Tetsu Love

A young girl named, Selena, finds herself dancing in a club with her soon-to-be stepbrother. She ends up in a horrid position. She doesn’t know how to communicate the idea that she had a sexual dance with her stepbrother the week before her mother’s proposal of being married. Not only did she dance with her stepbrother, but she even had sex with him. Now, Selena is stuck with her dance partner in a house with her stepfather and mother without knowing what to do with herself. As the endless days continue in this strange family, she soon finds out some secrets about her stepbrother and stepfather along with herself. Will she escape her fate or face it?

Érotique Interdit aux moins de 21 ans.

#romance #drama #life #drugs #sexual # #stepbrother #cursing
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The Dirty Dance

Selena walks into the bar, she was dressed in a tight black short dress showing off her curves. She had long black hair that was curled. She was prepared for a good night out. Her freinds had suggested this bar, but she seemed unsure about it. The sound of her heels echoed as she walked, making heads turn. She takes a seat at the bar waving over a bartender.

"Hello, is is possible to get a Vodka Gimlet?" Selena spoke softly towards the bartender. Her green eyes tracing the bartender's features. She didn't seem to mind the way he looked. Her eyes slowly moved up to look to the bartender's eyes.

"Yes ma'am. Oh by the way, is that man over there who you are meeting with?" The bartender speaks quietly as he nods towards a man sitting down on a bar couch looking towards them. The bartender then looks over at Selena. He glances towards the vodka as he starts mixing the liquids to make her drink.

Selena looks over towards the man sitting on the couch. She notices his muscular body. She blushes softly as she then looks away. "No, I did not. Do you think he is interested in me?" She leans against the bar top, her eyes looking at the bartender curiously.

The bartender then slides her drink towards her. "Well, maybe he is. I can tell because he's around here a lot. I will warn you, once your with him. He'll steal you to a hotel." The bartender gives heer a nervous and concerned look while speaking.

Selena chuckles softly. "Oh don't worry, I've been with multiple men. He's no match to me." She stands and leaves her money on the bar top. She takes her drink as she walks towards the man on the couch. Her eyes looking towards his. She walks towards him and takes a seat next to him. She looks at his eyes then away as she sips her drink.

The man leans and whispers seductively into her ear, "Madam, you're in for a long night." His arm moves to place along her shoulder. He looks down as he watches her drink. A smirk crossed his lips as his eyes follow her every movement.

Selena looks up towards him. Her green eyes staring into his blue ones. She shifts, moving her legs to cross. "Darling, if you want to dance, we shall dance." She matches his smirk. She takes a long sip as she finishes her drink tapping it onto the table. She then stands as she reaches her hand out towards him. Inviting him to dance with her.

The man smirks more. His blue eyes staring towards hers. He finishes his drink and puts it down. He takes her hand and pulls her by her waist. He then takes her towards the dance floor. "Well, let's see where tonight carries us."

The music starts playing, 'Hard Love'. The music was sexual and dirty. The fact the two of them had drinks made the urge more irresistable. They took each other in their arms and started to dance. Their bodies would collide with each other as they would dance. His hands roaming her body, she was swaying her hips and moving her body against his. She moved to turn around as his hand touched below her belly button to press her ass against his bulge.

He whispers into her ear, "Baby girl, you are turning me on with your sexy movements." His voice was low and seductive. It would make a woman shiver down her spine.

Selena stops dancing as she presses her back against his chest. "Well, how can I not make you when you press my damn ass against you." She smirks as she turns around to look up at his eyes.

He looks down at her. He bites his lip before lowering his voice further. "Baby girl, let me take you to my bed. I can show you a far better time. If you allow me?" He looks into Selena's eyes, his own sparkling with lust. He then smirks wide as he sees her nodding her head.

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