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(WARNING THIS STORY IS KIND OF CRINGE) Description: In this fan fiction your parents are not getting along well. You decide to go to sleep one night and you wake up in a new universe! You must’ve isekaied there. Where on earth are you and what is going on?! You see a blonde-headed boy peer above you and he saves you. He heals you and he brings you home. (And he’s extremely hot too!) His name is Kagamine Len and he is here to love you. Find out more in this story today! (PS: I am TRYING to keep this story somewhat wholesome)

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W-Where am I?

When were a little girl, you were obsessed with fairy tails and dragons.

You could even say you were over obsessed.

But now, you're obsessed with video games and anime.

Now, you spend you days writing fanfiction...Silly, right?

Well, that's atleast what your parents think.

Your parents are also getting into a lot of fights with one another lately...

This really bugs you because you want you're family to be one big happy family.

One that also dosen't judge one another...Anyway, let's get into the story, shall we!

You were sitting on your desk chaie half alseep when your phone rang. You picked up the phone.


"Hey hun, you need to get you're homework and you're singing practice done by 7:30 PM tonight."

It was your mom.

*you sighed*, "Okay mom."

You hung up the phone imediently without telling your mom goodbye or letting her say goodbye.

she immediantly called you back and made you aplogize to her.

"I hate chores so much! God!" You yelled. Your mom must'veheard you yelling because she marched right upstairs and yelled at you.

She got all up in your face and even told you to go to bed and wipe off the toxicness.

Now, that's something a southern mom would say.

Speaking of that, once you made a fake Facebook account and pretended to be a southern mom. Man, the good ol' times. Am I right?

Anyway, you were being a good girl, so you went to bed and soon enough you dozed off to sleep.

It was a bit uncomphy because you still had your school skirt and polo on, but you got used to it. You drempt about finally having collected all the anime figures you wanted.

It's all a girl could ever dream.

Around 5:47 PM you woke up in a deep sweat.

You woke up in a strange and weird place, one you didn't recognize.

"Where the hell am I?!" You exclaimed.

Your eyes opened and closed, examining the unfilmilar place.

"Wait, am I in the backrooms? Hell naw! I am not doing this sh*t today!"

You frantically looked around, stillon the cold, hard ground. When suddenly, a little head peered into your veiw. You were so frightened you almost started to cry.

Tears of fear began forming on your eyelids when the figure said, "Hey, don't cry. It'll be alright."

You looked up again and saw a blonde-headed boy around your age staring back at you.

He was patting your head aqwardly, but it brought you slight comfort.

You were bright red because the fact that he was touching you.

He must've noticed because he immdiantly took his hands off your head.

"oh, sorry...I didn't mean to make you uncompterable." He said, blushing. "Anyway, i'm Len. I saw you fall from the sky, you must have iskeaied here. Are you okay?"

You looked up.

"Yeah, i'm alright."

"Can you stand up?"

You tried to stand up, but you felt a sharp pain in your leg.

Your eyes squinted.

"You're leg must've broken from the fall." Len said, picking you up. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah, i'm alright. Just tell me what the hell is going on here."

"Well, isekaied means you telaported here from a diffrent world.Usally, that means you had a interference with another charater in the world you are going to be in. Sometimes in a dream or even out of a computer screen. Sometimes in sekai's you can transport home. I think you can do that here, but you need to get to know everyone in the sekai first. Please don't go though." Len explained.

Wow. That's a lot of information to take in." You said.

Len looked down at your leg.

"Oh, right. You must have broken your leg. I'll hurry up and get you to the hospital." Len said, picking you up again.

He rushed to his car and placed you inside.

The engine started and the we took off. We fell into convorsation on the way there.

"So, how old are you Len?" I asked.

"14. How about you?"

"I'm 14 too! Do you do any activites? such as sports, sing or even play instruments."

"Well, I sing, play the gitaur, keyboard, keytar, piano, drums, and clarinet. I also like to cook, I don't tell that to a lot of people, but I trust you. Most people think it's girly and all, but I actually find it quite fun. What do you do? Oh, and what's your name?"

"Well, to start off, my name is (Insert name here). I play the clarinet, piano, keyboard, gitaur, ocarina and bamboo flute! I don't really like to cook, but I do it ocasionally. Also, I sing as well." You said.

Len smiled.

"Very cute name. Maybe we can have some fun together playing instruments and singing at my place. Also, you can barrow some of my clothes. I know that people who isekai here don't have much because there not really prepared."

I smiled and said, "okay."

"Before we go have fun though," Len began, "We gotta fix you up."

"What about going to the hospital? what happened to that?" I asked.

"Well, I just remembered that I had a wish drop with me on hand. So, we're going to use that if that's fine with you."

"Yeah, it's fine with me as long as it won't take too long."

"It won't. Don't worry."

Len pulled out a large bandaid, stitching accessories and some magixal potion (the wish drop.)

"Are you sure you want to use that? It seems important. Plus, wishes are one of a kind, and you only get one usally." you explained.

"You see, you can buy wish drops here with show points. You only need 5000 show point to buy one. It seems like a lot of show points, but it's actually not a lot. You can get 600 show points almost everytime you play a song. But, you can't play a lot of songs at once or else it will max out. And you can also play a challange show, which you can get 1600 show points or even more from that! Anyway, I wouldn't mind spending them on you because your lovely."

You smiled, "Wow. I've never heard someone say that about me before. You know, I grew up in a poor and abusive household, until I was five, when my parents divorced. I lived with my mom and she's still single to this day. I didn't know it back then, but my dad was abusing and neglecting me . It's really sad because I used to look up to him. We can talk about that later though."

"Damn. I didn't know that was going on. I'm sorry to hear that. But, your right we shouls talk about that later."

Len then picked up the wish drop and said, "I wish for (insert name) to get better.

And just like that you were healed.

Your eyes glistened like the pure summer air.

You stood up and tried to walk, and you could!

You raced twords Len and hugged him as tight as you could.

His arms grasped around you and his little hands patted your head.

He stroked his fingers down your hair, as tears rolled down your cheeks.

"I've never had someone in my life care for me that much and give something up as presious as a wish." You said, digging your face into his chest.

Len blushed a bit, but quickly settled down after a bit.

I didn't know if it was the digging my face into his chest or if it was the words I said, but he bursted out crying as I conforted him, wiping his tears on my jacket.

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