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This is the sequel to The Vampire and follows Louise through her life before she meets Amon and after meeting him. She has to grow up fast and wishes to be normal at times. Louise try’s to be a teenager like falling in love out with friends while trying to fight evil on a nightly basis.

Horreur Littérature monstre Interdit aux moins de 18 ans.

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Chapter 1

September 24th 1988

Preston Lancashire England. Joyce, who everyone calls Joy is a beautiful, small big breasted 16-year-old, her breasts are way too big for her slim small frame, she has short blonde hair and is walking through town with her mother Ruth a small beautiful little lady who comes from good witches, but she gave up her powers to be with her husband, her father Jack, a tall handsome man, who comes from a hunter line, but never became a hunter, none of his siblings did, it also seems that his children didn't inherit the hunter gene neither and her older sister Nora who is pushing her one-year-old son Michael in the pram.

Joy lost her virtue a few weeks ago and has been in a daze ever since, she's hardly seen her boyfriend Jimmy since the consummated their young love for one another. Nora can tell that Joy is no longer a virgin, so she grabs Joy’s arm for her to slow down bit. "You had sex with Jimmy didn't you?" Nora says with a smile. "How do you know?" Joy asked. "I didn't, you just told me, you daft sod." Nora laughed out. Joy just shakes her head and smiles. "You are not even funny Nora." Joy tells her. This just makes Nora laugh. "Oh but I am, so go on how was it?" She asked her with a smile. "It hurt, and I'm still a bit sore down there, and it's been nearly two weeks, is this normal?" Joy asked.

Nora just smiles and nods, "yea, it always hurts the first time, not as bad as giving birth to this little bugger, but it feels better the more you do it." Nora tells her has she tickles Michael under the chin to make him giggle. "I want to do it again, but Jimmy is being very distant." She tells her sister. "He's probably just freaking out, but remember, weather it was good or not, when he asked, you tell him it was perfect, and you really enjoyed yourself. A man's ego needs to be soothed and so do there dicks for some strange reason." Nora laughed out which made Joy laugh.

Joy goes back into her own little world, thinking about having sex with Jimmy again, as she crosses the road she doesn't notice the bus coming straight for her. Before she realized what was happening, she was swept up in some big strong arms. The person puts her down on the other side of the road. "You should be more careful when crossing the road love?" the person says to her.

"Thank you so much, I was just in my own world back there." Joy says to the guy, then finally looks up and sees a total hunk of man, short black hair, slight beard, beautiful blue eyes and beautiful tanned skin, he's wearing a lot of black and a black leather trench coat, he's very tall and built like a rugby player she thinks to herself. "It's fine, just be more careful next time, especially with you going to be a mother." Amon says with a smile. "I beg your pardon, I'm not pregnant." She says to him with disgust in her voice. "Sorry my mistake" he says with his trademark smirk a turn and walks away.

Joy just stares at the man then her hand instantly goes to her belly, her parents and Nora come running over to ask if she's alright. "You should have looked both ways before crossing the road Joyce." Her father says to her. "That's what the guy who saved me said." Joy says with a smile, her hand never leaving her stomach. "I think that's enough excitement for one day, let's go catch the bus home." Ruth says. They all nod in agreement. "So what was tall dark and fuckable's name?" Nora asked. Joy just looked at her and shakes her head. "What would Bob think of that sort of language directed at another bloke?" Joy asked her with a smile. "If Bob looked that good, I'd still be in bed riding him." Nora says with a smile. "Bloody Nora you are disgusting." Joy says with a smile using her sister’s hated nickname and walks away from her.

Later that night, Joy is sat in the living room with her parents, her mother being a frantic mess, scared that she almost lost her daughter. "Dad the guy that saved me, seemed special somehow." She says to him. "You think that he was a hunter or something?" He asked her. "It's possible, I felt great strength when I was next to him. Do Hunters have great hearing?" She asked. "Yes they have great hearing." He tells her. "Could they hear a heartbeat or a child's heartbeat in the womb." She asked him. "No darling only a wolf in wolf form and a vampire could hear that. Maybe a very old hunter could like Jasmine Hale." He tells her. "Joyce why do you want to know about Hunters sweetheart?" Ruth asked her as she can tell that Joy is hiding something from them.

Joy gets up and walks into the hallway and grabs her bag and pulls out the positive pregnancy test, she walks back into the living room and hands it to her mother with sadness in her eyes as she knows that she is still very young and shouldn't be a mother just yet. "The man that saved me, told me that I was with child, so I got a test and this says I am. How could he have known this?" She asked as tears stream down her face, her mother and father just wrap her up in their arms and sooth her, they tell her that everything is going to be alright.

April 21st 1989

Joy is sat in her parents living room with a rather large pregnant belly, reading a book on the Vampire Lord Amon and Lady Catherine, there story always fascinated her as a child and the love story between Amon and Persephone, it was stuff from fairy tales, they broke up and Amon came for her many years later and rescued her from the evil vampire Prince Richard.

Her father is reading the paper and picking horses for his bets later, while also answering questions to his daughter, him and his siblings may not have become hunters, but they still had to train and educate themselves on the supernatural as there children may become hunters. "Dad have you any pictures of this Lord Amon?" She asked. "No my dear, as no one has ever seen him." He tells her. "If no one has ever seen him, how do you know that he's real?" She asked.

"From the diaries of Pulchra Creaturae and Pulchritudo that was found over two hundred years ago. Also, Pulchra Daemonium speaks about him and Jasmine Hale speaks of him in the book you are reading." He tells her. "Why would you want to know about that vile monster?" Joy’s mother asked from her chair as she's knitting a baby blanket for Joy’s unborn baby girl. "I don't know mum, just felt drawn to this book and to learn about him." Ruth looks at her, then gets up and goes upstairs. Joy just assumed that she needed the toilet.

A few moments pass, and she comes back downstairs and into the living room with a folder and hands it to Joy. "This has a prophecy about Amon in this copy of my ancestors journal, it speaks of him having a soul mate." She tells her. Joy takes the folder and begins flicking through it, she arrives at the prophecy that her mum said. "Amon and his soulmate play a vital part come the End of Days. But isn't Persephone his soul mate as he's actually mated to her." she states. "That's just the thing sweetheart, no one believes that Persephone is his soulmate as the End of Days is to happen with in fifty years after his soulmates birth, but they've been mated for over a hundred years. Maybe this little one is his soulmate." Her mother says to her pointing to her pregnant belly.

"It would explain why I feel drawn to learn about him, but that's ridiculous as I'm neither a magic nor a Hunter, and I doubt my daughter is." She says to her mother. "Will you be telling Jimmy about the supernatural Joy?" Her dad asked. "I honestly don't know, and I don't see the point, he'll probably just think that we are insane, it took Bob being attacked by a vampire for him to believe. Thank God that the Maguire's where in town at the time or Michael would be growing up without a dad." Joy states.

Ruth goes back to knitting "unless the little one, shows signs of being a Hunter, I wouldn't say anything, Jimmy looks like he's just looking for an excuse to leave." Ruth says to her. "I know what you mean mum, thank God for you and dad. How old would she be when she's showing sign?" She asked. "Well if Michael was a Hunter he would have shown sign's by now. According to your Nana Murphy, your mum used to float her teddy's around her bedroom at a few weeks old." He says with a smile.

"Do you miss your powers mum?" Joy asked. Ruth looks at her husband and smiles "I do miss my powers, but I wouldn't change my decision for all the magic in the world." She says with a loving smile towards her husband, he just looks at her and smiles. "So Joyce what are your plans for tonight sweetheart?" Her dad asks.

Joy looks down at her stomach, not really knowing what her dad was expecting her to say. "I'm going Meadow street, for a few drinks and hopefully pick up a few blokes for a good time." Joy says with a smile, Ann had just taken a sip of her brew and spits it out laughing. "You do ask silly questions Jack." Ruth says to him laughing and Joy is also laughing. "I'm going to Nora’s to look after Michael as her and Bob want to have a date night, and all this laughing is making me need to pee." She says and her dad jumps up, to help her get up off the couch, so she can waddle up the stairs. As she's sat on the toilet and peeing for England, because of the baby sat on her bladder, she gets the feeling that she's being watched, she's had this feeling for a few months now, the feeling is not in a creepy way, but it makes her feel safe.

Outside on the old railway lines smoking a cigarette is the Man that saved her from the on coming bus, just staring up in the bathroom window. A man in a hood walks past walking three huge black dogs and sees the large imposing handsome man, then looks at where he's looking "yea stalking is going to help win her back." The man says "I don't recall asking for your fucking opinion." The man responded. "No one asks for my opinion, but I do like to give it now and again Amon." the man says and carries on walking his dogs. The fact that the man new who Amon was, was a shock "who the fuck are you and how do you know who I am?" Amon asked.

The man turns and pulls down his hoodie to reveal a light brown skinned man with long curly black hair and a thick beard. "The names Yophiel and I'm a big fan of yours." He tells him. This shocks Amon as he didn't realize that Prince's of Hell came to earth. "Wow the Lord of flies himself, what could Lucy's oldest child want with me?" Amon asked. "I've come to meet the legendary Amon taker of lives, and the fact that mother wanted you as her consort speaks highly of you, to overlook my own father Yekun also says much for you." Yophiel tells Amon.

Amon sparks up another cigarette, takes a drag and blows out the smoke. "No mate that speaks little of your father and your brother and sisters father's, that she would rather have a mortal over an Angel, or it's the fact that she can't have her true love Michael." He says and walks away heading towards the park needing something to eat, leaving Yophiel standing there with rage written all over his face. "Once my wife is free, you'll pay for that insult Amon." He says not realizing that Amon heard him.

June 15th 1990

Preston England, it's early evening and Joy has just picked up her daughter Louise from her parents while she was at work. "Has my baby been a good girl today?" Joy asked the baby in a baby voice, Louise just giggled and clapped in excitement. As they head home Joy gets the feeling that she's being followed, she may be the daughter of a witch and a decedent of a hunter line but like her sister she never had any powers. Joy knew what went bump in the night, and she begins to get scared as she can't defend herself or her daughter. The feeling begins to get stronger, and she begins looking around frantically "knew I should have walked the main road way instead of walking down the lines." Joy says to herself and looks around and as she turns she bumps into someone.

"Guess I was right about you being pregnant." the man says and Joy looks up and realises that she's seen these eyes before. "You saved me from getting run over didn't you?" She asked. "I'm glad you remember, now who is this little beauty, what's your name little one?" He says cooing at the baby that is making him tingle. "This is my daughter Louise, I'm Joy by the way." She says in a friendly flirting kind of way. "Hello Joy and hello Louise, I'm Ben, good to see you again. Remember look both ways before crossing the street". Amon says with a smirk.

He turns and walks away, it was the baby not Joy that he was drawn to, as Ben walks away Joy comes to her senses "fucking hell he's fit, as Nora says I'd sit on his face with the lights on." Joy giggles to herself and just keeps walking home. In the shadows Amon watches her and make sure that she gets home safe as he had to kill two vampires and a demon as they sense the hunters blood in Louise's veins.

When Amon arrives home to his apartment block, Persephone and Catherine are sat down on the sofa with face masks on and in there dressing gowns as they are having a pamper day. "Where is Alex and Adele?" Amon asked where his daughters are. "They're down meadow Street drinking." Catherine tells him. Amon nods and grabs a glass and his rum then walks into the kitchen and pulls out a bottle of cola and pours himself a rum and coke.

He then walks back into the lounge and sits down in his chair and puts his feet up which makes Persephone throw a pillow at him "take your shoes off, you fucking scruff." Persephone tells him. Amon just laughs and does as he's told. "When are we leaving Preston?" Amon asked them. "Why do you hate it here so much? You used to love it here." Catherine says to him. "It used to be quite but demons and other supernaturals are flocking in all the time, honestly if a hunter lived here, they'd have there hands full in the next decade or so." Amon says.

Catherine and Persephone both know that Amon likes his own space hence why he still lives in mansions and huge homes as he likes his own company. "We can leave when ever you are ready my darling." Persephone says to him. "That's great, I'm going to kill a few supernaturals to make sure that Preston is off limits for at least a decade or two as I don't want them to destroy my hometown." He tells them. "Why only a decade or two? Why not forever?" Persephone asked which makes Amon and Catherine laugh.

"Fucking hell Dot, you are dumb. Our family couldn't keep the supernaturals out of anywhere forever, they'd start an up rising and kill us all." Catherine tells her. "But I thought our family was the most powerful." Persephone asked confused. Some days Amon can't fathom how stupid his mate is at times. "We are, but people like to challenge power. I just don't want them to destroy my home, and we'll probably be back within a decade or so." Amon tells her. "That makes sense my love, are we still going out tonight as I have an aching for Italian." Persephone tells him. "Yes we are, and I could go with a pizza or some spaghetti Bolognese. What are you doing tonight fat ass?" Amon asked Catherine just glares at him and ignores him which makes Amon and Persephone laugh.

October 31st 1995

Joy is coming home from picking Louise up from school and her other daughter Matilda from nursery. When she arrives home she instantly smells alcohol and knows her on, and off again fella Jimmy is home, and he's shit faced. Louise's fingers go straight to her nose. "What is that smell mummy?" Louise asked. "That's your daddy sweetheart." Joy tells her and looks down at her swollen belly, thinking to herself how she let that waste of skin back in her life, a drunken one-night stand, and she gets pregnant again off him, and then he worms his way back into hers and her daughter's lives again.

Louise with excitement runs in and sees her father "daddy!" She squeals and runs and jumps on him while he's past out in the chair. He jumps up startled and sees his eldest child looking at him with a big smile on her face so happy to see him. "Fucking hell Lou, don't do that again." He yells at her. Louise looks down at the floor really upset. "Sorry daddy, I'll be a good girl I promise." She tells her dad as tears form in her eyes. Joy walks in with Matilda and sees Louise upset "did you have to scream at her Jimmy? She's just excited to see you." Joy tells him off. "Fuck off Joy, she jumped on my balls." He says to her.

"Well hopefully she broke them, so your dick doesn't work, you dirty bastard. You smelled of perfume last night." She says to him. "And what? You don't expect me to climb on top of you while you look like that do you?" He says to her. "You prick, I'm 7 months pregnant with your kid. Watch the girls while I have a bath, then I'll make tee before I go Nora’s for Halloween." She says. "You say it's mine, but you could've been putting it about for all I know." He yells after her as she storms off upstairs.

Tina is about to turn round and scream at him but stops herself as Louise and Matilda don't need to see that, they've both seen enough. "Daddy are you coming trick or treating with us tonight?" Louise asked. "Not tonight sweetheart, just go get daddy a dirty beer, and play quietly with your sister ok." He tells her. "Ok daddy." She says and goes to get her father a beer from the fridge, and brings it back to him. Louise grabs Matilda and sits her down with a doll each and a small ball that they roll between each other, every time Matilda received the ball, she got excited and giggled. Louise kept putting her fingers on her lips to tell her to be quiet.

Moment pass, and they hear snoring followed by a can falling on the carpet. Louise gets up and picks up the can and smells it, she turns her nose up at it and puts the can down on the side, Matilda rolls the ball, and it goes under the chair that Jimmy is sat on. "Lou, Ball." She hears Matilda say.

Louise turns to her sister who is pointing under their fathers chair, Louise knows that if she doesn't get it Matilda is going to scream and wake up there dad, not wanting that to happen, Louise goes to the chair and picks it up with her father still asleep and lifts it over her head as if it weighs nothing and kicks the ball back to her sister. Louise puts the chair down and doesn't wake her father then goes back to playing with her sister. "Lou strong." Matilda giggles quietly.

Upstairs in the bath Joy is reading a book on prophecy's "before the 21st century three siblings will be born, and they will be the Trinity and the warriors will lead them as they stand by the right hand of God." Joy reads out, as this prophecy has been highlighted by her sister who she borrowed the book from. "I'll have to ask Nora why she highlighted this one." She says to herself, and strokes her pregnant belly.

Later that evening Nora and her two sons Michael and Aidan, with Joy, Louise and Matilda and there friend Michelle and her daughter Lana and Darcy are out trick or treating, Aidan and Darcy are in the pram's while Louise, Michael, Matilda and Lana are dressed up in there Halloween costumes. Louise looks at Michael's costume and can't work out what he is as he's dressed normally, and he has a wooden stick in his hand. "What is your costume?" Louise asked.

"I'm a Vampire Hunter like sir Johnathan Benson from the story's grandad tells us." He says with pride. "Seriously Nora, you give the boy a stick, and you tell him he's a Vampire Hunter, that's just lazy." There friend Michelle says while laughing, which sets Joy off. There friend Michelle is a witch and the first in her family for over a century, both her children have shown signs that they are as well. "Speaking of vampires, I read that book that you gave me about prophecy's, and I'm just wondering why you highlighted one of them, regarding the Trinity." Joy asked.

Nora looks at Michelle. "You've not told her have you?" She states. "I told you as you are her sister, it should come from you not me." She replied. "What are you two going on about?" Tina asked. "Louise, Tilly and that baby in your belly are Hunters, I can sense their power and me and Nora believe that your children will be the Trinity." Michelle tells her. Then they hear "what's your costume Lou?" Michael asked. "I'm Lady Catherine, the best vampire ever." She says and fear goes through Joy as she knows that Catherine will come for her children.

The smell of fear instantly hits Louise's nose, but because she's never smelt fear before she doesn't know what it is, but she does know that it's coming from her mother and her aunties. "Joy don't worry, I very much doubt that Catherine will come here." Nora tries to calm her sister down as she can see that she's about to panic.

Nora knows as well as her sister how dangerous Catherine is, because they come from a hunter line they were told all about Catherine and her hatred towards Hunters after what Johnathan Benson did to her. "If Amon is as real as the stories say, then he could come here as he was born in Preston." Joy says, and you can hear the panic in her voice. "That's the other reason I highlighted the prophecy because, Louise means warrior and Benjamin means son of the right hand of God which is Amon's real name." Nora tells her. "You honestly believe that Amon would side with God and betray his mate and best friend?" Joy asked.

"If Louise is his soul mate then yes I do believe it." Nora says. "Well you are crazy to believe that the most violent vampire in history would side with God." Joy says as they carry on walking to the next house. "Do you think he's as fit as the stories say he is?" Michelle asked. "I doubt he's as fit as Joy’s rescuer a few years ago, that man was fit as fuck." Nora says. "How do you even remember what he looks like?" Michelle asked as she heard all about this hunky man who saved Joy about seven years ago.

"I've never seen a man more hot than Joy’s rescuer, Bob got some great sex for weeks after that." Nora says and this makes Joy and Michelle burst out laughing. "I actually bumped into him again after Louise turned 1, and to be honest I'd sit on his face with the lights on. He was fitter than Peter Andre and you know how I feel about him. I had to change my knickers when I got home as they were soaked." Joy tells them, which makes them all giggle. "Wow fitter than Peter Andre. This bloke must have been gorgeous." Michelle says as she's gutted that she's never seen this fit bloke.

"Fucking right he was, who ever lands him I bet he knows how to please a woman." Joy tells them. "Aww Jimmy not pushing your buttons sweetheart?" Nora says laughing. "Jimmy wouldn't know the buttons with a fucking map and a pissing compass." Joy laughed out which makes Nora and Michelle laugh. "Don't worry we've all had the 30-second special. Grunts, shoots his load, rolls off. Was it good for you?" Michelle says in her pretend manly voice. "And your like, just roll over, and I'll sort myself out." Nora laughs out. This goes on for the rest of trick or treating, and it helps Joy forget all about Catherine.

December 1st 1999

Joy is sat in her parents living room with her new fella James (Jasper) Butcher who like Joy’s father Jack is also from a Hunters line, he has two daughters Phoebe and Billie both witches, which they get from there mother. "Seriously dad? Amy bested Arius and Talon?" Joy asked. "Yes and if it wasn't for Felicia helping Arius escape, Amy would've killed the third deadliest vampire in the world." Jack tells her. "Is this a win for us or what?" Joy asked.

"Well according to your dad's sources and mine, my old friend Stephen who helps Amy believes that it's a win as he doesn't believe that Arius will want to face Amy again." Jasper says. "We also found out that Amy is not a natural hunter but an ex vampire." Ruth tells her. "Was she anyone important?" Joy asked. "She was Pulchra Daemonium." Ruth tells her. "Do you think that Amon knows that his daughter is now a Hunter?" Joy asked.

All three nodded "Stephen told me that Amon came to visit her and told her good luck with Arius and that he'll try and keep Catherine away from her." Jasper says. "Why is he helping her?" Joy asked. "We honestly don't know, but Amy believes him, and that's all she knows, or so she says." Her fella says. "You don't believe her darling?" Joy asked. "Honestly I don't, I do believe that she's on our side, but she knows something, and she isn't telling us. Hunter or not she still has a daughter's love for that fucking monster and is protecting him." Jasper says as he doesn't like Amon as one of his uncles was in Birmingham on the day that Amon decided to kill over a hundred people.

"James language." Ruth chastised him. "Sorry Ruth, it's just I wish I was a hunter because I'd hunt down Amon and kill him." Jasper says in anger. "Your job is to train, Louise, Matilda and Alexander and hopefully one day they get to kill Amon and Catherine." Joy’s dad says. "That's hard with Louise not liking me, as she thinks I've stolen her mum from her dad." Jasper says. Joy just puts her hand in his. "She's come on loads, in the last few years, she helps, with the garden and the dogs, she loves going lamping with you. She'll come round I promise you." Joy says.

Outside on the green, Louise is laying down trying to get piece from her two siblings and her new sisters Phoebe and Billie. Then a group of kids about Louise's age come over. "Hay Louise are you coming to the park?" One of the girls asked. "She's not aloud to leave the green, our dad said so." Matilda tells the group of kids.

"He's not our dad, he's Phoebe and Billie’s dad. Stop calling him that it's weird, you're going to get Lex calling him that" Louise says in annoyance. "He told me that he's my real dad?" Matilda says with pride. Louise just shakes her head and gets up and walks off with her friends to the park. "Aww I'm telling mum." Phoebe shouts after her. "She's not your mum Phoebe." Louise shout's back and carries on walking away.

All four kids run in, to tell on Louise. "Mum Louise has gone to the park." Matilda and Phoebe squeal out in unison. James and Joy’s dad both look outside and notice that it's getting dark. Joy’s fella jumps up. "I'll go and get her." Jasper says, and you can feel the worriedness in his voice as the supernaturals have been gradually starting to come back to Preston. Jasper turns to Jack and without saying anything In front of the children, Jack knew exactly what he wanted. "Follow me." He says, and they make their way upstairs, about five minutes later Jasper comes downstairs with a pair wrist stakes, and two small daggers strapped to his legs.

Jasper grabs his coat and makes his way towards the park. As Jasper gets closer to the park he hears kids screaming then he sees a group of kids running past him but no Louise, so he takes off into a sprint in the direction that the kids came from, and he sees Louise fighting a teenage boy who has ridge's on his forehead and horns on his head, he also has razor sharp teeth, he punches Louise with his left hand and her head goes to the side and blood splatters out of her mouth he goes to punch her with his right hand and Louise catches his hand in a vice grip and looks at him.

"My turn." She pulls him close and headbutts him square in the nose, snaps his wrist then punches him so hard with her left hand his face caves in and falls to the floor dead. Louise falls to her knees and begins breathing heavily. "Louise are you ok?" A voice says to her from behind, quick as a flash Louise is on her feet and in a fighting position.

As soon as she sees Jasper she begins to cry and runs into his arms. "I'm so sorry Jasper, I didn't mean to hit that boy so hard. I'm normally so carefully with my strength." Louise sobs out. "It's ok Tinkerbell. That boy was a demon and was going to kill you and your friends. Let's take him back to your Nana and grandads to see what type of demon he was." Jasper tells her, using her nickname to ease the tension. "So you are not mad at me?" Louise says with tears in her eyes and still sobbing. Jasper uses his thumb to whip her tears away. "I'm not mad, I'm so proud of you Tinkerbell. But you left your brother and sisters, I'm definitely mad about that." He says with a smile.

He picks up the body and flings it over his shoulder, and they walk back to Ruth and Jack’s house. Jasper throws the body into the back garden and him and Louise walk around the front and walk in. The moment that they walk in, Joy noticed that Louise is covered in mud and has a black eye, bleeding nose and a busted lip. "Are you ok sweetheart?" Joy asked rather panicked. "I'm fine mum, I can feel my lip and eye healing. Good job Jasper showed me how to throw a punch." Louise says with a smile feeling rather proud of herself.

Jasper walks through to the kitchen and out of the back door. He shouts for Jack to give him a hand, and they close the kitchen door, as they don't want the children to see a dead body even if it is a demon body. Even sat in the living room Louise and Matilda can hear the whole conversation between there grandad and Jasper. "Are you sure that she only used her fist to do this? Because she's completely caved its head in" Jack says. "Yea she did, do you know what it is?" Jasper asked.

"Yes it's a Baka. Very fast and very strong, Louise is either very lucky or she's stronger than we thought." Jack says. "How powerful was this thing?" Jasper asked. Jack opens his book on the Baka. "It says that only Johnathan Benson and Jasmine Hale are the only two recorded in history to of killed a Baka, but there are not many to begin with, Baka's very rarely leave hell." Jack tells him. "So it's a high level demon then." Jasper states. "That's the thing, Baka's are minions of Yophiel, so either this thing left hell or Yophiel sent him." Jack says.

"Who's Yophiel Jack." Jasper asked as he's never been a book guy teacher but much prefers to teach weapons and hand to hand. "Yophiel is Lucifer's son, you may have heard of him being called Beelzebub. He's very powerful and in all honesty I believe that this guy left hell, as I don't believe that the Prince of Hell would send this thing after a child Hunter." Jack tells him. "And if you are wrong?" Jasper asked. "Louise is in grave danger as there are not many supernaturals more powerful than Beelzebub. We need to be careful just in case." He tells him. "How would we find out if this guy is behind it" he asked. "I don't think that we will." Jack tells him.

Outside is a man in a hood with three dogs just staring at Ruth and Jack’s house. Then two beautiful brunette females walk over to him. They bow to him. "How did the Baka fare my Prince?" One of the females asked. "Seriously Tatiana? I'm standing here raging, and you ask dumb questions, no wonder Sean left you two." Yophiel tells her.

"Would you like us to go in there now and kill them my Prince?" Clarissa asked. "Wow you two are dumb, you can't enter there home as Ruth’s family are magical, and they've done a spell to stop evil entering. If it was that easy I'd do it myself." He tells them. "How did a child beat a Baka, they are very powerful." Tatiana says. "Jasmine killed them to extinction, so I had to send a teenager as I can't risk one of my adult Baka's." He tells them and him and his dogs flame away.

Inside the house "what's a Baka demon?" Matilda asked. "Where did you hear that sweetheart?" Joy asked. "Grandad and Jasper are talking about it in the kitchen." She says. "You can hear them talking in the kitchen?" Joy asked. "We both can hear them and I think Lex can as well." Louise tells her mother. This shocks Joy as she didn't know that Hunters were this good at hearing.

She shouts for her dad and Jasper to come into the living room, and she explains to them, Jack goes to the cabinet and pulls out a book and begins flicking through it. "It says that Johnathan Benson had hightend senses." he tells everyone. "Can you smell things and see things sweetheart?" Joy asked. "Yes, I can see very far, and I can see in the dark, I can smell blood and other things. I can also hear two girl vampires talking outside." Louise tells them.

Jasper goes straight to the window and pulls back the curtain and just outside the garden are two very beautiful brunettes, Jack looks out as well, the girls smile and wave then they blur away. Jack goes back to his cabinet and opens a book and hands it to Jasper. "That was Tatiana and Clarissa are you sure?" Jasper asked. "Yes I'm sure and it gets worse. They work directly for Yophiel." Jack says "oh shit!" Jasper cursed.

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I love it. Louise’s dad is a dick. I love that her stepdad is trying to have a relationship with her especially if he’s the one to train her
April 22, 2024, 06:58

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