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Sun entered Gem's room and sexually assaulted him while under the influence of drugs; however, neither Gem nor Sun saw each other's faces. Will they ever meet, realize who they are, and will Gem be able to forgive him? If you read my novel, you will know. If there are any issues with my novel, kindly like, rate, and comment.

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Chapter One

(Early morning.)

(So early in the morning Kim woke up from bed washed his face and got ready to go for a long run cause that is what he always does every morning before he came back to dress up from school he left the bathroom he heard a knock on the door)

Gem: who is it?

Four: It's me young master I'm here to wake you up for your morning jog before going to school sir you shouldn't be late on the first day third year in school sir

(Gem moves closer to the door and opens it)

Gem: four I've always told you to stop calling me young master we are the same age and even though I don't like the name young master okay my name is Gem. It is not difficult to say, Kim; in fact, I adore my name, Gem; it is a great choice for a charming man.

Four: Indeed, sir

Gem: (he scowled) Stop that, sir.

Four: Okay, sir. I apologize.

Gem: You are amazing.

Four: (he grinned)

(After checking out of the hotel and going for a 1.5-hour jog, they returned and got dressed for school.)

Four: Young master, sorry, I mean gem

You missed your mom's calls because you forgot to bring it with you. She texted me now, and I think you should call her.

Gem: Oh, I thought it was in my pocket. He checked by taking the phone off the bed. I need to call her back, as you said. I hope she will not scold me.

Four: She will.

Gem: (he dialed his mother's number in two rings; she answered) Yes, I know.

Mrs. Kim: How come you do not pick up when I call? I have called you more than nineteen times, gem. Are you attempting to kill me? I am going to purchase a ticket and fly back to Bangkok.

Gem: Mom It is fifteen, not nineteen. Stop exaggerating things.

Mrs. Kim: It does not matter as long as you answer my phone when I call.

Gem: Alright, mom. Why do you call me then? I have to go off to school now.

Mrs. Kim: can't I call my cute son anymore

Gem: I am not cute, Mom, I am handsome.

Mrs Kim: You are not handsome. You surpass a girl in beauty and cuteness.

Gem: Mother I am not pretty, but I believe you can still give birth to a girl if you allow it, and my father is still good and handsome.

Mrs. Kim: Stop gem. I am too old for that, which is why I always dressed you up as a princess when you were little.

Gem: I know Mom, but I am a man, not a girl, or else I will have to call my father and make an effort since you need one more child to provide for him.

Mrs Kim: Stop it, gem. Okay, I give up, baby.

Gem: yes, Mrs. Kim.

Mrs. Kim: I do not know what is going on in my mind, but I do not feel good about you today. I am afraid that something is not right. Please be careful in everything you do at school. We do not care if you spend our money extravagantly.

Gem: Mom, you do not need to worry. I will always be watchful, and four is always by my side. Nothing bad will ever happen to me. Therefore, you should take care of your health and tell Dad to take care of himself and tell him that I love him so much.

Mrs. Kim: Why don't you tell him yourself since you love him so much? What about me?

Gem: Mom, do not be so envious. I called Dad to tell you too how much I love you, Mom.

Mrs. Kim: I know I am just saying by the way, are you going back to your condo or staying at the house?

Gem: "No Mom." The house is too far from school. I am moving back to my condo today.

Mrs. Kim: Okay.

Gem: Mom I have to end the call if you do not want me to be late.

Mrs Kim: make sure you always pick up my calls to make me worry less, okay?

Gem: Okay, bye Mom.

Mrs Kim: Bye bye, son

(He hangs up and grabs his bag.)

Gem: I am done. We will have to order something to eat on the way.

Four: You mentioned returning to your condo, is that correct?

Gem: Yes I am, or are you not moving yet?

Four: yes, I am moving out this weekend. I will have to stay with my aunt for a week.

Gem: Okay, tell her I will also come visit.

Four: alright

Gem: Let us move or we will be late.

(They both left the hotel and waited for the taxi they had ordered.)

Fourth, what should I order for you?

Gem: Anything except shrimps.

Four: okay, I know you are allergic to shrimp, I will not order it for you.

(The taxi arrived, and they both left for school.)

Star mek university

There are three faculty students at the school gate; two are from the business faculty and one from the art faculty.)

Night: You are late.

Sun: Yeah, I know.

Summer: You can never change. I am not sure who you are fighting with this early, but could you please just laugh or smile?

Sun: Like a joker?

Night: stop, you know he won't, so do not start arguing with him.

Summer: Okay, I won't

Night: Do you remember tonight's party?

Sun: Yeah.

Night: You are coming right?

Sun: No. I am not

Summer: Come on, it will be so much fun!

Night: you know I can not leave without you.

Sun: I'm not stopping you.

Night: Do not be heartless; I want to go, please.

Sun: Do you not know why I am not going?

Summer: Is it not because of the guy who is always after you?

Night: I know it because of that perverted guy, but his twin invited you himself to his birthday party, and you told me he is your old-time friend, so why can not you honor his invitation and go.

Sun: I do not feel like going; I am feeling weird.

Night: Common, can you just go because of me?

Sun: Okay, let's meet at seven because I will be back before nine o'clock.

Night: nine o'clock?

Sun: yeah, nine.

Summer: Make a deal before he changes his mind

Night: Okay, deal meet up at seven. You said it yourself; do not be late.

Sun: I won't!

(Excellent mark high school)

Four: are you going back home already? It is just six.

Gem: Yes, I am going. It is already evening, and I feel tired and tired. I do not know, I just want to go back to my condo.

Four: Okay, you can go take care of yourself.

Gem: I will. Take care of yourself, too.

Four: make sure you call me when you arrive, it is just twenty minutes away from school.

Gem: Sure, I will.

(The cab driver arrived and they left; ten to fifteen minutes later, he arrived home because there was no traffic; he picked up his phone and dialed four numbers.)

Gem: I am home.

Four: that is fast, no traffic?

Gem: Yes, no traffic.

Four: Okay, you should eat something and take some medicine so you can rest well.

Gem: I will I am about to cook noodles.

Four: okay, do not let me disturb you. See you tomorrow.

Gem: goodbye.

(After cooking the noodles and eating a small portion, he went to his room, turned out the lights, and fell asleep to help him relax.)

At seven.

(Sun meets up with his friends and goes to the party, which makes him even more uneasy because the first person to greet them is May, the guy who keeps chasing after Sun and Mart's twin brother.)

May: Hello, babe (he was leaning closer to hug Sun)

Sun: Move back

(He said sternly and used his hand to guide him away from hugging him and pushed him back so it would not be known by the other members of the party and would not appear too rude.)

May: okay (looks a little sad but changes his mood back so no one notices)

Night: Happy Birthday, May

May: (He nods).

Summer: Happy birthday! May I also ask where your brother is and why he has not arrived yet?

May: What a question. Do you look for him before asking me this? moron.

Summer: what did you just call me, moron? You big eyeballs with thick faces.

May: Well, people with thick faces are intelligent enough to deal with simpletons like you, and my main job is to spot people with no brains who are blind like you.

Summer: you!

May: idiot

Summer: You are a jinx (he whispers)

May: What did you just say?

Summer: (He smirked).

Sun: Hey, Mart! (He called out for him after working out of them and seeing him talking with some of his friends)

Mart: Hey, excuse me.

(He excused himself from his friends and went to meet Sun.)

Sun: Happy birthday, Mart.

Mart: Thank you so much for coming.

Sun: Yeah.

Mart: let us have some drinks. Do your friends accompany you, or are they not present?

Sun: they did, they are busy arguing with your brother.

Mart: Oh, okay.

(They both went to sit near the corner a few minutes later at night, summer and may have also joined them)

Night: Whoa, are you my friend, leaving me with these two there just like that?

Sun: Yes, you saw me living!

Night: Oh, your reply broke my heart, brother.

Summer: Drink something to cool down.

Night: Yeah, thank you for being with me.

(Sun kept checking the time on his watch, which caught my attention.)

May: Are you going anywhere sun?

Sun: No.

May: I can see you have been checking your watch since you arrived. Do not tell me you are going back early without celebrating with me.

Sun: yes I am, do you have a problem with that? (He looks at him coldly)

May: No, sorry for asking (he stands up so furious and works out of there). Gosh, why is he always like that with me?

(Mart excuses himself and goes after May.)

Mart: He is always that way, and the truth about you is that he does not like you, so you do not have to be needy around him; he detests it.

May: It is none of your concern (his tone vehement).

Mart: Well, it is none of my business, but since I know what you are planning to do tonight, it is my business that you are trying to mess with my friend. Do not you dare touch him.

May: Tell me what you mean.

Mart: You know what I mean, man? Do not try to act like you have no idea what I am talking about.

May: I have no idea what you are saying.

Mart: Okay, let me spark your brain. I overheard you this morning while you were plotting with your friend.

May: You mean that?

Mart: Exactly, that.

May: So, you have started eavesdropping on me.

Mart: No No, I do not

May: So, what is the meaning of what you just said you heard if you are not?

Mart: I don't; I was just passing by and heard you.

May: Really?

Mart: Indeed, and please refrain from attempting to shift the topic.

May: what about?

Mart: About what you intend to do, if you do not want the father to find out, do not dare drug my friend to sleep with you.

May: I do not give a fuck who will hear about this; what I want tonight is my man.

Mart: You need to stop being so obsessed with him. He is not into men, and he does not like you. He is not your man.

May: I am trying to get him to love me and me alone, even though I know he does not like me. You are unaware that he has never dated or claimed a girlfriend, so how can you be certain he is not attracted to men?

Mart: What you are saying does not matter to me; just do not dare drug my friend, or else

May: else what? Tell Dad about it, common. I do not give a damn about him. Since you are his favorite, it does not matter if you both go to hell.

Mart: How could you say such a thing?

May: Am I lying? Just do not dare to ruin my plan, you fool.

(He worked himself out.)

Mart: May, May (no response) Oh my goodness, what will I do to keep him from being on drugs?

(As someone touches him from behind, he freezes in shock.)

Mart: Sh*t!!!

Sun: How come you are so shocked?

Mart: Hmm, nothing wrong with me; I was just taken aback by something.

Sun: Okay, but you mentioned drugs, right?

Mart: Drug? No, I did not say "drug."

Sun: spit it out (he gave him a doubtful look).

Mart: Hmm, er...

Sun: What and Why Sweating?

Mart: okay, I have been feeling sick since the morning, and I am asking May if he has any drugs with him.

Sun: Really? (still not confused)

Mart: Yeah, that is it.

Sun: Well, why are you acting strangely? Your voice and face both seem to be saying different things.

Mart: No, I am not. I simply do not feel well.

Sun: All right, then.

Mart: Let us head back to our pals.

(While they are both seated, Mart keeps scanning the bar, hoping to spot the person his brother sent to bring the wine so, he can prevent him from giving it to him. (which they have all noticed)

Night: Mart, are you still waiting on someone?

Summer: Well, I did not realize you were also noticing him.

Night: Are you waiting for your girlfriend?

Mart: No, I am not waiting for anyone.

Night: Is that right, because you have been staring around nonstop since you sat back here?

Mart: No, I am not (his phone rings). He took out his phone and noticed the caller ID was his brother, so, he had to excuse himself from them. He went to a safe place where no one would hear him without knowing May called him out to be able to send the drink to the sun so, he would not be there to ruin his plan.

May: hello, darling brother.

Mart, what game are you playing now?

May: of course, it is a game. Allow me to ask you a question that will blow your mind. Why do you think I will give you a call?

Mart: Why?

May: You still do not get it, stupid.

Mart: what !!

May: Could you tell me why I called you? Haha, Allow me to respond to that, sweetie. I call so that you do not ruin my plan.

Mart: Oh shit!

May: case closed, game over (laughing heartily)

Mart: don't you dare hurt my friend.

May: relaxed mart Why would I hurt my man? All I want is for him to be mine, and he will be after he wakes up early tomorrow with me by his side.

Mart: you psychopath. Where are you now?

May: We are gone. What do you mean by that? (He dashed outside to see where they were all seated.)

Mart: where is he?

Night: who?

Mart: Sun, of course. Who else will I be asking for?

Summer: What do you mean?

Night: You send a waiter to call him on your behalf, so we all know what you mean.

Mart: No, I don't. He took him.

Night: who?

Mart: May did.

Summer: your crazy sibling

Mart: Indeed.

Night: shit!

(Mart checks his phone to see if May is still on the line.)

Mart: Hey, where are you taking him?

May: You mean my man. For our honeymoon.

Mart: I need you to bring him back here right now.

May: (he laughed hysterically and ended the call)

Mart: Holy crap, he hung up on me.

Night: Well, what now?

Summer: we seek out the man he came to call him.

Mart: all right.

(They all look for the man and saw and saw him coming back in they reach him night punch him so hard on his face that makes him fall)

Summer: what are you doing

Night: What am I doing? He would not be with that psycho if it were not for the fact that he came to call him.

Summer: I understand, but it is not his fault.

Mart: We apologize, but he is just upset about what happened. Could you please tell us where our friend was when you came to call?

The Man: After I led him to a bus, he departed.

Man: what boss

The man: This bar has a bus parked outside. As I arrived here this evening, I noticed a man who somewhat resembled you. He showed me his photo and instructed me to confront him.

Mart: Alright, where is the bus?

The man: The bus has been gone for almost ten minutes. However, the other guy appears to have also left, I believe he has already informed the driver of their meeting place.

Mart: All right, thanks.

Night: So, what will we do next?

Mart: I think we should start looking for where my brother always visits that way we'll be able to find him.

Night: ok then let's split and send us the address you think he might be

Mart: sure I will

(They all split out in search of him)

Inside the bus

(Sun began to feel extremely hot, and as he realized he had been drugged, he wondered who would dare to drug him and kidnap him. At that moment, the bus stopped moving. The bus driver exited the vehicle and opened the rear door. When he realized he was the one who dared to drug him, he noticed May standing in front of his car.

May: You are free to go, taking this car with you. I am taking this bus.

Driver: Alright, sir.

May: Before I return, make sure it is clean.

Driver: Alright, sir.

(As he was attempting to exit the bus, he moved closer to where the sun was and shoved him back inside.)

May: Do not worry, once you are mine, you will be free. I know it is too hot for you, but we will reach our destination soon to satisfy your needs. I know you want me, but this place is not safe.

(He shot the door, went to the driver's seat, and drove away.)

Sun: Where are you taking me, ahh (he groans)

May: honeymoon don't worry you will be mine soon.

Sun: fuck (he unties himself and strangles May from the back .)

May: ha er stop it ahh I can not breathe (he struggled with him to set him free but couldn't).

Sun: Ahh (with a groan)

(He got weaker cause the drug started to take effect; he pulled the siren from May's hand and drove the car into a field. May passed out, and Sun lost control. He started to squeeze his dick so hard that he forgot to open the door without realizing May had been awake and about to open the car door. Sun realized that he was losing control he stopped himself and opened the door, which May his already about to open when he saw May standing outside He shoved Sun back inside, climbed on top of him, and try taking off his clothes. Sun refused to let him take off his clothes, so may slapped him.

May: Stop resisting and give in to your body's needs; I am ready for you, darling. Just do it and you will be fine. Ahh, you will only be mine and mine alone.

(May begins massaging his chest, which he is also unable to control anymore. However, when his hands begin to touch his dick in an attempt to make him lose control, he keeps preventing him from touching him. Suddenly, he punches him hard in the face, shoves him out of the car, and gets out of it himself. May was so furious that he punched him back, but the sun was too strong for him, and he struck his head on the front car, passing out sun looked around and noticed that they hadn't gone far and he noticed that his condo his not that far to where they are. Sun managed to escape through an alley and make it to his apartment. However, as soon as he stepped inside, the light went out. He looked around for his phone, but it was nowhere to be found and the elevator won't be working. He then went through the stairs but tripped and fell back.)

Sun: ahh I will make you pay for this May.

(Gem moved into the same apartment building as him, .) He went downstairs to investigate the sudden outage of light, but he was too afraid to go there and tried to go back to his room since he appeared afraid. The sun grabbed him by the back as soon as he opened the door, pushing him inside because he was too weak to resist. Gem feels extremely afraid.

Gem was about to turn on the light when the sun pushed him, causing the phone to fall out of his hand. Gem: Who are you and why do you push me like that? I did not even see your face. Sun tightly embraces Jew and begins kissing him.

As he tried to get up and run, he was pushed and fell, hitting his head on a table. Gem: Get off me, please, stop, do not do these. Sun restrains him and rips off his shirt.)

Gem: Please stop (screaming and crying for help).

Sun: I am sorry, but I just can not help it (he groans loudly). I was drugged, and now, ah, I can not control myself.

Gem: please plea ssse.. (crying out loud)

Sun: I'm sorry (he groans and moans)

(Gem pushes him down and runs to his room. As he tries to close the door, the sun pushes him down and inside. He puts his hand on his dick and starts rubbing it so hard that he moves closer to Gem where he falls. He carries him up and pushes him on the bed. He tries to stand, but the Sun holds him tightly. Sun kisses him from his mouth down to his neck, then he starts sucking on him from his neck. Gem tries to break free from his grasp, but he keeps trying to escape. He sobs so much that he loses his voice and feels like he is dying inside. He took off his pants and tried to insert his penis inside him, but it was difficult. Gem let out a painful cry. After realizing how hurt he is, the sun makes him bend and pushes his butt out by turning around and twisting his hand around his back. He moistened him with his tongue, dripping it, and then he gently pushed his dick in and out. He turned him back, laid on him, and gently thrust in, a little relieved, but unable to hold in, he started moving quickly inside him, causing a loud groan.

Gem: It hurts so much. (He cried out in excruciating pain, and attempts to pull him off him were ineffective.)

Sun: I'm so oo ry ( he moans).

Gem: No, no, nooo

(He moans and continues to push in and out while wiping his tears with his hand and kissing him. He moves faster and wilder, ignoring Gem's cries, and even tries to stop him from crying by covering Gem's mouth with his hand. He kept sucking, biting him on his neck down to his nipples, thrusting so wildly, and letting out a loud moan. After a few more minutes, he enters and rests before beginning again. He turns to face Gem, who is too helpless to fight back and just keeps crying and pleading as he uses force to knee him down. What happened to Sun could not let him listen to him, so he thrust in him again, perspiring profusely and continuing to go in and out until he came in him again. He did this twice more until Gem held him close and murmured something to him.

Gem: I am dying in here; I am in too much pain; please, please, please, please, please (he cried)

Sun: I'm sorry. (the way Gem whispers to Sun makes him calm down and free frees Getting off the bed, he puts on his pants and sits on the room's couch. The gem appears to be so exhausted and he covered his face with the blanket on his bed. However, a few minutes later, the sun began to heat up again, and he was at a loss for what to do. Subsequently, he pulled

off his pants and began massaging his dick, letting out a loud groan. Gem could hear him moan. Suddenly his voice calms and try to control himself. Gem appears terrified beneath the blanket, fearing that he will approach him once more. He hears his footsteps and freezes, then hears his voice.

Sun: I want to see your face, please. I am not doing anything to you. ( He tried to take off the blanket, but Gem held it so tight to not uncover him heard Gem sob, so he stopped. The light on the back and sun look around the room and see how he makes the room a mess he sees a third-year book but no name is written on it he faces back to where the gem is lying )

Sun: I am sorry, he apologizes could I please see your face? (He cried)

Gem: (gem could hear him) I do not want to see you or get to know you, so please leave me alone and get out of my room ( he sobbed).

Sun: I apologize; I tried my best, but I was drugged and lost control of myself. Please understand. (he tries explaining crying )

Gem: understand? (he chuckles) You disgust me, and I have no interest in seeing your face. It is better for me not to know you or for you to know me. Just get out of my room.

Sun: Please, please. I leave in this apartment I will come...(he cut him off from finishing his words)

Gem: Please leave; I'm begging you too i do not want to see you leave my room and please do not come back (crying)

Gem heard the sound of the door being locked as Sun left his room, so he knew he had already left. He tried to get up, but his back hurt so much that he had to get down from bed. He then went to the sitting room and locked the door. Returning to his room, he was startled when the light abruptly went out once more. He started crying and screaming out of fear. When the light turned back on, he calmed down and managed to go take a bath in the bathroom. He returned to his room and passed out after crying and washing his body excessively. With the light still on, Sun made his way back to his room, opened the door, and sat down on the floor, sobbing over his actions. All of a sudden, he heard a knock on his door. He got up, cleaned his face, and went to open it.

Night: Hey, are you okay? We have been looking all over the city for you.

Sun, come in and stop talking.

Night: Hey, you look too cold, and your eyes seem red. What happened to you?

Sun: shut the door.

Night: And how do you escape from that psycho who drugged and kidnapped you?

Sun: I know that I beat him up to get away from him, and after he passed out next to the car, I did something horrible in my dorm.

Night: "Oh you hit him and he passed out, wow, he will not dare next time." What? What do you mean, you did something terrible, he died?

Sun: No, it is not him.

Night: so who?

Sun: I rape him. (He started crying.)

Night: rape? What are you trying to say?

Sun: so someone (crying)

Night: who is it?

Sun: I do not know him, but he is my new neighbor.

Night: then, tell me what happened and stop weeping.

Sun: I rape him he he's too innocent

Night: how come?

Sun: He may have drugged me, but even so, I can control myself around him. Why not him? Why must I lose control of him?

Night: How did that happen? Did he enter your room? How could you have forced him?

Sun: Not at all I went to his room.

Night: how do you enter his room?

Sun: Upon returning, the light abruptly went out. I then ascended the stairs and fell back. I believe he also comes out when the light goes out, but I am not sure why I just ran to him and shoved him down skin is so smooth and he is too delicate for me to control. And then I raped him because I am a rapist.

Night: Now, what will you do with that bastard who drugged you and even dared to kidnap you?

Sun: "Fuck, I have no idea what to do." He covered his face, preventing me from seeing him and preventing him from seeing me.

Night: What? Did you miss seeing his face?

Sun: Yes, he asked me to leave.

Night: what?

Sun: I ruined his life. Tell me how he could leave. I was standing outside his door when I heard him cry so hard when I left. I am not sure how to handle that.

Night: Oh my God!

Sun: He is a third-year senior high school student, as I noticed from looking at his textbook.

Night: No worries, we will figure out how to plead with him.

Sun: you mentioned begging him? And even though you think he will forgive me-he smiles pitifully-he won't. Do not you get that I raped him four times in one night-not once, not twice, but four times. I destroyed him; I destroyed his life. Have stolen someone is joyous night, he sobbed.

Night: stop crying; it is not your fault.

Sun: If it is not my fault, then who is at fault?

Night: May is to blame for drugging you.

Sun: I am aware that he did, but my actions were worse than his.

Night: quit blaming yourself.

Sun: Even if he is scared to sue me for people knowing what happened to him, he would never be able to forgive me (he sobbed until he fell asleep and spent the night with him).

Early in the following morning.

(They both wake up and leave for the gem room when they reach there they knock and get no reply so they think something has happened to him)

Sun: last night he got a fever but I managed to take care of him till he cooled down

Night: really?

Sun: yes, I hope something didn't happen to him or did he

Night: did he what

Sun: he (he starts kicking the door till it opens they both rush in sun runs to the bedroom and sees he already moved out his clothes are not there in the room the way he left them)

Night: he moved out.

Sun: yes he did. he must have been so scared and taught I would come back to hurt him again he can never forgive me never

(They both went out and locked the door)

Night: let me be going I will ask someone to fix the door back for you just go back and rest

Sun: ok thanks.

Night: bye-bye don't think too much about it.

Sun: umm. All I know about him is his voice, he thought to himself. (He returned to his room, and took an alcohol bottle.) Sitting on the couch in his sitting room, he sobbed.

(night, call his friends outside the building to let them know he is already back in his condo and to stop looking for him. Summer picked up the phone after two rings.

Summer: Have you found him yet? How come you did not answer my calls or give me a callback?

Night: My phone is on silent mode, so I did not know you had called. And for not calling you, I was too busy to do so when I found Sun, he's is somehow...

Summer: he's what? What happens to him? He's he okay

Night: yes, he is just a little rough. I think he fought with May badly last night, which makes him so rough and tired, nothing to worry about (he lied).

Summer: He indeed managed to get away from him. We noticed May lying down next to his car, so Mart had to wake him up and inquire about Sun. However, he kept saying that Sun would only belong to him before he started laughing hysterically. We saw Sun's phone too; it is with me at the moment. Are you sure there is nothing wrong with Sun? May claimed that having sex is the only thing keeping him alive.

Night: he takes care of himself before I get to him, so you do not have to worry about that.

Summer: Do you think he can make it to class today?

Night: No, he is taking a day off and is too tired to do that, so he can't.

Summer: okay, I'm just asking. Are you certain that he is in perfect health?

Night: yes, he's okay. Is Mart with you there?

Summer: No, he left his car with me and departed with May.

Night: why?

Summer: He's busy arguing with May and left with him. I hope that they will be saved.

Night: I hope so. Okay bye (he hung up the call.)

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