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Ten years have passed since the guardian of light eliminated the order and used the black ring of destiny to revive all those who died in the last war and erase their memories of all the events. Now a new evil is threatening to destroy the village unless the priestess Kikyo and the old Zangetsu bring Issac to stop this enemy.

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Ten Years

Ten years have passed since Isaac's last battle. He used the Black Ring of Destiny to revive everyone who died in the war, except the bad guys. The Guardian of Light also erased everyone's memory of him, the avatars and the war that took place, so that no one would remember all the things that happened because of him.

After that, he disappeared without leaving any trace that could be found. The world became a calmer and more normal place; peace was here to stay for a long time, but this was not going to last forever. There was still one more enemy left in this story to finish this final chapter.

Harmony in the village continued as usual, normal life for everyone. Miroku was still working as a monk eliminating monsters along with Inuyasha, while Sango was teaching her three sons to be exterminators especially the youngest named Hisui. But the most important had been Kikyō, who was raising her capricious and troubled 10-year-old son, Juanz.

- Could you calm down? -asked the priestess as she hung the clothes on a rope.

- I can't calm down! -spoke the Hanyō dressed in a suit similar to his father's, but this one was white; moreover, he resembled him not only physically, but also in personality.

- I already told you that you cannot accompany your father.

- But I wanted to go with him! -he answered very angry and capricious.

- Your father and I told you that you would go when you were older, so be patient.

- I am older, I have the same skills as my father!

- Ah... -he exhaled with disappointment. He's just like his father.

- Will you let me go to my father? -she asked, suspiciously.

- Hmp... -he replied with a smile.

- Is that a no or a yes?

- If you manage to beat me, I will let you go to your father.

- Mom? -he said, still suspicious.

- Come on, attack," he beckoned.

- I...

- Attack with confidence," he said in a gentle tone.

Meanwhile, in a house far from the village, there were Inuyasha and a mature Miroku who looked a bit big with that mustache he had; the monk was trying to get a demon spirit out of that place.

- We place this scroll at the entrance of the door and.... - Miroku said as he taped the scroll, with the Hanyō waiting leaning on his steel sword.

- Get ready, Inuyasha, because he's about to leave.

Just as Miroku said, a demon snake came out of the entrance of the house, trying to flee, but Inuyasha easily defeated it with his sword, cutting it down.

- What a weak demon - Inuyasha spoke arrogantly.

- Thank you for helping us to eliminate that spirit, your excellency! - said the old man of the house.

- It was nothing, it is always an honor to help and receive my reward - smiled the monk.

- Miroku, don't be ambitious! - Inuyasha complained, for he knew the monk well.

- My young friend, remember that I need the money to feed my children.

- Nor, even if the years go by will you cease to be an ambitious monk!

- Don't worry, here is your money, Your Excellency," the old man handed over a small bag of coins.

Once away, Inuyasha discussed Miroku's attitude.

- How long are you going to keep ripping people off? - Inuyasha asked angrily.

- I didn't swindle anymore - Miroku answered very calmly.

- What about yesterday? - he exclaimed louder.

- It was due to circumstances of the utmost importance.

- You're 40 years old and you're still acting like this?

- I envy that you don't age, Inuyasha - a vein popped out on his forehead.

- What's that got to do with it?

- I say that because your wife, Kikyō, just turned 33, right?

- What does Kikyō have to do with this?

- Well... she came alive again and only aged a little, but she's still a beautiful woman - he spoke a little lustfully.

- I swear, if you keep talking about Kikyō like that, I will murder you - he was irritated.

- Don't worry, I won't say or look at anything about your wife.

- That's the way I like it - he closed his eyes.

- By the way... Don't you think about Miss Kagome? - he asked in a calm tone.

There was a long silence to the monk Miroku's question, it had been many years since Kagome returned to her time to clear the way for Inuyasha and Kikyō. Now that the topic resurfaced, the hanyō didn't know how to answer.

- I... - stopped.

- Sometimes with Sango we chat about her as well as Shippō and old woman Kaede," revealed the monk.

- Kagome must be in her time... she's living a normal life without all of us - she found it hard to speak.

- Miss Kagome agreed to go back to her time and let you be with Miss Kikyō, but I think she also did it to try to forget you.

- I thought so too, but it was because of "our dead son".

- Now I remember that Izuna led Miss Kagome into a trap, she confronted Naraku with the help of Miss Kikyō and Sango.

- That day... I remember... we lost our son... he was born and died...

- However, you managed to have another child, but with Kikyō.

- Yes... Juanz is too impatient, he wants to join us.

- He looks a lot like you, no doubt he inherited everything from his "troublesome" father - he said with a mocking smile.

- What are you trying to say? - he asked without understanding.

- Nothing, I didn't say anything... let's go back to the village - smiled the monk.

Meanwhile in the woods of a village that has begun to evolve from medieval to modern thanks to the emperor who wants to make the Meiji restoration:

- "my lord the samurai have attacked the western village" - spoke a counselor.

- I understand, they refuse to forget their customs and do not intend to give up.

- He said he will take his own life, if you ask him to" - spoke another counselor.

- I'm not going to ask them to do that, too much blood has already been shed.

- "The only way to end this, is to exterminate all the samurai" - this time I spoke captain.

- I don't know if this is the way, but I want to talk to Takamori in person to try to stop this.

- "with all due respect my lord, Takamori just thinks we should stick to the old ways, that's why I don't think he will accept" - spoke the short-haired captain.

- we cannot follow the path of our ancestors, that led us to many wars for different territories, you will have to accept that samurai cannot be in an era that we need to modernize like the rest of the world.

Returning to the village, Inuyasha and Miroku returned just to see how Kikyō defeated a tired Juanz, who from the ground complained that he couldn't beat her since she was stronger but the priestess replied that if he trained harder.

- Being strong doesn't guarantee that you can beat anyone," said the priestess.

- Miss Kikyō, you still have tremendous strength," approached the monk Miroku who praised her.

- my strongest point is my spiritual power but I don't remember having so much strength, even I am amazed.

- I don't remember seeing you use that strength," said Inuyasha who helped Juanz up.

- I...I remember fighting Naraku, but there are things that I don't quite understand.

- What are you talking about? -asked the monk.

- I remember defeating Izuna, but Naraku did not.

- Kikyō don't you remember that Naraku committed suicide trying to kill you? -asked Inuyasha.

- everything is confusing, I don't know why I am interested in talking about this now if it has been 12 years.

- forget about it and let's move on - smile.

- yes - nodding in agreement.

Meanwhile elsewhere, in a cave where the shadows of darkness reigned they were planning the next move:

- We searched everywhere, but found no trace of him, my lord Ryōsoku," spoke a mouth full of fang and red eyes.

- After 10 years you haven't found him? -spoke a distant voice.

- I am sorry my lord Ryōsoku.

- maybe we should go to that village, to force him out of hiding...if he wants to save his beloved priestess.

- But my lord you cannot go out in your condition!

- don't worry, "our" body has already finished its reconstruction, "we" can get out of this confinement.

Returning to the village, everyone was enjoying a wandering traveler who was dancing and drinking a lot of sake until he spoke something that caught their attention:

- "this dance is taken with more sake" - taking another bottle of sake.

- Don't you think it's all too much sake? -asked Miroku who was worried about the traveler.

- "don't worry about me, your excellency, I'm fine to dance, drink and tell a great story" - taking again.

- History? -asked Sango, who was sitting with her children.

- "this is the great story of a man who became a legend" - dancing as he recounted.

- What was his name? -asked the little Shippō who was interested.

- "this man was someone normal, one day a powerful army of monsters attacked the world as far as we knew."

- How interesting - spoke Hisui, Sango's third son.

- "then the man took his sword that glowed and transmitted hope to face the army of monsters, defeated them in a courageous way and from that day on he was called a warrior of light" - closing his eyes.

- Warrior of the light? -asked the priestess Kikyō, who somehow seemed familiar with that name.

Sounds like a funny name," said Inuyasha who scoffed at the story.

Near where they were, a married couple was watching the whole scenario that the traveler had set up. The suspense and mystery resurfaced again with the story of the warrior of the light.

- Did you hear that she is talking about him? -spoke the woman.

- So what? No matter how much he talks, they'll never find out about him," the man replied.

- I don't know Zangetsu - hesitating.

- They will never know about Issac.

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