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The given text is a story about a girl named Cya and her life experiences. In the beginning, she talks about how she feels trapped and dreams of freedom or death. She wonders why she was born and hates herself for being alive. She craves pain and loves it unconditionally, which makes her feel insane. The story then goes back to where it all began for Cya, with her mother coming into her room every night to say goodbye before leaving the house due to fighting with her husband. Cya pretends to be asleep but hears everything that happens. Her mother tells her that she loves her but also hints at something more melancholic. Cya's world changes when one day, their stepmother reminds them that they are going to boarding school soon. This news makes Cya feel like nothing matters anymore because all of her friends are in the old neighborhood. To say friends this is giving too much praise rather most people she was familiar with. In chapter two, we see Cya making new friends at boarding school who help distract from the troubles in her life. The story ends on an uncertain note as we don't know what will happen next in Cya's life. In the next few chapters is all about how these new characters in her life manipulate her into the person she turns put to be in adulthood. Just as many human beings out there we do tend ways of distracting ourselves from our own pain and sickness of the heart. If we regret later on none will know but we alone. Overall, this story explores themes of loneliness, pain, family issues, and finding solace in new friendships. The impact of trust and negative feelings play a big role in this story. As these feelings fight against all odds to bring the vivid image of how it feels like to be surrounded yet lonely. With the story ending rather abrupt leaving the readers to write there own version of happy ending although to some extent it isn't. Reason being ,"we can never retrieve what was once lost."

Fiction adolescente Déconseillé aux moins de 13 ans.

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This had been the farthest she ever reached. She couldn't move on ,at least that's what she thought with all that hit her left, right and center. She couldn't anymore. She dreamt of freedom, she hoped for death,she prayed never to wake up. In every situation why was she born? she yearned for answers. She hated herself for being alive. What more can one wish for with no hope within?. If we could breath without worries then that would be the best for all. Be it we have or lack. With nothing to wish for what more would life be? She wondered if life to her was more of pleasing others than pleasuring herself. She had one want. She had one need .

Someone,anyone would you mind stretching forth your hand to me!!!.

"I need help. They think I'm sane but I alone know I'm insane. Why else would I crave death so much? Why else would I love for pain so unconditionally when I'm thinking I'm more than OK?."

Periodically she would see light. This alone drives her crazy. She hates knowledge cause she learned from a tender age that she can't escape.

This is her life. This is what feelings turned her to. Looking back, she knows not where it all begun. Looking forward, she knows not how and when it'll end. Maybe there is no end to it. One thing she holds with all the remaining strength is the hope that's like an old single thread that she'll embrace death one of these days.

Which kind of a life will make one crave death and love pain!? Don't tell me tears tastes just salty and acidity to some extent cause Cya Audry Allexy tasted more than just salt and acidity.

The bitter taste of her tears is more than than...

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