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A 13 year old girl enters a ride. The carousel a guy makes a joke about how she’s to old to ride a older man overhears he gets angry and well. Read to find out how the happiest place on earth the lemony park on berry avenue turns to the deadliest.

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“C’mon autumn just have a little fun.”

I do not remember much from that night. Just the horrific events that took place. It was traumatizing. The carousel…

June 10th, 1899 (the night that changes my life forever.)

As a child everyone loved theme parks. There’s not one bad thing about them. Or so I thought. I was 13, Fighting my own demons and one day I headed to the carousel. At the lemony theme park on berry avenue. Everyone stopped and headed in different directions I stayed with my mother and sighed. “I don’t wanna ride anything mother let’s just go home!” “Come on autumn do something fun for once. You have been so distant from me lately let me do this for you.” “Fine.” I regret that decision. My mother a 29-year-old with two kids who are me and my 2-year-old sister Clara. My mom is named Melissa. She headed to the restrooms. My sister followed with her little stroller. She had put her dolly in the stroller to stroll. “Autumn, get some tickets and go on a ride Kay? I want you to have some fun, okay?” “Alright.” I head around the park and every ride line is filled with people except the carousel. Of course I sigh. I look closer there’s hundreds of kids aloud on at once, so I just went. I was the one of the older kids ridding but what did I care, there is lots of kids older who would ride right? Anyway, I gave them my ticket and head on. I went on a horse that goes up and down the others do not. I lay the seatbelt over my thigh and tie it tight. The worker goes around checking everyone’s tie. He looks me in the eye. “You’re a little to old to ride the horse.” My age often gets misinterpreted. “I’m 13.” His face looked shocked. “You look like your 18 about to graduate college.” He said sarcastically he was obviously saying this to everyone because I do look my age maybe even a bit younger. I laughed. “Your fine then. Sorry for the inconvenience.” “No, it’s okay I often get misunderstood.” I sarcastically say back. An older guy carries his kid and lays them on a horse that goes up and down right next to me. He sees me and goes crazy. “You’re a bit to old for the horsies don’t you think?” “I’m 13!” I yell loudly. He flinches. “That’s no way to talk to your elders!” “So, leave me alone.” The ride soon begins. The guy goes reaching in his pocket. And smiles. Takes out a gun and laughs. All the kid's parents come running. Some parents running without their kids not even caring about their kid on the ride. He looks at me and aims for my arm. “I know your 13 but do you have a boyfriend?” “What?” I get very anxious. “Yes!” I lie about. “Really.” His expression changes he looks mad. He shoots. Blood is everywhere. I fall to the ground. The buckle does not save me from falling. “AHHHH” Everything thing goes dark. I hear screaming and yelling and crying. I felt arms carry me up and that’s all I remember.

2 hours later I wake up in a house crowded with boxes. There’s a white truck outside. A man is filling up that truck with boxes. He looks over at me. I quickly close my eyes. I pretend to still be out. When I was up I saw a rope wrapped around my arm to stop the bleeding. I hear footsteps rushing toward me. He lifts me up, and places me down on some uncomfortable place. Where am I. I soon realize it’s a vehicle. It’s probably the white van. I think to myself. I open my eyes slight to see if I’m alone. I am. I open them and look around. The truck has a bar! I can push it up, and I can get out of here. I soon start to realize my arms are to weak. I hear sirens in the back. I soon start to get a little hope. But that all went away the sirens kept getting farther and farther. I would’ve screamed but what if he heard me. I had to stay quiet. The truck soon stops. I close my eyes yet again. I realize my eyes aren’t completely closed. He takes a pill and gives it to me. “Take it or you’re dead.” Just that nothing else. His dark brown eyes scared me. I took it and fell to asleep. I wake up on a bed. No one’s here. The doors open. I suppose he’s out there maybe smoking perhaps. I look out the one window in the room. I open the curtain slight. What’s that? He’s holding a 3 year old in his hand and says “She’s about 300$ no refunds no discounts.” What the fuck! I soon realize he’s selling us to modeling agencies do they even care we’re kidnapped? “She’s born for the camera!” A guy holding a red cheery blossom lipstick yells. “Is the girl gonna wake?” Wait what? I soon realize a girls behind me. “Who are you?” “I’m willow. I’ve been here since yesterday, and he says im to ugly and no one would want me so he doesn’t sell me I stay here. But that’s his fault! He shot me I the face so I look like a goofy goober now. Anyway you’re really pretty.” “Aw thanks. Also even with that scar you’re still beautiful. Is he actually gonna sell us?” “Yup. Well you.” I look back out the window. They take the 3 year old and put her in a truck. And soon ask- “Do you have any older kids? Maybe aged 13?” “No I don’t- wait yes I do actually.” “So what’s your name?” Willow asked.” “Autumn, also what did he say I couldn’t hear.” “I didn’t either your so beautiful your name matches your gorgeous face.” Her eyes turn dark. “I’ll never be back with my family even if I do I’m not sure they’d want me with the huge scar on my face.” “Hey don’t say that! You’re beautiful.” “Yeah Okay I guess. So what’s your age?” “I’m 13. You?” “13 to!” The man comes in and sees were both awake and talking he looks angry. “Autumn you’re leaving.” “To where?” “It doesn’t matter.” “I don’t want to!” His expression changed. “What did you say to me?” He went up to me and grabbed me and carried me outside. “Get off of me!” “Be quiet or I’ll shoot!” When we reached outside he lowered me to the ground. “Wow, she’s gorgeous!” The man said working for the agency. “Extra gorgeous means extra money.” “$1000?” Said the guy. I kept quiet. “$3000.” “Deal.” They shook hands and the man left. “Get in the van.” Said the guy who worked for the agency. I refused. “No! Can’t you see? This is not okay! And even if It was okay I have a shot in my arm how will I even do photo shoots?” “We have onscreen medics.” “The answers still no.” “You have five seconds.” 5. 4. 3. 2. 1. He comes up to me and tosses me in the truck my friend from inside watches from afar in the curtains. She cries. “No don’t take her to! You already took my sister don’t take her to please!” She sobs. The van pulls out the driveway but when he sees willow he stops. “What an extraordinary girl. She’d be perfect if she hadn’t have had the scar. He walks out the van. Willow runs out. “Get in.” Willow comes in the van and we hug. It’s not soon until the man walks out. “Hey! What are you doing you only paid for autumn!” “Friends and family discount!” He yells. “And the scar." He drives away. I lay my head on willows shoulder. “I’m scared I mumble.” “I know me too.” “We’ll be okay.” I fall asleep. The car takes a stop.

Oh boy.

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