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A series of one shots from different Ikemen games, all OCs used are mine, but the characters are from the games aren't these are just for fun. Enjoy the one shots!

Fanfiction Jeux Déconseillé aux moins de 13 ans.

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Overprotective Papa (Tears of Themis)

There was a lot of hustle and bustle on the streets of Stellis City, cars flew by, in a hurry to get to their destinations. People walked the sidewalks, and everyone was minding their own business. If you thought the street was loud, well then you should see the inside of Themis Law, that place was full of commotion.

It was a Wednesday, it's not overly busy on Wednesday, but that wasn't true about today. For some reason the firm was overloaded with clients. They were either there for a consultation, a follow up on their case's progression, or they were there for legal advice.

It also didn't help that one of their best lawyers was out on a huge case. But anyway, in the office at the end of the hall, a tall dark brown-haired man sat at the desk. His blue eyes were locked on the case file in front of him. This case was very important, the case has been cold for 3 years now and they finally had a lead.

The man sighed, he leaned back in his chair and put his hand on his head. Taking a break from reading the file. This man is 32-year-old Artem Wing, head lawyer at Themis Law. On top of being the top lawyer, he was also a husband and a father.

Artem looked at the pictures on his desk, a smile graced his face as he stared at one of the photos. This particular picture was taken on his daughter's 3rd birthday a year ago. He couldn't believe that his little girl was already 4, it felt like just yesterday that she was a sweet little infant just learning to move around. He not only looked at the bright smile on his daughter's face, but he also looked at the angelic features of his wife.

His wife, Sandra Wing, was one of his top lawyers, she was also his partner. She was also involved with helping him and the NXX team crack unsolved cold cases. Sandra has helped many innocent people who were accused of crimes they didn't commit. Right now, Sandra was out helping their friend Luke, a secret investigator for the police and a member of the NXX team, solve a case involving a 16-year-old girl.

Artem took in the features that their daughter, Amelia Wing, inherited from both him and Sandra. Little Amelia, now 4 years old, has Sandra's brown hair and Artem's blue eyes. A perfect combination, she also has a combined personality from both of her parents.

Artem was lost in his thoughts that he failed to hear the knock on the door. The knock happened again, this time a voice followed. "Mr. Wing," Artem snapped out of his thoughts and turned to face the door. "Yes?" He called back, "You have a call on line 3, it's your daughter's school." Artem was confused, why was Amelia's school calling the office?

Normally when Amelia's school needed to get a hold of him or Sandra, they call their cell phones, they never call the firm directly unless something very horrible has happened. "Thanks Celestine," He had to make sure that the person who told him knew that he acknowledged what they said.

Artem saw the flash on the phone, he picked it up and pressed the button for line 3.

"Thank you for holding, you've reached Artem Wing,"

"Good morning, Mr. Wing, sorry for calling so early and while you're busy. But this is Kristena Morris, the nurse at Maple Elementary." Said the voice on the other line, hearing that the nurse was calling him caused a hint of panic to rush through his body.

'Was Amelia hurt?' He thought, but he pushed that down so that he could get the full story from the nurse. "Nurse Morris, what caused you to call?" He asked, "The school never calls the firm directly unless something horrible has happened." Artem tried to hide the panic in his voice,

"Yes, I know, but something horrible has happened."

"What happened?" Artem asked,

"Well, according to what a student has told me, was that during reading, Amelia was sitting in a corner reading a book. That is until another student walked up to her and took her book. He laughed at her for reading a chapter book. The student was in her class, Amelia tried to get her book back. She went to the teacher and tried to reason with him. But he wouldn't give it back.

"The boy then pushed Amelia down when the teacher wasn't looking. She tried to defend herself, but it was useless. When the teacher was busy with other kids, the boy dragged Amelia out of the classroom and to a group of 4th graders. That's where they physically bullied her. She was on the verge of falling unconscious when a 5th grader came and saved her." Artem almost lost his cool when the nurse was explaining what happened to his daughter.

She was bullied.

Over a book?

How stupid can these kids be?

"How's my daughter?" Artem asked, wanting to know how his little girl was. "She's doing better, I gave her some water and patched up her wounds. But she won't talk to me about what happened." The nurse answered, "I see, I'll be right there. I also want to have a talk with the principal about what happened. I need to know how those kids will be punished." Artem said, "Yes, of course, and sorry for calling the office, but I really need you to come for her, she's scared and shaking. She keeps asking for you and Mrs. Wing, I tried calling Mrs. Wing before phoning the office, but she wasn't available."

"It's alright Nurse Morris, I'm glad you called the firm. I'll be there in 10 minutes."

"Yes, I will inform Amelia about your arrival." Artem thanked the nurse and hung up the phone, he stood up and gathered his things. He needed to see his daughter now.

Once he had everything packed in his bag, Artem left his office, shocking the employees. "Going somewhere?" Celestine asked from her desk, "Yes, I need to go and check on my daughter, something happened while she was at school. I need to make sure she's ok." Artem explained, Celestine nodded in understanding.

Artem then exited the firm and went to his car, that's when he got a text from Sandra.

Sandra: The school tried calling me, what in the world happened? I was in a very important meeting with the victim's family. Please tell me Amelia is ok, she's ok, right?

Artem: The school called the firm directly after they couldn't reach you, it was very serious, the nurse said that a group of kids bullied Amelia. I'm going to check on her now. Don't worry I've got thing, focus on the case and I'll keep you updated.

Artem put his phone down and made his way towards his daughter's school.





When Artem arrived at the school the last thing he expected was the state that Amelia would be in. The moment he entered the nurse's office, a look of relief washed over the woman's face. "Thank goodness you're here, come, I'll take you to Amelia." Nurse Morris said, Artem nodded and followed the nurse to the room where Amelia was.

The moment Artem saw his daughter, it broke his heart. The little girl was huddled under a blanket and shaking, a glass of water sat beside her on the table, her pink backpack was on the floor by the cot where she sat, Amelia's knees were up to her chest, she was shaking, she had a bandage on her cheek, wrist, leg, and forehead.

"I'll leave you with her." Then the nurse left to tend to other children, Artem placed his bag down and calmly walked towards Amelia. "Lia," the brown-haired girl looked up and saw Artem. Her blue eyes filled with tears, "Daddy," Amelia said, her voice cracking.

Artem sat down next to her and brought her into an embrace. Once in the arms of her father, Amelia broke down into tears. Letting out all of her emotions. Artem just held Amelia, he never heard his daughter cry so hard before. But all he knew was that he just had to comfort her.

After some time, Amelia calmed down enough to talk. "Are you alright?" Artem asked, "I will be," Amelia responded, her voice was calmer now. "Amelia,"

She looked up at him, "Yes?"

"Tell me exactly what happened. How long has this been happening?" Amelia heard the concern in her father's voice. The little girl thought about what she would be saying next, she didn't want to break the forced promise she made. But she was right here with her dad, it's about time she tells him.

After taking a deep breath, Amelia spoke. "I was reading the book that Auntie Amanda bought me." She began, "I wasn't even 3 pages in, when someone took my book. I looked up and saw one of my bullies...they had my book in their hand. A smirk on their face, I asked nicely for him to give it back. But they laughed at me for reading a chapter book and he kept my book out of my reach."

"What grade was this boy in?" Artem asked, "He was in my class," She answered, "But I went to the aid that was in my class, I told her what happened, and she tried to get the boy to understand that stealing is wrong. Yet when another student came up to her, the attention from my situation, was over shadowed. That's when the boy dragged me out of the classroom and into the hallway." Tears weld up in her eyes again, Artem hated seeing his daughter all upset. But he had to know, from her perspective, what happened and for how long.

"What happened next?"

"Well, a group of boys from the 4th grade, who knew the boy who bullied me. Cornered me, I tried to get away, but they began to beat on me." Artem held his daughter tighter, "Amelia, you should never have gone through that." He said softly, running his fingers through her hair. "But in order for me to help you, I need to know, how long has this bullying been going on?"

The little girl sighed, she knew that her father had to know, but the threat she got when all of this started, kept coming back. Yet, she pushed it back and told him anyway. "It's been going on for a couple of months now."

"Roughly how long?"

"Since after winter break."

Winter Break? That was back in December, so this has been happening to Amelia since January and it's now the beginning of April, we're not even 2 weeks into the month and this happened.

"Amelia," Artem didn't know what to say to that, all he knew was that his daughter was being bullied for 3 months straight. "It all started as casual name calling." Said Amelia, "But then it turned into the physical bullying it is now."

"Have they always physically harmed you when the bullying began?" Artem asked, Amelia nodded. "The boy would call me names for being a lawyer's daughter. Or for being too smart for my age, but then after winter break, it escalated."

"Amelia, why didn't you tell me or your mother? You could have even told one of my co-workers whenever you were at the office, or you could have told your Aunt Amanda when she would come and visit. Why am I just hearing about this now?" Amelia started shaking again, Artem saw this, and he placed his daughter into his lap and held her, he made sure that the blanket was still wrapped around her little body. "Th-they told me n-not to." Amelia sobbed, "They told me that if I told anyone, then they would harm my baby cousin." Amelia was in full sobs, her last confession shocked Artem. 'Harm one of her cousins? which cousin and how did they find out?' Artem asked himself,

"Baby, which cousin did they threaten?"

"E-Emily," Came her reply, her voice cracking,

'Emily? As in Emily Daniels? Amanda and Victor's youngest daughter, who's not even 5 yet? How did they find out about Emily? Who exactly are these kids?' Artem had multiple questions running through his head. But those questions were about to be answered, "Daddy, remember back in January, around the 13th, when you and Mommy had to go out of town for a case?"

"Yeah, what about it?" Artem asked,

"That day after school, Auntie Amanda and Uncle Victor came and picked me up with Jackson and Emily. Em was so happy to see me, and she couldn't wait to tell me that she would be spending a month over at our house. She smiled so brightly, I loved how she was so cheery. When I returned to school the next day, one of the 4th graders cornered me on my way to the bathroom. He told me that if I told anyone about what they do to me, then he would hurt Emily. He didn't say her name, but he mentioned her by calling her a little brat. I hated him for calling my cousin a brat, and he said that if I complied and never told anyone, then Emily would be safe." Explained Amelia,

"And, when I would be at the playground by our house, a group of high schoolers who knew the 4th graders and the boy from my class, cornered me a couple of time. They even, broke some of my bones." Artem didn't know what to do with this information, but what he did need to know, was when she broke her bones.

"What do you mean broke your bones? You never broke your bones baby," Artem said, "I know Daddy, but during your month away with Mommy for the case, they broke my leg, without Auntie Amanda looking, when she asked what happened to me. I just told her that I fell and sprained my foot, she took me to the doctor, and they patched me up. They also, burned my wrist before."

"Burned your wrist? How?"

Amelia didn't say anything she rolled up her sleeve and with a wince, she showed her dad the burn mark on her left arm. "When did you get this?" Asked Artem as he inspected her arm. "That's what they did today," Artem's eyes widened, "Did you tell the nurse?"

Amelia shook her head, "No," tears fell down again, "What did I do to deserve this??" She asked sobbing, Artem held Amelia tighter. "Here's what's going to happen, I'm going to get the nurse to treat your burn. Then I'll go and talk with the principal about the punishments of these kids, I'll then have your mother meet us at urgent care. Once we get you checked, I'll head over to the high school and find out which boys did this to you from there. Since you've been injured, and your cousin has been threatened. I'm pressing charges, I don't care what anyone thinks, I'm making sure that you get the closure you deserve and that this gets taken care of properly. I don't care what other parents have to say to me. I'm doing this to protect my one and only daughter." Amelia just listened to her dad speak and whenever he talked about getting justice, she felt safe. She knew that her dad wouldn't let these boys get away with hurting her.

She's done letting them walk all over her. She won't object to the charges her dad's going to put against these students and their families. She's going to let it play out until they win in the end.

Artem then called the nurse back into the room, he explained the burn and that he wanted it treated to the best of the nurse's ability so that his daughter wasn't in so much pain. The nurse did so and asked if Amelia was doing a bit better, the little girl nodded. Artem then picked up Amelia's bag, his bag, and took his daughter's hand, before walking out of the clinic.

They walked the halls until they reached the office, they entered and Artem went straight to the secretary. "Can I help you?" She asked, not looking up from her computer. "Yes, I'd like to speak with the principal about an incident concerning my daughter."

"I'm afraid he's busy," She said plainly, "Too busy to care for a student who's been physically bullied for 3 months?" Artem wasn't having this crap, he needed to make sure that these kids were being punished accordingly. "Sir, I said, he's busy."

But before Artem could say anything else, the principal showed up, "What am I too busy for?" He asked, the secretary finally looked up and saw that the principal just walked out of his office. "I thought you were in a meeting."

"That meeting ended an hour ago." The principal then looked at Artem, "Mr. Wing, what brings you here?"

"I need to discuss a situation with you concerning my daughter." He explained, "Oh? Alright, come with me."

Then Artem and Amelia followed the principal into his office. "So, what happened?" Artem told the principal everything that Amelia told him. The principal was appalled, his students were doing this. To a 5-year-old? No, unacceptable. "I will make sure that they are punished according to our guidelines."

"You know that the law will be getting involved." The principal nodded, "Yes, I have nothing against this course of action. I just want to punish them before the law gets involved. Or I'll just hand the punishment to the law," Artem sighed, "Leave it to the court of justice, my daughter won't be attending this school for a while. Punish them for bullying, and when they return, the law will be ready." Artem stood up and left the office with Amelia.

The principal sighed; he had no idea that this was even happening. But he knew that Artem Wing, the best lawyer at Themis Law, would do anything to make sure that his daughter was given the justice she deserves and that the bad guys got their punishments.




After that Artem took Amelia to urgent care where Sandra was waiting, they took the little girl inside and Artem said to Sandra that he was going to talk with the high school. Sandra understood and told him that she would keep him up to date on their daughter's condition.

Artem left and went to the high school, after he had his talk with the principal there, he headed to the police station to file a report and get everything ready. He took up the case, not only as Amelia's father, but as an attorney. Detective Marcus and his team went and got all the evidence, names of the kids who did it. The parents' names, everything. The elementary schoolers would probably get a slap on the wrist, but Artem will make sure that they don't just walk away Scott free. He wanted his daughter to get justice.

After a thorough investigation, all the bullies were proven guilty. The elementary schoolers got expelled and put under the supervision of the law. The high schoolers were arrested and placed in detention centers. Amelia got the justice she needed. Artem and Sandra both vowed to protect Amelia and bring anyone who hurt her to justice.

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