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This is Persephone’s story from The Vampire. Whether you love her or hate her. Pulchritudo is a fascinating character and we find out why she betrayed Amon, why he took her back and what’s her obsession with Arius. She may not be on Catherine’s level but she could have been and she is very dangerous.

Horreur Littérature monstre Interdit aux moins de 18 ans.

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Chapter 1

September 12th 1637

Manchester England George Gunther has just moved into his new home after his father Phillip Gunther the Duke of Birmingham gave it to him for his 18th birthday. He's sat in his study with his best friend Lord Quinton Brookfield, he's the Baron of Lancaster. “So George is thou getting married anytime soon?” Quinton asked him. “My father is coming here this week as we have a marriage to discuss with the Earl of Newcastle's youngest daughter Susan.” He tells him. Quinton's eyes widened.

“Wow, Lady Susan Rice is quite the catch my friend, at only 15 she's absolutely beautiful and will make fine children.” Quinton tells him. “That’s good to know, has thy have not met her. I've met her sisters, Anne and Gemma, and they are both beautiful.” He says to his friend. “You just get all the look my friend.” He said sounding deflated.

George just laughed. “Lady Deborah is lovely my friend.” George tells him with a smile as Deborah is French and doesn't speak a word of English, so they don't talk that often as she is getting taught how to speak correctly. “She wants to speak to thee, but thou see it in thy eyes, but she can't think of the words, so we just fuck as that is the same in any language.” He laughed out. “Thou is correct old friend.” George said to him, they drink and converse for many hours before they both pass out drunk.

Several days later George, his father and David the Earl of Newcastle are sitting in George's study. “As long as my daughter is taken care of, and you do not harm her, then I don't see why this wedding can't go ahead my Lord.” David says to Philip Gunther. “How about me having a mistress if I please.” George asked trying to sound confident, as he's a very handsome man, not as handsome as Patrick Asmall but still very handsome indeed.

“I don't see why not, I have several ladies that keep me warm at night and not just the wife.” David says with a smile. This makes Phillip and George laugh. “I'll make sure that she's taken care of my Lord, and hopefully we give you both good-looking grandchildren that can make us even richer.” George states. “Well I'll drink to that.” Philip says with a smile. David smiles and holds up his jug of wine and laughs before drinking it.

Before the year was over it was George and Susan's wedding night and what a raven haired beauty she was, slim but not skinny and nice small pert breasts, but they weren't tiny, her slim frame just suited her small breasts and tight firm ass.

George couldn't believe his look when he first so her walking down the aisle towards him, she seemed nervous but a sign of relief on her face that George wasn't ugly or short or fat, but tall, slim and very handsome.

They made love on there wedding night and after that it was like they were possessed as they couldn't keep there hands off each other, how Susan never got pregnant in the first few months of there marriage no one knows as they fucked each other till the other one couldn't walk straight.

Susan was barely 16, and she never knew having sex with someone could be so addictive, she didn't know about love, but she craved George and needed him, if that is love then she's madly in love with him.

George has had sex with a few women before Susan but no one has made him feel this aroused, even when she just walks into a room, he wants to push her up against the wall or bend her over and fuck her brains out. Susan is exactly the same with George she even rode him during the theater as she couldn't control herself any longer, and he loved it.

Susan would pray to God every night, but he would not answer her prayers for a child for Lady Gunther was barren, but still George did not stray and neither did she, it wasn't until 1660 almost 20 years of marriage before Susan became pregnant, in the year of our lord 1661 she gave birth to a son, and they named him Francis then in November 1666, she gave birth to another son, and they named him Alexander. With age catching up to them, there sex life has gone down hill and Susan never seems to be in the mood anymore especially after having Alexander.

George is getting rather annoyed, and he's set sight on a mistress, someone young and beautiful to get the blood flowing to his cock. They'd be invited to the Duke of Essex's Christmas party and Susan didn't want to go as it's only been a month since having Alexander, and she's still very sore, she told him to go without her, so he did, he's been asking about for a lovely mistress and even his friend Quinton suggested Lady Rachel Darlington as she was very beautiful, but her father couldn't marry her as she can't keep her legs closed, and he's desperate for money. George liked the sound of this.

The Ledger Christmas party, George and Quinton are sitting at a table drinking with Thomas Ledger. “I heard that you tried marrying your daughter to Patrick's bastard.” Thomas said to Quinton. “I can't even marry the fat cow to a fucking bastard. Thou is going to be stuck with her forever.” Quinton says sounding annoyed. “That's a shame my friend.” George says with a smile. “Laugh it up, I hope Susan gives you an ugly daughter one day.” Quinton says laughing. “She'd have to let me touch her for that to happen and me and Susan will make a very beautiful daughter, just as beautiful as Thomas's daughter.” George said with confidence.

All eyes in the room are on Catherine Ledger or has London has started calling her Pulchra Creaturae, beautiful creature, and she truly was, George is turned on just looking at her, but Thomas would never sell her to him. They converse about family and money then he asked Thomas about a blonde haired beauty. “That's Lady Darlington, her father is Earl of Blackburn.” Thomas tells him, a smile comes to George's face. “So that is Lady Rachel, I've heard stories about her, I'm very interested in her.” George tells him.

George goes to speak with Lord Darlington and offers him money for Rachel, and he gladly accepted his most gracious offer. He goes to speak to Rachel who has been crying as she's lost her friend Jasmine, she begged her father not to make her come but like always when she defies him, she gets a punch to the gut and then him bending her over and fucking her hard and fast, after he was done, he'd tell her to get dressed and hurry up.

“Is everything alright Lady Rachel, as you seem really sad.” George said to her as she's sitting outside in the gardens, he sees that she's cold and removed his cloak and wraps it around her shoulders. “Thank you my Lord. I'm upset as I was friends with Jasmine Hale, and they have not found her amongst the body's in Preston.” She tells him. He sits down next to her and wraps his arms around the young 18-year-old girl. “I'm sure that they'll find Lady Hale.

A beautiful young woman such as yourself shouldn't be without an escort at this time of night.” He says with a smile to her, Rachel can't help but be infatuated with his smile. “I don't have an escort my lord. I've come with my father and I truly wish I didn't.” She says sounding disgusted with herself, as upset as she is she's still very aroused and wants this handsome man to take her here and now. “I can take you away from your father if you wish. You only have to say the word.” He said to her.

“Is thou being serious my Lord?” She asked him as no man has ever made this offer to her before. “I am. But sadly there is a catch as thou is married.” He said to her as he wants to be honest with her. “Thou wishes for thee to be thy mistress?” She asked him. “I do Lady Rachel, I'm George Gunther, and you'll want for nothing, just please me, and I'll make sure that you are taken care of forever.” He says to her.

Rachel smiles and nods to him, his hand cups the side of her face, and he captured her lips, Rachel can't help but melt into the kiss. He takes her hand and takes her up to a room where him and Rachel fuck each other's brains out. Rachel is covered in sweat as she collapsed onto the bed. “Wow. That was amazing George. If this is what's to come from being your mistress I'm very happy.” She pants out from heavy breathing.

“So am I Rachel.” He says to her, but guilt soon fills him as this is the first person he's fucked since he got married to Susan, she's going to be so mad when he returns home in several days time. Susan didn't even care, she just told him that if and when she wants sex he better be available, he promised that she would always come first.

Lady Gunther welcomed Rachel into her home with open arms, the only rule of the house was that George only has sex with Rachel in her bed chambers as to not disturb Francis or Alexander. Susan was a very fiery woman and her and George have had many arguments, but he's never struck her, and she's never struck him, but there was something about Rachel arguing with him where he just lost it and beat the crap out of her, then violently raped her. By February the hope and happiness that Rachel had when she joined George was long gone in just several weeks, she's been beaten and raped several times even his guards have ass fucked her as he told them that her pussy was his.

So Rachel hangs on George's arm, and she can feel everyone looking at her and judging her for being someone's mistress, she thought her life was bad with her father, but she'd trade this life to go back to her father. It all started as he was being a bit rough with her body during sex, when he was normally so tender and loving and would bring her to great heights of pleasure, and she screams at him for being to rough.

She regrets shouting at him now as he's always rough with her, and he beats her as he rapes her, she's leaning into his arm as her pelvis and her thighs are so sore she can barely walk, it doesn't help that he's dragging her around showing her off like a prized horse. That night after Catherine's body was found in the gardens, George vowed never to leave the north again.

November 27th 1670

Manchester England, Gunther estate. Rachel is laying in bed dying after not long giving birth to a baby girl, who had her father's dark hair and her eyes. Rachel found out that she was dying from syphilis while she was pregnant and that it's very unlikely that she'll carry the baby full term or even survive the labor. But she survives everything, the priest has come and given her last rites, she prayed to God to come and save her, every night from the moment she knew she was dying, but he never fixed her, Rachel hated her life, but she wanted to watch her daughter Imogene grow up into the beautiful woman she knows she will be.

The sun sets and Rachel lays there with leeches on her arms, her hair matted, her eyes sunken in, her lips are dry and cracking. She looks out of the window at the night sky knowing that this is her last night on earth. “Fuck you God!” She cried out, she closed her eyes waiting for death to take her and hopefully the devil is more welcoming than God. She hears a tap on her window, Rachel opens her eyes and sees a very beautiful woman with jet black hair, in a black dress, that is very low cut and what Rachel believes is a spiders web mesh over her large breasts and a black necklace and a spider pendant.

“Oh poor Rachel, I can take away all the pain if you let me.” The woman asked her. “Please I beg of you. Did God send you?” Rachel asked her. This makes the woman laugh. “Oh no my dear, I heard your call. I can make you powerful, and you can stay this beautiful forever.” The woman tells her. “Yes, as I want to see my daughter become a woman.” She tells her.

The woman smiles at this, and she climbs through the window, Rachel sees that her dress is silk or at least looks shiny like silk, it goes all the way to her ankle and has a slit up her leg, to allow her smooth pale legs to be on show. Rachel noticed as she gets closer to her that she's very pale and has very long pointed fingernails that are painted dark red just like her lips.

“Who are you?” Rachel asked her. “My name is Arachne, but you can call me mother.” She says as fangs appear in her mouth and bites into Rachel's neck drinking down her blood, Rachel feels her life slipping faster from her, but she doesn't fight it as she wants this, and like a vampire, Arachne slices her wrist and offers her blood to Rachel who drinks it down.

Rachel can feel her body become stronger with each gulp, a darkness takes her, and she's asleep, Arachne with her spare hand was spinning Rachel up in her webbing to preserve her new power like a cocoon and when Rachel is ready she'll rise from the webbing with new strength and power. Arachne picks up Rachel and is out of the window into the dark of night with her new daughter. When the nuns came to check in on Rachel there was nothing in the bed except leeches and webbing, they believe that the devil took back his whore of Babylon back to Hell.

Susan and George agreed that Imogene will be there daughter and Susan loved Imogene as much as she loved her son's and with her dark locks and her resemblance to her father and brothers no one would ever suspect that Susan wasn't her mother. Bringing Imogene up as her own daughter, made Susan realize that someone else fucked her husband, and it gave her a new sense of sexual prowess as thinking about it, she absolutely hates that he sort comfort in someone else's pussy, she began wanting sex with her husband like they were newlyweds again and George loved it.

About nearly 2 years later April 1672 Susan got pregnant for a 3rd time, and she gave birth to a beautiful raven haired girl, and they named her Dorothy. The girls grew up, and you would never of guessed that they had different mothers, even at the ages of 5 and 7 you could see how beautiful they were both going to be.

March 12th 1678

Manchester England, Gunther estate. George's son Francis has grown up to be a very handsome man, with curly dark hair, strong jaw, broad shoulders and very muscular. George is a strong believer in arranged marriages, he had Francis married off to a very wealthy Viscount's youngest daughter, at only 12 she wasn't much to look at, she had spots, and long untamed red hair.

Lord Gunther assured his son that she would get more beautiful as she aged, her mother was very attractive and so where her older sisters. Francis has been married for two years now and his wife Ruth at now 14 has filled out, lost her spots and become one of the most beautiful women in Manchester.

George has just married his youngest son Alexander off a few weeks ago who is 12, and he married him to a Baron's only daughter who's 19, and she is absolutely stunning, with huge breasts and long blonde hair, when his friend Quinton told him about Miriam he wouldn't believe it as she was gorgeous and could've raised the Baron's status.

The Baron lost his wife during childbirth and Miriam is all he has left in the world, but he's an old man and is dying, his wish was for his daughter to be safe and happy in a well respected family and not many families in the northwest of England who are more respected than the Gunther's.

Over the course of the next few years, he'll be listening to the best offers for them, but he definitely wants to marry one of them to Peter Dankworth as he's so rich, nearly every high-born in the northwest of England has gone to him for a loan, and he's given it without question, George believes that with Peter by his side he could take his father's Duke title by force.

Dorothy and Imogene were inseparably as children, they learned together and played together, the children's tutors and servants never had a problem with either of them, apart from Dorothy who stops to look at herself in any reflected surface, she wants to marry a Prince, so she can become a Princess, and one day a Queen.

Imogene just wanted love and the way she would stare at the stable boy Daniel was so cute, and he would at her, George would have the boy whipped and hanged if he so much as touched his precious Imogene.

There mother would tell them stories about monsters and brave knights and brave men who would save the damsel in distress who was normally a Princess or someone very beautiful. What Susan didn't realize was that she was telling her children stories about demons fighting Hunters, she honestly thought that she was just telling them her dreams.

Susan didn't realize that she had the power to see the past, present and future in her dreams as now Dorothy is the last living daughter of Apollo the sun God in Greek mythology, but like all God's and Goddess they are just sons and daughters of celestials and to humans long ago would be God's.

The blood of a celestial is so powerful but the ability that comes with it dilutes with time until the power has gone, Susan doesn't realize that she is part celestial and that she has the power of visions, Dorothy will not get this power, only a full celestial can reawaken the power, as the blood can be reawakened and the ability can be restored to its fullest power.

September 7th 2035

Just on the outskirts of Preston Lancashire England in an abandoned building, Catherine, Adele and Persephone are standing around a table all in battle armor and with loads of books, a beautiful Spanish looking woman is standing off to the side checking her guns. “Are you sure you can do this sunshine?” Catherine asked her. “I can do this mother, I'm the Queen of Hell after all.” She says with a sick smile. “I can't believe that you three think magic is going to save us. Amon and Louise have nearly destroyed our army, and you want to put all our eggs in one basket. You are crazy.” Diana tells them.

“No one asked you Diana.” Persephone tells her. “Shut your mouth Persephone, just let me kill Amon, he killed my grandmother Lilith.” Diana says in an angry tone. “You killed Ameerah, your own mother, what does that say about you sweetie.” Adele said to her laughing. “Shut up all of you. Can you do it daughter?” Catherine asked her. “Yes I can.” Adele replied. “Good then do it now. Diana prepare the council.” Catherine tells her.

Diana might be Queen of the vampires now but Catherine is the leader of this army and everyone answers to her including Mazikeen, who nearly died fighting Luther and Lycaon but Amon and Catherine saved her life, as the two armies needed to come together to stop the seven deadly sins. “Are you sure I'm part celestial?” Persephone asked Adele as Catherine and Diana left the room.

“With Lucifer being dead and me taking the throne I gained all her knowledge and you lover are part celestial and have dormant powers of prophecy.” Adele tells her, they share a loving kiss then Adele begins to wave her hands around and multiple different color orbs begin to surround Persephone and then there's a brilliant white light, once it's died Persephone is on her knees gasping for breath on reflex.

“Wow the power. It's intoxicating.” Persephone says as she stands up and begins rubbing her hands down her body in a sexual manner. “Now hold my hand, we are going to project a vision of this world to my mother in the past, hopefully she stops this from happening.” Adele tells her. “If she doesn't, then what?” Persephone asked her. “We all die and the light army wins.” Adele tells her.

They hold hands, close there eyes and concentrate on the present, blue lights surround them and then a gold beam shoots up into the sky, flashes of the past and present and things they've never seen before surrounded them, they feel like they are in a light blue tunnel watching loads of TV screens.

“Concentrate on my mother in 1979, we are in Manchester England.” Adele tells her. “Why then? Why not 1709 when he decided to join Jehovah.” Persephone says to her. “It's to far back, and we could wipe ourselves out, you'd definitely be killed living with Richard.” Adele says to her with a chuckle.

The gold beam comes back down and engulfs them, they are standing in a battlefield watching Amon snap Adele's neck, Louise killing Sabrina and Persephone, then Amon taking Diana's head clean off and Catherine screaming out in rage. Adele and Persephone are blown back into the far wall. Persephone climbs to her feet. “What was that? Did we just see are deaths?” Persephone asked her. “I think we did, as my powers are gone.” Adele tells her.

“What do you mean your powers are gone?” Persephone asked her as she helps her to her feet and sees the cut on her forehead, and it's not healing. “I have some power but that spell was so powerful it must have drained me of my power, I'm mortal now.” Adele tells her. “Cat isn't going to like this. You're her big gun.” Persephone says to her. “So in the next battle we die unless our younger selves change things as I can't do that again.” Adele tells her.

“It just goes to show that I never chose Amon and his side seems to be the winning side.” Persephone says and begins to laugh. Adele begins to laugh also as they both know that if they didn't laugh they'd cry. “You and Cat are my family, I'm glad I never sided with Amon as I couldn't sit back and watch him be with that blonde bitch Hunter Louise.

Even her name leaves a bad taste in my mouth.” She tells her. “Something is happening.” Adele tells her and captured Persephone's lips as they both disappear and so does everyone else as time resets itself. Catherine walks in and sees them disappear, she smiles to herself. “Hopefully my younger self fixes everything.” She says to herself as the wave hits her, and she's gone.

August 2nd 1682

Manchester England, Gunther estate. For the last few years George has tried to marry off Dorothy and Imogene, but is having a hard time with Imogene as she is going through her womanly changes, and it's making her ugly, compared to how she looked several months ago. Imogene and Dorothy have stopped liking each other as Dorothy loves to tease her sister about being so ugly and this upsets Imogene. “The only person that will ever want you dear sister, is that filthy stable boy Daniel and that is just disgusting as thou could only marry the help.” Dorothy would say to her.

No one wanted to marry Dorothy as she was a disgusting child who pointed out people's flaws, a viscount came with his son to marry Dorothy but the moment she so the young man she felt ill as he was quite ugly. “Surely father, thou doesn't want me to marry this, he will give us fat ugly children like Lady Clare.” Dorothy says this to her father and the Viscount felt insulted and left with his son, not wanting to have anything to do with Dorothy.

Four years later Dorothy at the age of 14 had the body of a woman, slim figure like her mother, but large full breasts and a solid firm ass. This got the attention of everyone in England, and they named her Pulchritudo, meaning great beauty in Latin.

Men would lust for her and give her extravagant gifts, for her to be on their arm for one night, and sometimes she would go if she found the person handsome, and sometimes she would accept the gift but not go with them and tell them why, “your nose is big, you are too short, you are fat, you are just plane ugly, you'd be better suited for my sister she has no standards.” She would say these things and with her grandfather being the Duke of Birmingham she was practically untouchable as her grandfather and grandmother loved her more than all there other grandchildren.

She did have a crush on Lord Quinton's son Theodore who was a man in his 30s and married to a beautiful brunette called Sarah, and when Dorothy turned 14 she caught his eye, he would smile at her, and she would turn red that her childhood crush noticed her, she would allow Theodore to take her virtue, as she wants him so badly.

One afternoon in her room she was naked touching herself watching Theodore shirtless showing his 10-year-old son how to use a sword, his muscles would flex as he would show his son a strike, Dorothy had one hand on the window while her other was playing with her dripping wet pussy.

Unseen by Dorothy, is Carl Smith as his father Darren has come with George's order, and he's brought his eldest son with him, Carl can't help but pull his cock out of his breaches and begins stroking himself to the beautiful naked brunette In front of him touching herself.

Theodore looks up and sees Dorothy, lust fills him, as much as he loves his wife he wants Dorothy more and by the looks of it she wants him as well. Dorothy gets the feeling that she's being watched and turns round to see Carl Smith with his fat stiff cock in his hand, she can't help but scream out. The guards grab him and take him away.

Darren takes him home as Carl is never aloud to enter Manchester again, or he'll be killed. Darren and Carl argue that night and Carl goes to the Winter's tavern and drinks himself silly and eventually Holly and Molly Simmons get him kicked out as he got rather hands on with them. Carl wake's up and finds himself on a navy ship heading to Germany in service of the king, his father died not long after he left.

Over the course of the next several weeks, Theodore and Dorothy would sneak off somewhere and would touch each other, Theodore would never fuck her as she's the granddaughter of a Duke, and they'd hang him for taking her virtue, but they kiss and pleasure each other in other ways, like right now, Dorothy is completely naked in the barn, on her hands and knees, with Theodore’s big fat cock in her mouth, she has one hand on his shaft while her other hand is in between her legs. “Oh, fuck Dot, thou is so good at this.” He says to her, this makes her very excited and begins to grip his cock tighter and begins pumping it faster while she licks around the fat head of his cock, she also rubs herself faster as she so badly wants to come.

He pulls out of her mouth and shoots his seamen all over her large breasts and this makes her come hard. Dorothy cleans herself up and turns around to kiss Theodore goodbye, but he's already gone, so she makes her way inside her home, and that's how there relationship goes, Dorothy being used by Theodore for several years this goes on far.

September 11th 1689

Manchester England, Gunther estate Theodore and his wife and children have arrived early with Quinton, his wife and his fat daughter Clare who now in her 30s can't be married off, Clare would stare with lust in her eyes at Dorothy and sprout off about Lord Benjamin Asmall killing Catherine Ledger, hence why most of the northwest call her the town lunatic.

Dorothy is laying in bed in her night wear when Theodore comes into her room. “Dorothy I need to be with you, I'm madly in love with you.” He tells her, this makes her so happy as she loves Theodore and desperately wants him to make her a woman. “I'm right here, you can take me my love.” She tells him and pulls the nightwear off herself and lays there completely naked before him.

Theodore quickly strips off and grips his raging erection in his hand and begins walking towards her bed, Dorothy can feel herself getting so wet and excited.

There's a knock on the door and Theodore’s wife Sarah sticks her head in to ask if she's seen Theodore as the children are asking for him. Sarah's hand goes to her mouth, and she begins to sob, and she runs off crying. Guilt hits Theodore like a blade to the heart. He scrabbles to grab his clothes and get dressed. “Sarah wait my love!” He called after her.

Dorothy stands In front of the door not letting him leave. “You said that you loved me, let her go and be with me my darling, I can love you better than she can.” She tells him. He grabs her by the shoulders. “I don't love you, I could never love a vain, spoiled little whore like you. I just wanted to get in-between Pulchritudo legs. Now move Dot.” He says to her, she begins to cry as the man she's loved since she was a young girl was using her and never loved her. Theodore and his family leave as Theodore blamed everything on Dorothy saying she seduced him and Sarah believed him.

The next night was George Gunther's 70th birthday party and Dorothy was so lost in thought and didn't want to be here, she's been noticing that her sister and the stable boy Daniel have been staring at each other with love in their eyes. She hated that her ugly skinny sister has found love and as beautiful as Dorothy is she's just seen as an object of lust.

Imogene sees her sister and can't help but admire how beautiful she looks in her dark green gown, she sees the men and women staring at her with lust in their eyes, she used to be so jealous of her, but Daniel not only has lust in his eyes for only her, but she sees lust in his eyes as well.

She goes to compliment her sister on how beautiful she is and like always Dorothy turns the compliment into a reason to play an evil prank on her sister. Imogene walks off with excitement on her face to find Daniel, Dorothy feels the hairs on her neck stand up and a rush of pleasure runs through her body, like something so animalistic is calling to her, goosebumps run all over her body.

Theodore's fat sister is talking, but Dorothy is trying to figure out why she feels this way, and then she sees him, a huge handsome man, with long black curly hair and the most beautiful blue eyes she's ever seen, he looks like a God as he looks so perfect.

His eyes have her under a spell, Clare tried to speak to him, but he brushed her aside and Dorothy unable to control her actions takes his hand as he leads her to dance, her head rest on his solid chest, she actually feels her pussy leaking and dribbling down her leg, just being this close to the man called Benjamin has got her this excited and the fact he looks in her eyes and not her chest like everyone else is magnificent to her, she would follow this man anywhere he wanted to take her, she was head over heels in love at first sight, she believes without a doubt that this Benjamin was to be hers forever.

Theodore had completely left her mind, all that mattered to Dorothy was this man and his arms around her waist. He left and Dorothy was in a daze all night, she was so excited to see him the next day and like he promised he was there to take her out on a picnic in the park, Amon loved how her hair shimmered in the sunlight.

He was a perfect gentleman, he would pick her up in his very extravagant carriage and take her out, sometimes it would be walks along the canal or at night he would take her to the theatre, he would hold her hand and stare at her lovingly.

Dorothy felt the pull to be with him and every time he left it was getting harder and harder to let him leave, one night he climbs up to her window while she's sleeping and strokes a strand of hair from her face, he couldn't get over how beautiful she looked. “Dorothy my darling wake up.” He says to her.

He sleepily eyes open, and he's sitting on her bed. “Benjamin. What is thou doing here?” She asked him in a whisper. “I've come to offer you a choice. You can come with me, and we'll be together forever, or you can stay and this will be last time you see me as I'm leaving for France.” He told her.

She sits up and wraps her arms around his neck. “Please Benjamin, take me with you. All I want is you, all I see is you whenever I look towards the future.” She says to him as a stray tear escaped her eyes. He wrapped her cloak around her and in a blur of motion he's taken her back to is sires home. “Sire I have brought you Dorothy.” Amon says to Vlad, Dorothy can't help but admire how handsome he is and how beautiful the blonde haired woman is standing next to him.

Dorothy feels fear because as beautiful as these two new people are she can feel evil in this mansion, it pours out of the walls. “You could've left her Benny boy.” Catherine says to Amon he just sticks his tongue out at her. “Hush my Pulchra Creaturae. Pulchritudo will be your new sister.” Vlad says in his thick Eastern European accent as he walks over to Dorothy and strokes her cheek with his cold hand, this makes Amon growl and Vlad smirks.

“You are very beautiful Pulchritudo, let's make this beauty last forever.” His face charges, and he bites into her neck, Amon is so angry as Vlad is touching what should be his, he pulls back and bites his wrist offering it to her, and she gulps down the powerful blood, before collapsing. “Put her back where you found her Amon.” Vlad tells him, Amon nods and in a blur he's taken Dorothy and is out of the door. “He'll regret this.” Catherine says under her breath. Amon lays Dorothy down on her bed and kisses her forehead. “Soon.” He says and he's gone into the night.

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