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Amara de Rossi witnesses her parents' murder by the Mafia, vowing to make their killers pay. To fulfill her promise, she infiltrates the gang responsible. Meanwhile, Damiano Bendetti, set to become the Caruso gang's leader, seeks a life partner. Unaware of Amara's mission, Damiano is drawn to her, convinced she's the one. As their paths intertwine, love and revenge collide in a gritty world of crime, testing the limits of loyalty. Will their connection withstand the chaos, or will the past dictate a tragic end? In a tale of love and danger, the stage is set for a gripping journey through the criminal underworld.

Romance Suspense romantique Interdit aux moins de 18 ans.

#mystery #guns #hot #mafia #family #smut #undercover #femalelead #loverstoenemies #killings
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I waited for a decade to finally set my plan in motion. The meticulous preparations I undertook will undoubtedly cast me in a favorable light before Franco Caruso. He is the leader of one of the five gangs known as La Casa Nostra. There's something he possesses that I desire—an individual I am determined to eliminate.

My recollections of my parents link them to the Mafia. Witnessing their demise at the age of seven, huddled beneath the bed, has left indelible nightmares from that fateful night. Now, I am resolved to fulfill the vow I made to myself. Revenge, I believe, will taste sweet, perhaps granting me the peace of mind I've sought for so long.

My steps trace circles around the table, an inconspicuous round table in a dimly lit basement. Neatly arranged boxes line one side of the room. The flickering light has interrupted the room for the tenth time since our arrival—an hour ago.

"They should be here any moment," Terzo, my accomplice and best friend, remarks, glancing at the clock on his wrist. I pause briefly, observing him. He appears calm, as I should be. A palpable tension grips me, and a fire ignites within. The realization that I'm about to confront that killer induces both excitement and anticipation that may transform into deep-seated hatred upon meeting him.

"Yeah," I respond, my voice calm as I settle into one of the chairs around the table.

I close my eyes, but Terzo seems insistent on saying more.

"You have to give your best acting, Amy," he advises. I release a short laugh. As if I don't know that. The use of my nickname when he's in a good mood relaxes me. He must be anticipating this moment as much as I am.

"I will give my best; you have to watch me carefully," I say, looking at him, a wink provoking a scoff from him.

We've known each other since childhood, having escaped the orphanage together. Eating together, and sleeping side by side in this basement, we've shared many experiences. Although, I wonder if we will emerge alive from what we are about to undertake.

My plan revolves around infiltrating the gang and becoming a made man. However, to be a made man is required a recommendation, and neither of us has it. So, we devised a plan to attract their attention and demonstrate our worth.

I survey the boxes, multiplying over the years from the numerous trucks we've intercepted. Today, I hope they will save us.

The door slams, hitting the floor. Armed men enter the basement. Terzo stands up, positioning himself in front of me as I rise from my seat. They aim their guns at us.

God, my heart is pounding too fast. I hope my plan works. Please, God, help us.

As I pray, three other men stride in. Terzo stiffens. One of them, with brownish hair styled back and black sunglasses covering his eyes, draws a cigarette between his lips. The tattoo on his neck sends a shiver down my spine—the rose. His fingers grip a gun, and the rings on his fingers evoke memories of the past. Despite the gangster aura, the suit makes him appear as a typical Mafia consigliere.

I bite my lips, realizing it's time to act. If I let myself loose, I'll ruin everything.

The other two men glance around. From my knowledge, the older one is Franco Caruso, the boss. He, too, is in a suit but exudes more danger, his eyes fixed on me. A well-trimmed beard complements his coal-black hair cascading in waves toward the back of his head.

The last man, unfamiliar to me, has green eyes that stare at me. His short hair resembles Franco's.

"What do we have here? The teens that messed up with our loans. Is that your girlfriend?" The man I despise steps forward, tilting his head. I make eye contact with him—cold but playful, a mixed feeling I detest.

Terzo remains unmovable like a stone. I know he's trying to protect me, but we need to talk to survive. And I am the one who talks between the two of us.

"Welcome!" With a fake smile, I step ahead and stretch my hand. Here we go.

"Meaning?" The man frowns as if I ruined his fun. I know he enjoys instilling fear and seeing the terror in people's eyes.

"Meaning I did everything on purpose. Let's take a seat!" I glance at the other man and stretch my hand towards the table, opening the briefcase. All the money I took is right in front of their eyes, though they don't seem fazed much.

"Who the hell borrows $23,000 and gives it back, 'on purpose'?" The man frowns, clearly unconvinced. Well, I won't either, given that I didn't explain everything.

"Calm down, Marco. Let's hear her out. Drop your guns, boys!" Franco signals, and the two soldiers, as gang members are called, holster their guns.

I exhale. At least one is reasonable. Nothing like that sadistic crazed maniac looking for people to crush under his thumb. Terzo puts his gun under his jacket and observes the men.

After we're all seated, the boss speaks in a calm voice, "So, what was the reason for almost bankrupting us?" His words are an obvious lie. I know that a mere $23,000 is not even a small fraction of their treasury. Although I did borrow a large sum compared to other customers, I made sure to do it. This way, they won't ever let me go uncaught. It seems that I was right.

"I am deeply sorry, Boss. My wish was only to catch your attention." I smile and bow my head a little.

"You sure did, girl. What's your name?" Franco observes me, and I sigh. In his mind, it's probably, 'Why is a small girl like her interested in getting my attention? 'I was understated based on my appearance all my life. But what does my height has to do with my abilities ? I got brain more then all those buff guys . Or I hope so ….

"My name is Amara Morelli."

"What about you?" The Boss shifts his eyes to Terzo, who sits next to me like a bodyguard.

"Terzo Amato." He is as brief as usual. But I can see in his eyes that he wants to say more.

"Now that I know who I am talking to, Amara… what was the reason behind all of this? As you can see, we came prepared to wipe you guys off the earth. You better give me a good reason not to do it. I am listening." The man's low voice sends a chill down my back, and his eyes show no hint of mercy. If sitting in front of a devil makes you tremble with fear, then he sure is the devil, given how my legs are trembling under the table.

After inhaling shortly, I know I have to give an explanation.

"We want to be part of the mafia. I know we can't be part of it since we don't have anyone to recommend us, so I had to do something. It's a waste to be just associates when we can prove to be of more use than that."

"What makes you say that?" Franco crosses his arms and looks at me seriously. The other men silently watch me and Franco talk.

After explaining to him that we are a good team and that's how we live our lives, from killing and stealing, I point at the boxes.

"All the boxes you see are drugs we collected. The source is not part of your gang's, of course. I want to give it to you, as a gift. It was a pleasure meeting you. It's not a problem if you don't want to take us as recruits. At least we tried."

Marco stands up and checks the first box he puts his hands on. Terzo is watching him closely.

"Boss… this is of fine quality." After the man I despise confirms the quality of our drugs, Franco smirks at me.

"Aren't you a brave girl? And the boy seems to be useful too." He glances at Damiano sitting near him. I never understood what's his deal. The entire time he stares at me without a care. I hope I didn't draw the wrong kind of attention to myself.

"What do you think, Damiano? There are at least thirty boxes. I will leave the decision to you."I look at the boy who seems to be older than me with a few more years. Is my life, my plan, going to lay in his hands? Really?!

I start to regret my ignorance towards him. Maybe I should have considered him too. But who was he? My informant didn't tell me that Franco was having a second consigliere. Or was he his son?

My mind is buzzing. I should have been able to predict this. If all my plans fail because of this… I will kill him and Marco without remorse, and I will be down with it right now. I will not spend another ten years planning. This is most likely our only chance anyway.

"Everyone should have a chance in life. If that's what she wants, then she has the chance to prove it. However, I don't think she has the guts to kill anyone." His words fill the room, and I gulp. I will kill… eventually.

I swear I saw him giving me one sweet eye. Damn it!

"Good then. It's settled. Nicolas, take them to the apartment."

I want to breathe in relief, but I hold it until we are in the car. Nicolas, one of the men crushing our door, is sitting in the front seat, starting the engine.

The plan seems to work for now. Terzo gives me a small smile, and Nicolas looks in the rear-view mirror at us. I sense from his face that he is done with recruits.

"What is with that apartment?" I can't keep my mouth shut when I know I have to plan things based on what info he gives me. I can't just leap into the apartment without knowing anything. Till we arrive, I will milk this guy for information.

Terzo lays with his head on the seat and closes his eyes. Yeah, he has to kill and use his computer skills; talking will never be his part.

I roll my eyes and wait for the reply.

"It's an apartment for recruits. We give free rent to recruits that we know for a lifetime. Unlike the two of you. But I guess Damiano knows what's best. You proved worthy…" I feel proud a little by his words. He doesn't seem to be a guy that compliments a lot.

"Are there many recruits?"

"You will see…" Nicolas is turning the steering wheel with one hand, and his masculine serious face is glancing in the mirror as I frown.

"Can't you tell me more?" I don't sense danger from him, so… it's worth pestering if he doesn't kill me.

"Can I drive in peace? I will get white hair with you in my team…" I don't argue with that.

"Is it another team?" I continue my interviewing.

"…" He ignores me, and I lay back on the seat, giving up before he shows his gun.

Terzo turns and opens his eyes. "Relax…"

As if I could… But I will probably have to.

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