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Humans dream countless dreams throughout their lives, and each dream is different from the last. Some dream of success, while others dream of their beloved. But the crucial thing is that every dream has a true purpose. Humans cannot stop dreaming because dreams instill courage, determination, and show the path forward. People in every field strive to dream according to their own understanding. Even if dreams may not materialize, they still make their presence felt. Writers like us create our mystical words within dreams, which illuminate a new perspective for the whole world...✍

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In this world, having colorful dreams is considered a sin.

Being too intelligent is considered a sin for humans.

Nowadays, they perceive cowardice as the sweetness of speech.

Therefore, having a fluent tongue is considered a sin.

Often, one's own glance becomes captivated sometimes.

The beauty of the heart's desires is considered a sin.

People use us like salt,

But the saltiness of tears is considered a sin.

Enmity arises in a moment where there were hundreds of friendships,

Because being the best human today is considered a sin...✍

jaswinder chahal


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