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Han is a really bad detective,but something chances when he see a mysterious "person" killing he husband,Lee Minho. Han need to be strong and fight for his life. "Who are you?" Is the only answer he need,and the motivation come when he think Minho can be alive...

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Only one...

Jisung walked fast,he had a lot of things to make at his job. The sweat in his body are getting more hot and annoying him.

When Han finnaly arrived at his Office,the detectives look at him like he is only one who dont deserves be in the meeting. But Han just sit and listen to all of the stuffs he hate:

"We need to improve!"

is Everything his boss said. Han really spent all his freacking time on the cases,but no!The whole thing is "horrible"!

In that day,Han just go to home felling like an idiot for work so much for nothing.


Han open the door and search from his boyfriend,who was making the food.


Minho hit back and Han hug him back. Minho look from the quokka eyes of Han and smile like a kid.

—Are you okay? You look tired...

—Is the work!

Han breath deeper and hold Minho.

—Go take a shower,just eat and have a good night of sleep.

—No! Shower no...

Minho and Han start an "tongue-fu" battle about the bath.

—Today is the day!I fell it.

Say Han when Minho tied his tie,Minho look for his boyfriend and kiss him pacefully.

—Good luck...When you back to home tonight...you will need to be strong.

—What are you saying?

—Promise,youneedbe strong.

—Why? Don't act like this..You are scaring me.


—Okay-dokey,i promise...

So Minho look down,whit tears in his shining eyes.

—I loved you..

—"Loved"? Minho stop. This might like you are braking up whit me!

—No,never! Now..go,please.

Han just get him past and go to his job whit a palid face. Minho really act like he was die and this is Han's fault...The goosebumps dont stop when Han finally arrived in his job.

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