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The vampire dives into vampire lore, and follows the most ruthless and vicious vampire of all time. Why did he do the things that he did? Was there a reason behind everything? The prophecy states that Amon will either fight for the side of light or for Lucifer. What possible reason could the most feared vampire in a millennium want to join God himself? His SOULMATE! In this book it’s doesn’t just explain vampire lore but werewolves, witches, Gods, Angel and demons.

Horreur Littérature monstre Interdit aux moins de 18 ans.

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Chapter 1

September 7th 1645

Lancashire England 11 am Monday morning. It was a cool morning, but still very warm from the backlash from a beautiful long summer. In the slave quarters of the Duke of Lancashire's land, came an almighty scream. The scream came from a beautiful slender slave girl, who was in active labor. She is with another slave woman, a bit older than her. She is in-between her legs helping her give birth. "Come now sister I can see the head. Give me one big push." she says to her. "I can't do it Eliza, it hurts too much". The pregnant slave girl cries out. "Of course you can Phyllis. I've had four children, I'm sure you can have one." Eliza says with a smile on her face. Sweat and tears run down Phyllis's face, she begins shaking her head no. "I can't do it sister." She cried out. "Come now sister, just one big push and your child will be here." Eliza tells her, while she strokes her knee to give her encouragement.

Phyllis nods her head and smiles at her sister, she bears down and gives it everything she has left and with an almighty scream she pushes the baby out. Phyllis has tears in her eyes, and she looks absolutely exhausted. Eliza gathers the baby and wraps it in a blanket, she looks at the child and realizes that the baby is white. Which means that her poor little sister was raped oh, so she believes. The baby has bright blue eyes that reminded her of the Duke's of these lands, the Asmall’s. "You've done well Phyllis, you've had a baby boy." Eliza tells her with slight sadness in her voice. Phyllis smiles at this news. Eliza is shocked at her sister, to see happiness on her face. "May thy hold him sister?" Phyllis asked.

Eliza smiles at her and then hands her the screaming baby. "Who is the father sister? Was thy forced upon?" Eliza asked her. Phyllis just looks at the baby and smiles and shakes her head no. "No dear sister, I was not forced upon, he is Lord Patrick's child. We fell in love and I gave myself to him willingly." Phyllis tells her. This makes Eliza happy that her sister wasn't raped. Eliza turns to the door of the small room that they are in. "Toby come in here boy!" She shouts out. In a few moments the door opens and a teenage slave boy of about 16 walks in with his head down. "Yes mother." He says to Eliza. "I need you boy to go up to the castle and tell Lord Patrick that your aunt Phyllis has given birth to his son, is that clear boy?" She demands of him. The boy looks scared. "Yes mother I understand." He says to her.

She looks at him quite annoyed. "Then why is thou still standing there, run and tell him now boy!" She shouts at him. Toby nods and runs off towards the castle. Eliza turns to Phyllis with a smile. "Thy wishes to call him Benjamin." Phyllis tells her. "That's a lovely name sister." Eliza tells her with a smile. Then Phyllis' eyes roll to the back of her head and her head drops to the ground. "Mary get in here now!" Eliza screams. A young slave girl of 12 comes running in. "Yes mother?" She asked. "Take the baby and go outside." She tells her, and hands her baby Benjamin. Once the baby is off Phyllis, Eliza can see all the blood in-between Phyllis' legs.

Tears begin to run down Eliza's cheeks, she begins shaking Phyllis. "No, please don't do this Phyllis." Eliza cried out. Phyllis was gone and there was nothing anyone could do about it. The door flies open and stood there is a tall handsome white man, with long brown hair and deep blue eyes. He looks towards Phyllis and stumbles into the room and collapses beside her body and begins to sob uncontrollably. "Oh Phyllis my love, thy will never forget you." He says to her and kisses her on the lips. Tears running down his face, he covers her face with the blanket. Eliza is just stood in the corner with her head down.

Patrick turns to her. "Where is the child woman?" Patrick asked. "Mary bring in the baby." Eliza calls out.The young slave girl walks in with the child and hands it to her mother and then bows to Patrick and walks out. Patrick looks at the blanket covered body once more than walks over to Eliza and looks down at the child. He noticed that it's white with his blue eyes. "What is it woman?" Patrick asked her. "It's a boy my lord, Phyllis named him Benjamin before she died." Eliza tells him. Patrick nods and then smiles at the baby who looks at him and stops crying. "Hello Benjamin, I'm your father." Patrick says to the baby. He looks at Eliza for permission to hold the child.

She hands him over to him, with a sad smile on her face. "Pardon me for asking my Lord, but what would you like me to do with the child?" She asked him, as she knows that the baby will not pass as a slave, well not until the summer and that is only if they get sun. Patrick looks down at the child and smiles. "I'll take him to my father and ask if I can raise him as my bastard. If he says no, then he's your problem. Is that clear woman?" Patrick says to her. She bows her head. "Yes my lord." Patrick walks out with the baby in his arms. "Mary!" Eliza shouts. The young girl walks in with her head bowed. "Yes mother." she says. "Go get your uncles." She tells her. Mary walks out to go get her uncles. Eliza just stands there looking at the body and begins to cry. Moments later two large black slaves walk in and see Eliza crying. They look at the blanket covered body and also begin to cry. Eliza can't fathom any words because she can't stop sobbing and just points to the body. Her brothers understand, and they pick up Phyllis and take her to be buried.

As Patrick walks into the castle he finds his mother Lady Shannon, a beautiful aged woman and his father Duke of Lancashire Arthur Asmall, if 20 years younger would pass as Patrick's twin as there was no mistaking who was Patrick's father in the dinning hall eating fruit and drinking wine. Patrick's mother looks up and sees that's her son is holding something wrapped in a blanket. "What has thou got there my son?" Shannon asked him. Patrick removed the blanket and shows her his son. "My son mother, he is called Benjamin." Patrick says with slight fear in his voice.

Arthur's head pops up in rage. "What does thy mean your son?" He asked angrily. Patrick bows his head. "I've come to ask if I can keep the child father?" He asked. Shannon gets up and walks over to her son and asks for the baby, Patrick passed her the child, and she goes to sit back down with him in her arms, and she instantly falls madly in love with the baby. "Oh Arthur my darling, this child is beautiful, I know I said that about Heather's three children, but this one is special. I can feel it." She says with such love and adoration in her voice.

Arthur gets up and walks over to his wife to see the child, Patrick just stands there nervous. He bends down and looks at the child then looks at Patrick. "Thou mother is correct, he truly is a sight to behold my son." Arthur tells him with a smile. Patrick smiles at his parents. "Can I keep him father?" Patrick asked. Arthur stares at his son. "Who is this child's mother Patrick?" Arthur asked. Patrick puts his head down. "The slave girl Phyllis." Patrick tells him. "You raped my chamber maid Patrick?" His mother screams out, which frightens the baby, and he begins to cry. "No mother. I wouldn't do that, we loved each other." Patrick tells her.

She begins shushing and rocking the baby to calm him down. Arthur looks like he could beat Patrick he's that mad. "Not only did you fuck a nigger slave, but you fathered a child with this slave girl as well. You fucking disgust me Patrick." Arthur screams at him in anger. Patrick drops to his knees, "I'm sorry father, but I was in love, and she made me happy." Patrick says with tears in his eyes. Arthur looks at his son and can tell he's not telling the full story. "Let the boy stay with his mother." Arthur says to him, still with venom in his voice. "I'm sorry father, but she died giving birth to my bastard, it's why I wish to raise him as I loved her, and he was made from our love." Patrick says still on his knees and tears running freely down his face. "Arthur my love, the boy looks white, we can pass him off as white if you decide that Patrick can keep him." Shannon says to her husband and goes back to cooing over the baby boy.

Arthur begins to pace back and forth to try and calm himself down. Once calm he looks at Patrick and guested for him to stand, which he did. Arthur gets right in Patrick's face and looks him in the eyes. "You can raise the boy, he can our name, and he may be educated." Arthur says to him. "Thank you so much father." Patrick says with a smile and looks towards his mother who is also smiling. "Don't thank me just yet son. He will not have our title of Duke, that will go to your sister's son Alexander." Arthur says to him.

Patrick is shocked by this revelation. "Why is this father?" Patrick asked out of curiosity. "It's because I'd roll over in my grave before I allow a nigger to have my earned title. It will go to Alexander unless you can give me a legitimate heir." Arthur tells him. "That seems fair my love, wouldn't you agree Patrick?" Shannon says. "Yes mother, it's a fantastic offer, thank you father." Patrick says to them. "The boy is to never know and keep him out of the sun. You've shamed this family enough, no point making it worse, is that clear Patrick?" He tells him. Shannon gets up and sends for someone to come and collect the child. "That is clear father." Patrick says. "Good. Now we have to marry you, Lady Jillian will make a fine wife, I'll speak to her father in a few months when we go to the Nelson's Christmas Ball in Burnley." Arthur says to him. Patrick bows his head. "Jillian is a fine match father." Patrick says as Jillian is a very beautiful woman and desired by many suitors. "Good, now get out of thy sight boy." Arthur tells him. Patrick walks to his mother and kisses her cheek and then walks off with a smile on his face.

October 31st 1655

It's been over 10 years since Benjamin was born and in that time Patrick is onto his second wife. Patrick's first wife Lady Jillian, was a lovely woman who loved Benjamin as her own. She even gave Patrick a daughter who they named Hope. Even after Hope was born, she still loved Benjamin as her own, and he loved her, she was his mother. Jillian was not an only child, she had a younger sister named Joanne and once she came of age was she was named the beauty of Lancashire.

Everyone wanted her, but she wanted what her sister had, a high Duke and there wasn't a higher title than the Asmall’s in the whole of the northwest of England, and she wanted to be a Duchess. So to get her sister out of the way, she seduced Patrick, then convinced him that she would be better suited for him than her sister. Patrick being a typical man followed his cock and listened to her. She convinced Patrick that Jillian was cheating on him with the young slave Toby, so Patrick had Jillian beheaded and Toby whipped and then hung. Joanne then went and had Toby's sister Mary raped and murdered. Eliza was heartbroken that her two oldest children who had children of their own where murdered just so someone could marry Patrick. She prays that young Benjamin doesn't grow up like that. Joanne was a horrible woman, but breathtakingly beautiful.

Once she married Patrick which was just about a year ago, she convinced Hope that Benjamin was horrible and should always try to get him into trouble, and that is what she is doing now, as she has stolen his wooden toy horse. "Hope when I get my hands on thee, you'll be sorry!" He screams at her as he chased her through the manor of his father's home. "Father help me!" Hope screams out and begins to cry. She runs into her father's study. Patrick sees his darling little girl in tears. Benjamin comes through the door and can see that his father is mad. Hope turns to him and smiles, he's been set up again. "Benjamin why is thy sister upset?" Patrick asked him. "She stole thy toy horse, which thy friend Andrew had his father make for thee, for thy birthday." Benjamin tells him with his head down.

Patrick is not a stupid man, he knows that his daughter is looking for new ways to get her brother in trouble. Patrick has a younger sister Elizabeth who everyone calls Lisa as Patrick couldn't pronounce her name as a child, and it's stuck. Elizabeth has a daughter same age as Hope called Jasmine "Is this true Hope?" Patrick asked her. Hope bowed her head out of shame. "Yes father, but only because Benjamin doesn't want to play with me and much rather climb trees with the slave boy Andrew." Hope tells her father. Hoping that Benjamin will get into trouble for playing with a slave. "Hope, give thy brother his toy back and Benjamin be nicer to thy sister." Patrick says to them, as he has enough to do without needing to discipline his children. "Yes father, sorry father." They both say in unison.

He nods and they both are about to walk off. "Benjamin, you can stay, I've something to discuss with you child." He says to him, Hope smiles thinking that he's going to get into trouble and walks out of Patrick's study. "Have I done something wrong father?" Benjamin asked quite nervous. "No boy, I'm quite proud to be honest with you, you are doing well in your education and all you're training. All your mentors are proud, keep it up son." Patrick says with pride. "Thank you father. I just want to be the best." Benjamin says to him. "That's good, well let's hope that you can behave in church tomorrow. We don't want another incident like last year do we?" Patrick says with a stern voice. Benjamin just shakes his head. "No father, I'll be good." He says with fear in his voice. As last year on All Saints' Day, Benjamin voice his opinion of praying to something that he couldn't see and thought that it was stupid. Patrick beat Benjamin good that day. "Very well, you may leave my son." Benjamin bowed and walked out.

As Benjamin walks towards his room, Joanne steps out from behind a door. "That is the one Joanne." A demonic voice is heard. "Are you sure Lucifer? He doesn't seem that special." Joanne says. Flames appear and once stopped, a beautiful brunette is stood there. "Trust me, he's the one." Lucifer says to her. "Fine my Goddess, I'll blow him up." Joanne says with a sinister smile. "Very well but fail me." She flames out before she finishes what she was going to say.

Later that night a meteor the size of a stallion horses head comes through Benjamin's window and destroyed his room and part of the manor. Lucky for Benjamin, he was sleepwalking and was on the other side of the manor, when the staff found Benjamin he was fast asleep in his father's study on his desk. It would seem that God was watching out for the boy. Patrick gave the meteor to the local blacksmith Darren Smith as the meteor seems to be made from some type of metal.

September 7th 1663

The Duke of Lancashire throws his grandson Benjamin a huge birthday for his 18th as he is a man now. Benjamin has grown up to be a very handsome man, he's tall and built and if you were to ask anyone lady that had seen Lord Benjamin without his shirt on would say that he's been chiseled out of marble as he looks perfect. He is wanted by many women, but he loves all women. He beds women for fun, and he doesn't care if they have a husband. Likewise, he wanted Lady Carly, but she married Benjamin's idiot cousin Alexander last year, and they are still yet to have a child.

But with how much Alexander drinks, just like his own father Colton. Benjamin is surprised if he could even get it up. Carly was a childhood friend, and they would have been a perfect match. But Benjamin's grandfather thought Lady Carly would be better suited to his cousin. Benjamin wanted to marry the daughter of carriage driver Louise. Benjamin and Louise had been lovers and friends for years. Many of Benjamin's friends believe that Louise was Benjamin's first lover, but she was his second, but she is his first love, and he does love her with his whole heart. Andrew knows that it was a beauty like no other who stole Benjamin's virtue, she was slender but curvy, her hair looked to be made of dark silk as it shimmered in the light. Benjamin told him that her naked body was perfect, toned body and legs, firm tight ass, nice big breasts, and a face that would've been a poet's dream.

Andrew knew that she was of Indian origin and that she left before Benjamin awoke and has not been heard from since and that was two years ago. The party is going well, there is food and drink, there is laughter. "May I have everyone's attention." Patrick called out. Everyone stopped and looked at Patrick. "Nearly eight years ago thy son was nearly killed by a big rock, we found out that the rock was some sort of metal and I had Darren Smith the greatest blacksmith in England. Use that metal and make this for my son." Patrick says and reveals a sword that looks completely black and has a golden handle.

Benjamin walks over to the sword and Darren presents it to him. "If I may your Lord." Darren says, Benjamin nods his head. "The sword is made from this rare metal, it took me years to melt it and mold it, I wanted it to be special to you, so I used drops of your blood to make it belong to only you." Darren explains. Benjamin picks it up and enjoys the weight, and he runs his hand across the blade it feels like liquid it's so soft. "Benjamin every good sword has a name." Patrick tells him. Benjamin inspects it "Black Panther, as it's completely black, and I've always wanted to see a panther." Benjamin says, and he gets a few chuckles from people.

Everyone cheers and wishes him happy birthday, all except his stepmother Joanne and his new sister Emily and his other sister Hope. Joanne can feel the power coming from that sword. "Mother that sword is naughty." Emily says. "I can feel it also auntie." Hope says. "That's because it's from heaven my dears. We'll have to work faster and come up with better ways to kill thy brother, because nothing seems to be working at the moment. Even Princess Ameerah fell for your brother and could not kill him." She tells them and they nod in agreement.

Carly and Alexander heard the whole thing and all three were tried and burned alive as witches. Patrick became a laughingstock and started to really hate his son as he believed it was his doing why all three of his children's mothers are dead. Benjamin tried to be the great son, but Patrick just seemed to hate him more. So Benjamin began to whore and drink himself stupid.

December 28th 1665

Benjamin and Patrick sat in Patrick's study drinking wine. "What is wrong with this one son?" Patrick asked. "Are you being serious father, I'm Benjamin Asmall and you wanted me to marry Lord Brookfield's fat daughter Clare. You are going as senile as grandfather if you thought that I would marry her." Benjamin tells his father with a smile on his face. "Careful son, your grandfather and I will only tolerate your behavior for so long before we force you to marry." Patrick tells him. This just makes Benjamin laugh. "You have gone fucking crazy, why haven't you sent for Pulchra Creaturae to be my wife, now that would be a fine match father." Benjamin says with a smile. "Because the Duke of Essex wants his daughter to marry for political reasons and you, son are not a good political reason, because you are a bastard." Patrick says to him.

Benjamin looks rather hurt at his father's words, but begins to laugh. "Yes a bastard but still a better match than you father, the wife killer." Benjamin laughs out. Patrick looks at his son with rage. "Listen here boy, your grandfather wants you engaged by your 21st year!" Patrick tells him with a smug smile. "Or what, father?" Benjamin asked. "Or you'll be cut off." Patrick tells him with a smile. Benjamin just shakes his head. "You two are a pair of cunts, fuck this shit." Benjamin says and walks out. When Benjamin leaves, Patrick just stares at the closed door. "I should've left him with the fucking slaves." Patrick says to himself.Benjamin jumps into his carriage and makes his way to the local tavern.

He climbs out of the carriage and walks into the tavern and makes his way straight for the busty brunette behind the bar. "Hello beautiful how are you doing this evening? I've missed you." He asked her with a smirk that makes women wet. The young girl smiles at him. "I've missed you too handsome, but my husband will find out if we carry on." She tells him. "Let him find out, you should have been mine Louise and we both know this." He says to her with love in his eyes.

Louise was to marry Benjamin, but as she is below Benjamin's status, his grandfather refused. So her father had her marry the tavern owners son. But the tavern owner wanted her as Louise is the most desirable woman in all of Lancashire. He paid two slaves, to kill his son then he had the slaves whipped and hung, he did all this because he wanted Louise to be his wife. "I'll meet you tonight in my father's stable, I've missed you so much my love." She says to him in a whisper. "And I have missed you my darling, can I have a drink please beautiful?" Benjamin asked her with a smile. "Of course my lord. There is a man in the corner asking about you. He came in just after dark." She tells him, then she gives him a drink, and he puts his coins down for her.

Benjamin grabs his drink and walks over to were Louise said, and he finds a well-dressed, handsome man with pale skin, long straight dark hair and dark eyes. The man looks up from his drink. "You must be Lord Benjamin Asmall, it's a pleasure to meet you." The man says in a thick eastern European accent. Benjamin takes a sip of his beer, "I am Lord Benjamin, Mrs Anderson says that you wish to speak to me." Benjamin says to him in a calm and collected manner, Benjamin maybe of high status, but he never believes that he is better than anyone, so he speaks to people as his equals.

The man offers Benjamin to join him which he accepts, but is very weary of the man as Benjamin can't put his finger on it, but there is something not right with this man, he just screams danger. "I've been told many things about you, from Andrew." The man says and this gets Benjamin's attention as Andrew as been missing for over a year now. "How do you know my friend Andrew?" Benjamin asked. "I offered him the same thing that I'm going to offer you." The man says with a smile. "And what is thou going to offer me my friend?" Benjamin asked. "I'm going to offer you a world, without human rules, to be your own man, beautiful women, power and riches. All this could be yours." The man says to him. Benjamin looks at the man and is thinking over what he's just heard, he could accept the man's offer or marry Lady Brookfield and keep everything that he holds deer. "Can thy think about this offer sir?" Benjamin asked. The man nods, finishes his drink then gets up. "You may, but I leave soon and when I do so does this offer." He says and walks out in to the dark of night. Benjamin realized that he didn't ask his name and runs after him, but he is nowhere to be seen. Benjamin walks back inside the tavern to get drunk.

Up on the rooftops is the man, flames appear next to him and Lucifer is stood beside him. He bows his head. "Do you think this is a good idea Vlad?" She asked. "I think it's a brilliant idea, your witches failed, Princess Ameerah failed, you've been killing this family line for thousands of years, because they fight for all that is good." Vlad says to her. "I do like it, but it's never been done before." Lucifer says to him. "It's never been done my Goddess, because I have only just thought of it." He laughs out. "Careful Vlad, do what you must." She says then flames out. Vlad just smiles at where she stood.

Much later Benjamin and Louise are in the barn on the Asmall’s estate. Benjamin has Louise sat on her father's work bench and is kissing and groping her, they begin to strip each other naked. Benjamin is fascinated with Louise's big round breasts and takes her right breast into his mouth and begins sucking and licking it, Louise moans in pleasure and reaches down and begins to stroke Benjamin's cock. "Ooh Ben, I've missed you and this monster inside me." She says to him with lust in her eyes. "Aww does thy husband not satisfy you my love?" Benjamin asked her.

He reaches between her legs and feels her wet pussy, just dripping and aching for him, she begins moan more as he rubs her. "You know that he's never been with me, he's too drunk for that and too old. It does not get hard." She tells him through moans of pleasure and giggling. "I know this, I just like to hear you say it my love." He tells her with a smile. "I need to tell you something, but I need this big thing inside me first." She tells him. He smiles and rubs his manhood against her folds, to make her wetter and to lube himself up. He finds her entrance and pushes himself inside slowly at first, to allow her to adjust to his size. Not only that, but he begins to go in and out, Benjamin takes her lips and kisses her deeply, and she moans into his mouth, he brakes the kiss and goes to her breasts and begins sucking and groping them.

His pace picks up, and he lifts her left leg to his shoulder, so he can pump into her more. Her moans and screams of pleasure get louder, "oh yes I'm so close don't stop." Louise moans out. So Benjamin just picks up the pace and goes harder and faster for her. "AHH YES BEN! YES! YES AHH!" Louise screams out as liquid gushes out of her. Louise's pussy begins to convulse, it begins to tighten and loosen around Benjamin's cock and the mixture of her warm juices make Benjamin shoot himself inside her, he pulls out and lays down on the floor, still hard as a rock.

When Louise sees this, she smiles. "Thou friend wants to go again, thou friend has a mind of its own." She tells him with a giggle. She walks over and positions herself over his manhood and begins to lower herself onto him. "Thou is so full, you've stretched me, so no man can have me again." She says with a smile. Benjamin is just hypnotized by her big beautiful breasts. "I aim to please my love." Benjamin tells her with his trademark smirk. This just excites Louise more. "I'm always pleased with you my love." She squeals out as she's in the throes of pleasure. She just bounces up and down on his enormous manhood and screams out in ecstasy.

Furthermore, she rides Benjamin until her second orgasm courses through her. And she screams out his name, then collapses on top of him and begins kissing him with such passion and love. He runs his strong hands all over her body. She gets goosebumps where ever he touches her, he gives her big ass a gentle slap, which makes her giggle. Benjamin gets her to go on all fours and her gets behind her big beautiful ass. He enters her in one thrust which makes her scream in shock.

Benjamin grabs her waist and just starts plowing in and out of her, never holding back. "AHH YES BEN YES, IT'S SO DEEP!" She screams out, he grabs her harder and fucks her like his life depends on his. She begins screaming and thrashing as the most powerful orgasm of her life runs through her. Benjamin empties himself inside her and collapses next to her. Louise has completely passed out. Benjamin kisses her cheek. "I love you Lou." He says then gets dressed and walks back home. In the barn in the roof space sits Vlad as he's just watched the whole thing. He drops and sniffs the air. The smell of sex fills his nose, it arouses him. Then he hears the second heart beat. "She's pregnant, two for one aren't I lucky tonight." Vlad says to himself with a sick and twisted smile. Andrew steps out from the shadows behind Vlad. "Do you know this girl Andrew?" Vlad asked him. "Yes master, she is Benjamin's lover, and she seems to be carrying his child." Andrew says to him. Vlad just smiles. "Go hunt, this is mine tonight." Vlad says, Andrew nods and walks out as he begins walking he hears the screams of pain and fear, coming from Louise. He smiles and keeps walking away.

The next morning the town is in fear as young Louise's body had been found naked and chopped up, and her body was propped up on spikes hanging from the tavern roof, and what can only be described as a baby fetus nailed to her head. The rumors are that her husband caught her with someone else and did this to her, some say it was one of her lover's so no one else could have her, some say that a demon had done it for her cheating. Her husband was hanged later that day, and he was the main suspect and no one believed anyone else would do this as Louise was loved by everyone in town, even by the high-born's. Louise was buried a few days later with the child in her coffin, Benjamin paid for everything for her family and buried her not in the cemetery but next to the big Oak tree, that they played in as children. Benjamin never attended the funeral as it was too painful. First Andrew and now his Louise, his two closest friends, and now he has no one he trusts.

Night comes, Benjamin finds himself walking to Louise's grave to say goodbye to her. He drops to his knees and begins to cry. "I'll never forget you Louise or our child, I'll always love you my darling." Benjamin says to the grave as tears flow from his eyes. He hears footsteps behind him and sees a slave woman who he recognizes as Andrews mother. "Hello Benjamin, I heard about miss Louise, I'm sorry for thy loss." Eliza says to him. "Thank you miss Eliza, that means a lot to me, I'm sorry I haven't found Andrew yet." He tells her. She nods to him. "You've grown in to a fine young man, thy mother would be proud of you." She says to him.

Benjamin stares at her in shock as even his father doesn't speak of his mother. "You new my mother?" He asked her. "Of course I did child, she was my sister, I pulled you from her. She loved you and named you Benjamin." Eliza tells him. This revelation shocks Benjamin beyond belief. "My mother was a slave? You're my aunt? Andrew is my cousin, I'm an educated slave." He says not believing what he's just said and heard. "That's true my sweet nephew." Eliza says to him. "Why wasn't I told all this before and why are you telling me this now?" Benjamin says rather angry at the whole situation. "Andrew is gone, my eldest daughter was raped and murdered on your second stepmothers orders, my eldest son was murdered for lies said about him and your first stepmother. My youngest daughter died through childbirth that was your cousin's after he raped her. I'm old and have nothing to lose or gain from you knowing the truth now nephew." Eliza tells him.

Then everything clicks in Benjamin's head, why he wasn't entitled to the Duke of Lancashire, oh why he's been treated like a second class citizen in his own family. "My whole life has been a lie, no wonder my whole family hates me." Benjamin says and just starts crying, Eliza wraps her arms around him and cries with him as well. Benjamin is raging and wants to kill his whole family after the shit they've put him through.

Vlad watches and listens to everything that is said, he smiles and sees the beast in Benjamin's eyes, he wants to unleash the monster deep inside him. "The next few months are going to be interesting Lord Benjamin." Vlad says to himself with a sick smile on his face. Lucifer flames in, just behind Vlad. "Simply wonderful Vlad, what you did to her was beautiful." She says to him. "Thank you my Goddess, the next few months should be just as beautiful." Vlad tells her. "What do you have planned with him? I can feel that he'll be magnificent with the right guidance." Lucifer says to him. "All my Childer are fantastic, and he'll be a God to them, I'll kill everyone he holds dear and then when he feels like he has nothing keeping him here, I'll turn him." Vlad tells her. Lucifer kisses his cheek and flames out, as she likes this plan.

Vlad just stays at watches a bit longer, Andrew steps towards him. "Master I'd like to help you with my cousin." Andrew says to him. "You'll be able to help, you can kill your nigger family, but only when I tell you too, is that clear Childe?" Vlad tells. "Yes master, I'm looking forward to drinking them dry, as you told me that family blood is the best." Andrew says with a smile. Vlad smiles and puts his arm around Andrew. "It is my Childe, let's go get something to eat my boy." Vlad says and they head off into the night.

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