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Book 1 of the Mc No Limits series Book No. 1 The King When the worlds of King the President of Mc No Limits and the rider Princess Ivy collide, it's like a volcanic eruption. But a stroke of fate brings them together and they soon discover that they have to work together to save innocent people.

Romance Romance jeune adulte Interdit aux moins de 18 ans.

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Chapter 1


I woke up to the sun's rays shining through my window onto my face. The warm sun rays seemed to burn my skin but that was normal for our Californian weather. I was used to it but I think I overdid it again last night on one of our riders' parties, that's why I was so bitchy. There was no particular reason to celebrate, life itself is a reason and so we got wild and shit-faced again.

I turned to the side and bumped into a body lying sleeping next to me. The long red hair made me quickly realize that it was Candy, one of the club whores who hung out in my bar in the hope of becoming a married woman, thus the Ol' lady of a biker.

Ol' lady's were treated with respect but these women who hung out here didn't even have respect for themselves. They stuck to one biker only to later throw themselves at another. But it was fine with me, they weren't part of our club and we always had something to fuck. Always protected, but it was still a good fuck.

I got out of bed and collected myself while looking for my clothes. Candy's naked body was in my bed so I knew we definitely weren't talking about my record collection.

The good thing is that the girls just disappear in the morning, I don't have to call anyone back and I certainly didn't want a relationship. I didn't have time for it, not that I didn't want to become a family man myself.

I just didn't have that desire at the moment. My love was the Club and my Harley. Candy seemed to get it too and so we just served each other for fun and stress relief.

As I strolled down the stairs of the Clubhouse that led to my bar, my sister Alice was sitting at the counter with her husband Wrath. He was a brother, a member of the MC Club, and also our treasurer.

"Coffee?" Alice asked with a smile as she poured the savior broth into a cup.

I just nodded and took the cup she handed me as I sat down next to them. My gaze wandered through the window of the bar onto the street that was our home.

Most of the people were already awake and doing something useful. Everyone had their tasks that they did, only I sat at the bar with a hangover because I could do it as president of No Limits.

The town in which we lived was once founded by my great-great-grandfather together with a couple of hard-working farmers. So my ancestors were the founders of the town in which I spent my whole life and we were respected people. Over time it changed its name and today it is called Las Flores, an unincorporated town in Orange County, California, population less then 4000.

It was a community-free place but not power-free and we had that say here.

Biker Tradition for many years that my father passed on to me as the eldest of four children. Well, Ace wasn't my blood brother but he grew up with us and I loved him like one. I could always rely on him and he never once let me down. When we grew up together, I didn't distinguish him from Duke, my younger brother.

Most of the men who are in my MC grew up with us. Their parents were retired and some were even original members of the MC.

My father John James was the former President but no one knew him by that name. To everyone else, he was J.J and that was on his cut patch that he still wears. The only thing that changed was his rank, President became Original and so I took over that title.

MC No Limits President - King that was written on my leather cut and decorated my back and the place on my heart.

While we took our parents' places, new members also joined us who, like everyone else, had to serve as prospects for years to prove themselves and show that they were equal to being viewed as a brother and could proudly wear the MC's cut.

The old ones didn't just sit around or ride their bikes, no, they continued to work hard for the community. Even though they withdrew from the club, they were still a part of our community and contributed their part.

We had a lot of land that was on the outskirts of the city and a street that was our headquarters in the middle of which was my bar and the clubhouse. We had a few other businesses on the street, including a workshop and a tattoo studio, but that was most of it in Members' houses to which smaller streets led. Like a maze that connected the houses in which they lived and worked protected by a wall and a gate.

Some homes became farms and they grew vegetables and fruit and kept animals. However, that wasn't anything for me - I had my hands full with the club.

When my father took over the club, he also received all the responsibilities from his father. Grandfather had a great friendship with the young police chief of Aguna Beach, Tom Carter and when he rose even further and got a promotion, he seemed to be a big player and was probably an important number in the FBI.

Grandfather and he had an agreement that they would keep their protected safe in our community and so the Safe House is still a part of us and we are paid well for our work. Really well.

Who would dare to come into the community of an armed biker gang to cause unrest? I don't think anyone smart.

Father and Alice continue to look after those in need and run the Safe House, which is also part of my duties. Duke takes care of all the things that have to be swept under the carpet and are not particularly legal.

He, as my vice president, takes care of the new identities and safe transport to the new home of the protected when he has found one. Together with Wrath, our treasurer, and Void, the secretary, and hacker genius, he creates magic.

Void and his wife Erin have been together since school and both are computer geeks. What is just letters and numbers on a screen for me is like Narnia for them. The two also have a son Mike, the boy has totally inherited his parents' genes and I often see him with his dad behind the screen talking some geek shit that I have no idea about.

In contrast to little Mike, Alice and Wrath's daughter is exactly my dream child. Drew is rebellious and a real biker princess like her mom once was, and I'm a damn proud uncle.

"You look like you've been chewed and spit out," Alice said as she looked at me and Wrath hid his laughter.

I just rolled my eyes and took a deep breath. My head seemed like a giant useless ball on my shoulders.

"Good morning King," I heard Ace say as he walked in the door.

"I don't know how you could be up so early after everything we drank last night. What the hell are you doing out there so early?" I asked him, laying my head on the counter.

"I prepared the house. Didn't Alice tell you we were getting someone new?" Ace asked me as he sat down next to me.

I raised my head and looked at my sister.

"Really?" I asked her and she nodded.

"The situation is a bit complicated. Old Tom told Dad and me that contact with her has been lost. Something strange is going on," Alice said thoughtfully.

Just then my father and mother came into the bar, my father always with that smile and my mother looking at me with a raised eyebrow.

"What happened to you?" Mom asked as she looked at me.

I laughed like she'd never had a hangover before and Dad sat down next to us.

"Someone has to go to Tom; he doesn't want to talk about this over the phone. There's too much at stake. It's probably about a big fish that sells women," Father said as he picked up his coffee.

"How I hate these fuckers... poor women," Alice said.

We have seen and heard a lot from the protected who came to us. Nothing can easily surprise me anymore. We had women here, children, even entire families who were in trouble and had to do with the wrong people. So trafficking women is nothing new.

"The guy seems to be from our area. Somewhere from here to Las Vegas," Wrath said as he checked something in his folder.

"Is it smart to protect them here?" Mom asked.

Nobody knew the people who came and went and when they arrived, they did so overnight.

Nobody comes in through the gate and nobody leaves without permission. Our community is protected and nobody comes in without an invitation or the company of one of the members.And nobody from outside talks to the protected.

"Of course, it is. We will find her a new home. We have never failed before and we won't fail now," Father said and took Mom in his arms.

"I'll go with Duke as soon as he gets up," Alice said and as if on point Duke came down the stairs and groaned.

"Oh look it's alive," Ace said and we laughed.

"Okay, then you go as soon as Duke is ready and please let me know when you get back," said Dad and went back out with Mother.

After a while, they got ready and drove off in Alice's car. I knew without asking that Duke hated her car and would prefer a bike, but they didn't know what to expect and if they have to take someone with them, that wouldn't work on a Harley. I watched them drive off and went back to my duties. It's going to be a long fucking day with a huge headache.

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