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Karol sends an email explaining her death to all her classmates and teachers, when she is already dead. A corpse, a compass. A murder.

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The Compass



Hi, I'm Karol. If you are reading this it means that you study or work in my old school and therefore, you would know that I'm dead. Surely you are a curious person or you'll simply be carried away by the comments of the people. So I'll explain the cause of my death. It all started with the death of my best friend, coincidence? I really doubt it. Since I found his body next to a compass, at the bathroom of my school, everything seemed very suspicious, so I started looking for the culprit. During the days that followed the death of Sophie, my best friend, there was no one capable of approaching a partner of my colleagues who thought he was guilty. Some time later, in the girls' bathroom, there was a second corpse with a compass at his side. It confused me a lot at first and it did not seem like a simple coincidence or an accidental death. Even more when I heard a slam of the door I was locked up. Everything began to be reality and it wasn't a simple murder, and everything had a direct relationship with me and with that institute, that horrible site. Some of you'll think that it's cursed and it's a type of spectrum that's causing all these deaths but no, that's what I wanted it to be. After the repeated way of killing the students it is very clear that it would be a teacher.When at last I managed to get out of that claustrophobic place I entered the dark corridors of the institute to discover the only murderer. Walking through that endless, corridors, with many clues, obvious, all that indicated that it was a trap. It was already too late when I realized, the killer was already aware of my exact position and was ready to act. Intention to escape by all possible means, but it was impossible and you still were not what could be the alleged murderer. He suspected two professors, Jairo and Thalia. Jairo was very serious and seemed very distant, on the other hand, Thalia was a very happy person but lately had a sudden mood swings. It is not known how someone can be so bad and so cruel as to murder and make their students suffer. And even less when he was able to leave me locked up in the institute until nightfall. After realizing that I could not leave for a long time, I wanted to make myself sacrifice to discover what was about to happen. It began to hear strange noises throughout the institute and the lights began to blink as if it were a horror movie in question. As I looked toward the end of the corridor-the only area clearly illuminated-I could clearly see the cynical look of the assassin at the end of the corridor. Jairo, the teacher I most admired was about to end up with me in the worst way and without even knowing how or why everything happened. He had already fallen into the arms of darkness, everything he had never intended, was happening and he could not go back. Jairo had murdered me and I knew he was not his last victim.That is why he sent this email, because right now he could be planning his next murder and worst of all is possible.Thank you for reading and please continue with the research on your part and warn others, but you will not relive your dreams with your life.

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