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In a world of peace, one can expect an unfortunate outcome. . . Gojo Satoru, revived and free, found love and a family in the cities of Japan. However, is the family truly safe from the dreaded curses and taunting spirits that haunt them? From a happy plot to a twisting hate, journey with Ebony, Hotaru, and others as they embark on the adventure of war, on someone they thought they could trust. . .

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Ebony (one year, past tense)-

Rain hailed down on the roof, thundering through the walls like thousands of little bullets being fired at a constant rate. Ebony paced by the door, watching the water run down its glass frame. She was impatient.

Digging in the pocket of her uniform, she pulled out her phone and dialed a number. Pick up, pick up, pick up. . . Ebony’s mind raced, desperate and annoyed. The phone dialed twice more before they answered.


“Where are you? You said you’d be here at 6 sharp, it’s 6:45!” Ebony scoffed.

A sigh sounded on the other side of the phone. “Traffic’s a bit much, sorry. I promise I’ll be home soon.”

Ebony nodded to herself. “Okay, because there’s something you need to see. . .”

“Wha-” The power went off at that moment, cutting the call. Ebony’s face fell as her eyes adjusted to the darkness, and she guided herself to a portable lantern across the house. A figure rushed out from the shadows and clung to her leg, stunning her for a second or less. Her gaze softened.

“Hey, Hotaru.” She turned her head downwards to address the tiny child hugging her leg tightly. He looked up at her with round eyes, their blue/gray hue flashing in the lights of the lantern. Ebony chuckled and ruffled his brown hair, streaked with white strands. “Everything's fine, baby, the storm must have just struck a power-line.”

Hotaru, Ebony’s 2-year-old son, darted his eyes around the darkness that surrounded them, jumping whenever the thunder boomed outside and rattled the windows. Ebony turned back towards the door. “Where is your father. . .”

“Da-ddy?” Hotaru stuttered, looking up at his mother. Ebony looked back and nodded.

“Yes, daddy. You’re gonna finally meet your daddy.”

There was a knock at the door, accompanied by the occasional flash of thunder. Ebony dragged herself and a clingy Hotaru over to the front of the house and opened the door. And there he stood, wet with rain but all the happier.

“Hey, love.” Gojo smiled joyfully through his droplet-stained glasses.

Ebony ushered him inside. “Come on in, it’s soaking wet outside. Dry off while you can.” Gojo gratefully accepted the offer and stepped inside the dark house, carefully avoiding the fact that he might have created unwanted puddles of water.

“Sorry I’ve been gone for so long, life hasn’t been the easiest down in Tokyo.” Gojo muttered, pulling Ebony into an embrace. He didn’t seem to notice the tiny pair of eyes watching him in awe. . .

“It’s fine,” Ebony sighed, “but there’s something you need to know.” Gojo’s blue gaze perked up suddenly as he gazed at her.

“And what might that be?”

Ebony stepped aside and held the lantern at waist height. Gojo turned his eyes to rest on the figure of a small child. His small child.

“I-is that. . .?” He breathed, looking at Hotaru in disbelief. Ebony nodded, her eyes soft, yet embedded with sleep deprivation. It had been a long few years of her life, raising this child all alone, not to mention she was only 18.

“So you’re saying. . .”, Gojo whispered, not taking his gaze off Hotaru, “that you raised our child, alone, for three years straight?” Then he turned to Ebony, finally taking it all upon realization. She nodded again, somewhat speechless as Hotaru looked longingly up at his never-seen-before father. Gojo spoke again, angling his hands towards his son. “May I hold him. . .?”

After a third silent nod from his mother, tears staining her eyes, Hotaru was swept into Gojo’s arms. Squealing, he giggled as he was lifted up off the ground and snuggled into his father’s arms. Gojo felt something inside of him completely emerge, he’s never felt like this before, it was almost like he wanted to keep this new thing he just met safe from anything that possesses danger. And it wasn’t at all a bad feeling.

“What’s his name?” Gojo whispered, holding his child close to his chest, swaying slightly in a comforting motion.

“Hotaru. Like the light in the darkness, Hotaru.” Ebony whispered back, her gaze soft as tears silently streamed down her face. It wasn’t much to make someone her age cry.

Gojo smiled. “That’s such a pretty name.” He carefully glided towards her and wrapped his arms around the two in a gentle embrace. “It fits perfectly.”

Ebony smiled, burying her face into Hotaru as he giggled again, enjoying the attention. Life seemed perfect. . . almost.

(Author’s Note: yes, this is Gojo from Jujustu Kaisen, I’m so sorry 😭)

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