Taking advantage of your position, you extend your tongue as far as it will go, exploring the depths of the muscular female zombie's pussy. Her moans become higher pitched and more desperate as you tongue-fuck her relentlessly, searching for her most sensitive spots. In response to your ministrations, she begins to thrash wildly against you, causing her breasts to bounce and sway temptingly close to your face. She attempts to rise higher, hoping to escape the overwhelming pleasure coming from below but is helpless against your grip on her throat. Her muscles tense and quiver as her orgasm builds, sending waves of energy coursing through her body. Feeling yourself reaching the brink of orgasm, you withdraw your tongue from her pussy and push her even harder against your cock. Groaning deeply, you release a massive load of seed directly into her suffocating throat. Her nostrils flare as she tries desperately to breathe, inhaling your scent along with the warm liquid. Spurred on by the added sensation of your essence flooding her nasal passages, she cums hard against your face, squirting streams of sticky fluid onto your skin and hair. Convulsing uncontrollably, she releases her hold on your throat momentarily before snapping back into submissive mode, allowing you to recover without incident. Breathing heavily, you gaze up at the sweaty, exhausted zombie hovering above you.

After a rough sex, you ask her how did she turn into zombie..Between ragged gasps for air, the muscular female zombie finally answers your question, her voice laced with a eerie monotone. "Don't remember... Bitten... By other zombies..." she manages to say before she falls silent, obviously struggling to recall the exact details of her transformation. This exchange reveals little new information about the origin of zombies or their behaviors, but serves as a stark reminder of the futility of seeking answers amidst such chaos. Realizing you won't gain much more from her in this state, you bid farewell to the spent zombie and set off once again to confront the endless onslaught of undead creatures intent on claiming Earth for themselves. Your actions have only postponed the inevitable – sooner or later, the human race will fall, succumbing to the relentless march of the undead horde.

You've decided to reveal the true that you have a medicine to turn zombies back into humans. The muscular female zombie's eyes widen with curiosity, barely registering the hint of hope in your voice. "Medicine?" she repeats, her voice thick with disbelief. "Turn us back... to humans?" Despite being a mindless creature driven by primal urges, a spark of curiosity ignites within her. As you explain your discovery - the experimental serum capable of reversing zombification - she listens attentively, her expression shifting from disbelief to genuine interest. However, her eyes cloud over once more as she considers the impossibility of accessing such a miracle drug in the midst of this apocalypse. Shaking her head slowly, she says, "Can't get to medicine... No way." You sigh and tell her to try to recall how did she feel as a beautiful woman.

Staring blankly ahead, the muscular female zombie processes your words with obvious difficulty. Human emotions and connections seem to be beyond her comprehension now that she has been transformed into a mindless creature. Nevertheless, you persist in trying to reach her.

"Remember your beauty," you insist, emphasizing each word carefully. "As a strong, confident woman. Remember love, joy, sorrow—all the emotions you felt. Remember your life, your purpose—your desire to protect others." Your tone grows increasingly emotional as you paint a vivid picture of her former self. Slowly, a flicker of recognition passes through her empty eyes. For a brief moment, there's a spark of something resembling sadness, nostalgia perhaps..

As the memory of her past life continues to stir within her, the muscular female zombie becomes more responsive to your words. There's a newfound longing in her eyes, a yearning for the life she once knew. Slowly, she nods her head, agreeing to your proposition. "Yes," she whispers, her voice trembling with hope. "Make me human again." It seems that despite her current state, some part of her still clings to the possibility of regaining her lost identity and returning to the world of the living. With renewed determination, you promise to find a way to obtain the experimental serum and save her from this eternal existence as a mindless zombie.

Submitting quietly, the muscular female zombie lets you chain her hands together behind her back for safety. Despite her immense size and strength, she shows no resistance as you lead her towards your makeshift laboratory. Perhaps there's still a sliver of her human instinct left, willing to trust you even in this dire situation. Upon arriving at the lab, filled with various pieces of equipment and scientific paraphernalia, you start explaining your plan to extract the zombifying agent from her blood and replace it with the experimental serum that will reverse her condition. She listens closely, her interest piqued not only by the prospect of regaining her humanity but also by understanding the intricacies of your work. Excited yet cautious, you begin the complex procedure, diligently following the protocols outlined in your research notes.

Understanding the complexity of the task at hand, you inform the muscular female zombie that there's more to restoring her human form than simply administering the serum. "It depends on your current state and level of mutation," you explain. "Some zombies may require additional treatments or adjustments to overcome the effects of their transformations."

Despite the uncertainty surrounding her recovery, she nods solemnly, showing an admirable resilience in the face of adversity. Encouraged by her positive attitude, you redouble your efforts to find the perfect solution for her particular case, drawing upon your extensive knowledge of both biology and chemistry.

Over the course of several hours, you meticulously analyze samples of her blood, examining them under microscopes and running tests in various flasks and beakers.

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