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Clara was home all alone. She felt there was a difference in facing her day-to-day happenings. She was completely disturbed by her haunting thoughts. She was trying her best not to get lost in her dreadful thoughts hoping and expecting the arrival of her family sooner. The story is all about the thoughts that were daunting to her and not making her hook on reality and how she managed to face the tough situation.

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The Fear Of The Dark

- - - The Fear Of The Dark - - -

Clara walked into the living room and was waiting there to bid adieu to her family. They were busy getting ready for the final moments hurrying up to attend a family function. Her mom was telling her to have the dinner at proper time and advised her to sleep soon. She said that she would call her by the time she arrived home.

After sending off everyone, Clara locked the front door, the one noted for its sturdiness that was enough to get jammed often. She thought she should check if she could open it again easily. But, the door was tightly jammed. It was rather tough to open it on the first attempt. With great exertion, she struggled to unbolt it, the weight and resistance of the door feeling like an insurmountable obstacle. At last, she succeeded with all her might and opened it with a loud creak. When she heard the loud creak, the door of the bedroom was slammed to close by itself. She was climbing the stairs up to lock her bedroom following the main door.

As Clara entered the bedroom, she had the idea of taking her novel deciding to continue reading it till her family returned back. So, she stepped into her room and reached out for the shelf where she had kept her book. She opened the page from where she had to continue. Her bookmark flew away beneath the cot. She knelt and tried to reach for the bookmark. She was not able to reach it from the side, she was trying from. So, She tried from the other side of her cot and succeeded in picking it up with her hands. She cried out aloud that she struck her head against the bottom rail trying to come out of the cot. She rubbed her head with her palm where she hit herself. She stared at the mirror trying to look at the back of her head from either side but in vain. She finally decided to move on taking the bookmark from her bed. But, it wasn't there where she kept it. It again flew to the edge of her bed. She thought she would better switch the fan off. Taking her book with the bookmark, she walked out of her bedroom.

As she ended up weary and teary, Clara wiped her face off pulling the towel rested on her shoulders and turned to move on. She felt the relief wash over her, only to abruptly feel a sudden jerk pulling her back. Panic gripped her and hooked her in the same place for a few seconds. She couldn't help but feel a lingering unease at the fear that had momentarily consumed her. Upon turning back at the door, she realized her hair strands got entangled in the door knob. She carefully untangled her hair from the door knob. She was exhausted and overwhelmed, so she started moving to the kitchen.

Clara fastened her hair around and held it in position by a clutch. Being weary and teary, she thought of moving to the kitchen to drink a cup of water. It then eased her partially. Then she lifted her favourite novel in one hand and a cup of water in the other and reached to the armchair. She kept the water on the coffee table which contained newspapers and a coffee flask with a cup and sugar in another. Everything was on a platter set by her loving mom.

Clara was all alone in her home. She was fond of reading novels. She flipped through the book to check the number of pages to guess the required reading speed to complete the next chapter.

Clara was reading her favourite novel sitting in front of the light setting on the armchair. In the living room trying to read the novel between sips of water, she enjoyed her reading. On placing the cup on the table, she noticed the candle holder with well-lit candles on top. As she noticed her shadow on the wall behind her, she slowly stood from the armchair and struck a little and to pacify her, she decided to look at the lights of candles placed on a holder. She felt that the candle seemed to be interesting for her to play with. While she covered only half of the chapter, she decided to play with the candle for some time. Having switched the lights off and the fan to the lowest possible speed, she started playing with shadows on the candlelight.

The shadow of the candle then flickered with the flash of its light. The light flickered as Clara slowly moved the handle of the matchstick across the flame. The swaying flames painted its shadow on the wall with silhouettes that resembled from distorted lines and curves to resembling some objects. As and when she frisked the matchstick over the candle, the distorted lines and circles resembled a stickman being punched in. As she retracted, the flames were swaying back and forth ending up like the stick man regaining to its form. It again lasted only for a few seconds. Again the flames danced to the rhythm of the mild wind. It reminded her of the puppeteer manipulating the puppets in the puppet production. She repeated over and over till the candle became a sketch of a stick man who had been punched. The candle stood semi-erect in contrast to the flames leaning on the skirts of the melted candle.

The howling wind gushed in through the windows which was not quite far to reach the candle flame and trying its best to put the flames off. Clara tried to reach for the fan switch to better put it off and closed the windows so that she permitted only mild and gentle wind inside giving the room for the flames of the candlelight to become stable over time.

The moment Clara switched off the fan, there was a sudden short intense blaze of light with violent resounding thunder. All of a sudden, the candlelight was put off and all the power supply seemed to be turned down leaving her completely in the dark. The thunder seemed to run down on her piercing her skin, penetrating through her muscles and passing through to her very bones, resounding and reverberating all over her body. Suddenly, everything turned to be eerie within a flash of a second. It could be as loud as the gushing of the winds heard through a keyhole. It left her twitching with her eyelids fluttering which made her realize that she was frozen with sudden fear. She could feel a mild variation of tiny spasms and a heartbeat that was impounding and sufficient to be heard by herself.
It was the complete darkness prevailing everywhere around her. She had to move from the armchair through to the opposite wall where the candle lay in the darkness with the skirts of melted candle flakes. But everything turned to be eerie one more time within another flash of a second. She felt like she was buried freezing with fear struggling to come out of it. Clara had lit the candle which had been blown off so soon. She relit the candle trying to cover up by its sides. "Not any more..." She thought she couldn't play with it anymore. When she tried to waver the matchstick over the candle, she perceived the shadows of her paused for fewer seconds even after she changed her gestures. She reminded herself of the fact she heard, that the mind hallucinates crazy shapes under extreme fear. But still, she couldn't shake the feeling of her anxiety. Moreover, she couldn't simply let the fear pass by.

The one other thing that she could possibly hear other than the thunder and her heartbeat was the ticking of the clock. Every second of the clock had put her under intense and delicate fear and it was impossible for Clara, to count even 60 seconds. She felt she could never wait or count one more hour anticipating the arrival of her family. Everything, the sight she saw, and the sound she could hear magnified and amplified her fear. It instilled dreadful and frightening thoughts in her. Though she tried to console herself with rather rational thoughts, all for nothing other than to again get lost in the intimidation of dreadful silence. Rather, it was the moment that she realized even extreme silence can intimidate one on par with the strident noise of the surroundings. It had left her haunted by the creepy feelings that had set her thinking cycle active within the boundaries of frightening giving her the most uncanny experience.

Clara realized it was indeed the sound of the footsteps on a creaky wood floor, or climbing the creaky stairs, which could become spooky at night. But, she was waiting to hear the footsteps of her family, the only saviour that would give her hope and comfort. It was the rhythm of the calling bell indicating that the power was back, up again. She expected her family and she opened the door with a sigh of relief that she was back to safety. But, to her dismay, there was no one outside. Rejoicing with the hope that she was back to safety, did not last longer. Her heartbeat was pumping fast reaching its peak. She could see the pumping of the heartbeat through her veins in the wrist. She just went through the sides to see if anyone was there but in vain. She was worried about how she was going to get back into the house again.

Clara thought that she could at least read the novel. Having decided, she took each step carefully and calmly. She managed to reach the coffee table where she kept the novel. She took it and stepped up very slowly towards the candle holder. She took a candle when she heard the tone of the calling bell again but this time it started to ring continuously nonstop. She was frightened to the core and panicked one more time with the sudden jerk in fear as to decide what she was going to do. Though she knew it was all caused due to the seepage of rainwater into the socket, she thought that sitting outside and reading the novel would no longer be possible. She remembered her mom warning her not to touch the socket outside during the rain. She had to move to her bedroom to escape the sharp sound of the bell or wait in the living room tolerating the creaking noise of the bell.

Clara had to wait for a little more than half an hour to receive her family. She growled and the time crawled as slowly as it could for her. Upon entering the living room, she switched on the lights and fan. She, slowly moved to the candles to put it off with rather two minds. One was telling her to avoid looking at her shadow and the other not to put off the candle believing the power that it may be shut down again at any time. Finally, she decided to search for another candle to be prepared well in advance to safeguard her from the dreadful thoughts.

Clara thoroughly searched for the candles inside the drawers of the table in the hall. But, she found none. Then, she tried looking in the kitchen. But, she found nothing. She decided to check her bedroom drawers. As she was looking at her drawers, she luckily found one but rather a smaller one. As she decided to move out of the room, she could see the lights in the living room had switched off. But, it was not the same for her room. It was terrible for her to know the power was not turned down but again ghostly thoughts surrounded her. She was struck to let her out of the room. She saw a shadow in front of her room that vanished suddenly. This time she never wanted to take a chance risking her life. She prayed to God, she no longer wanted her hallucination to cook up frightful thoughts inside her. She just closed her eyes praying to god sitting on her bed.

When she opened her eyes, Clara saw her mom sitting before her. She was shaken and couldn't believe what she was looking at her mom and was left completely shocked. She never wanted to be intruded by the magical powers of hallucination. Damn, it creaked her from the inside. She could hear her mom telling her that she expected her to have slept and questioned why she hadn't closed the main door. She was blinking profusely to see if she could blink away what she was just seeing then. But, luckily that had not happened to her. It was her mom sitting in front of her and wishing her good night. It was Clara's mother who had thought to come in without disturbing Clara, switched off the lights thinking that Clara would have slept. The tears flooded around from Clara's eyes though she tried to control it. Her mom asked her if she could switch off the lights for better sleep. Clara looked at her mom telling her that she would join her for the night. Clara tried grabbing her mom's hand to make her test the reality and confront herself that it was neither ghostly nor a hallucination. She took a deep breath closing her eyes then but wiping her fears away this time with the grace of her mom's presence.

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