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Newcomer Daffy Duck is destined to get fame and bring his slutty-ass self to an education after his brother kicked him out of the house, now he's with a sorority boy, and a fucking pig. Destined to be someone in a school for whores, who else is here? None other than (goddammit *sighs*) bugs bunny!

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Intro/Chapter 1 (The Ferry) 😅🤣

(Hey, this is Sabrina Witcher, up-and coming witch, who loves writing, if anyone remembers my Wattpad version, or my neobook version, this will be slightly different, also they are high school age, because real high schools are used for set purposes, so they use middle school, so lets begin)

(Daffy Pov)

I walked along the stairs multiple times, pacing the floor with tears steaming my eyes, I felt like a lost child.

"Shh, it's ok, it can't be that bad.... when I went to middle school when I was younger, I made lots of friends...." Granny called, from the laundromat downstairs.

"It's not about that abuelita." I whispered, grabbing my backpack and mini bag for my sex toys, as I walked out.

I walked down the boardwalk, the local carnival in full swing, the mall booming with teens, and the Road Runner delivery the daily mail.

I walked on the ferry, cuphead sitting on my lap. When I sat down, I smirked.

"You really missed me, didn't you~?" I asked immediately as he nodded, his hands roaming my pants.

"I couldn't resist, you know how I am, I get so excited, to the point....., oh right.... I still can't, " he whispered as I hugged him.

"I think you're a great sex toy.... no matter what, Tina may still be my girl, but your the one I fuck..." I said, pulling him into a passionate kiss.

Porky was sitting beside me, recording everything, I loved my close-knit friend group, even if no one else did.


As the ship pulled onto the dock, I could hear the iconic words.

"Nice penis, doc!"

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