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In the mysterious country of Asulvania, Cornelius Valentine, a supernatural investigator, navigates a forest teeming with unearthly creatures. A chance encounter with a werewolf leads to a perilous confrontation, revealing Cornelius's formidable abilities. As a tense standoff unfolds, Cornelius's enigmatic presence and calculated actions hint at a deeper understanding of the supernatural world. The forest becomes the stage for an intricate dance between the werewolf, and Cornelius...

Paranormal Loups-garous Interdit aux moins de 18 ans.

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Part 1

In the heart of Asulvania, a vast forest unfolded, revealing it’s grandeur with the onset of autumn. The forest path, blanketed in a carpet of orange leaves swaying gracefully in the brisk, cold breeze. As the sun dipped below the horizon, a tranquil violet hue bathed the entire scene in a soothing glow.

Ancient trees casting long shadows with an ethereal energy lingering in the air. The atmosphere was a delicate balance of serenity and mystery, leaves rustling with distant calls of nocturnal creatures creating a symphony of the unknown.

Winding through the enchanting realm, the forest path unveiled hidden clearings adorned with luminescent flora. With the fading daylight, creatures of the night stirred, infusing an element of suspense into the already captivating surroundings. In this magical setting, nature took center stage, and the mysteries of Asulvania unfurled beneath the canopy of the enchanted autumn forest.

Winding through the enchanting realm, the forest path unveiled hidden clearings adorned with luminescent flora. With the fading daylight, creatures of the night stirred, infusing an element of suspense into the already captivating surroundings. As the sun slowly faded off into darkness, the forest was veiled in partial obscurity, with only the moon casting its gentle glow upon the intricate path now bathed in the ethereal radiance of the moon.

A tall, young woman emerged onto the dirt path, her black hair cascading gracefully over her shoulders. Draped in a flowing crimson dress, her pallid complexion almost seemed to shimmer in the moonlight. Walking with an air of unease, her palms clutched close to her chest as her heart quickened it’s pace. The only sounds that disrupted the thick silence were the breeze rustling through the leaves, the occasional descent of foliage, along with her own heavy breathing.

Determined to navigate the forest trail leading to the small town of Dawnmire, she pressed forward, each step resonating in the mysterious hush of the forest. As she continued her venture through the eerie woods, a chill ran down her spine that sent shivers coursing through her body. The rustling of trees grew louder, accompanied by faint shadows flickering in the corner of her eye.

With each glance, the elusive figures vanished, leaving behind a palpable sense of being watched, as if someone or something was tracking her every move in the dim moonlit night. The atmosphere thickened with an ominous tension, intensifying her unease. The heavy breathing of a large creature abruptly pierced the stillness, emanating from the thick trees just to the right side of the trail. She turned slowly in it’s direction, only to be met with blood-red eyes glaring at her from the shadows.

Without warning, a hairy seven-foot creature lunged from the closed-off woods, it’s sharp claws slashing through the air with lethal intent. Reacting with swift instinct, she managed to evade the attack by mere moments, narrowly avoiding the razor-sharp claws. However, the right shoulder strap of her dress fell victim to the creature's assault, pierced and torn in the fleeting encounter. The moonlit night now bore witness to the perilous dance between the woman and the ominous creature lurking in the depths of the forest.

The young woman stood frozen in place, her breath caught in her throat. Only minor quivers of fear escaped from her as she finally got a good look at the beast that had been stalking her. A towering creature, standing upon it’s hind legs covered in brown fur with sharp claws that gleamed in the moonlight. It’s ears perked upward as it breathed heavily, not taking it’s eyes off it’s prey.

The ominous tension thickened as the woman and beast locked eyes in the silent, moonlit confrontation.

That’s when a scream escaped the frightened woman's lips, causing the creature to let out a loud growl, poised to pounce. Just as the perilous moment reached it’s peak, a commanding voice called out, cutting through the tension.

The voice was that of a young man’s: "What a shame" the voice remarked, their tone a compelling combination of gravitas and sophistication, "To think interesting creatures like the werewolf spend their nights hunting the innocent instead of the wicked and therefore become the wicked themselves"

The sudden intrusion shifted the creature’s attention, it’s growl tapering off as it turned toward the source of the voice. The moonlit forest now held three figures in the eerie glow—the frightened woman, the imposing werewolf, and now...the mysterious speaker whose words hinted at a deeper understanding of the supernatural dance unfolding.

Before them stood Cornelius Valentine, positioned a few feet down the path. His golden blonde hair gleamed under the moon's gentle light, while one hand rested casually in the left pocket of his black trench coat. Matching jeans and polished dress shoes completed his attire, accentuating the aura of mystery surrounding him. His aqua blue eyes shimmered with an unmistakable intelligence, reflecting the moon's luminance with a subtle intensity. Across his face, a faint smirk hinted at a confidence tempered by experience in dealing with the supernatural.

Cornelius's presence added a layer of intrigue to the scene. His gaze remained steady, observing the exchange between the woman and the werewolf with a calm demeanor that belied the gravity of the situation.

The furry beast embodying the urban legend, snarled fiercely at the newcomer before charging on all fours. Cornelius however, responded with a nonchalant sigh, lowering his head. In a swift and almost casual motion, he extracted a silver cross from his coat, each edge sharpened to lethal precision.

The silver cross was hurled with expert accuracy at the approaching werewolf. It spiralled through the air, reflecting the moon's glow before penetrating the creature's forehead with a decisive impact. Crimson blood gushed from the wound, Staggering the werewolf off course, landing face down in the dirt. The moonlit forest bore witness to this surreal clash, an ephemeral ballet of forces leaving an indelible mark in the silent night.

The silver cross, now discarded and drenched in blood, lay on the ground as a silent witness to the scene, it’s gleaming surface a stark contrast to the darkness that surrounded it.

Amidst the fallen leaves, the wolf groaned in pain with anguished cries that echoed through the eerie silence. The creature’s primal instincts flared, transforming it’s groans into menacing growls as the beast defiantly rose to it’s feet. Blood ran down their snout, and the moon's glow reflected off the wolf’s sharp, bared teeth. The eyes, now infused with an intensified rage, burned with an otherworldly intensity. The moonlight revealed not only bloodstained fur but also the fierce creature unwilling to yield.

Amidst the fallen leaves, the wolf groaned in pain, its anguished cries echoing through the eerie silence. The creature's primal instincts flared, transforming its groans into menacing growls as the beast defiantly rose to its feet. Blood ran down its snout, and the moon's glow reflected off the wolf’s sharp, bared teeth. The eyes, now infused with an intensified rage, burned with an otherworldly intensity. The moonlight revealed not only bloodstained fur but also the fierce creature unwilling to yield.

In a swift, decisive moment, the beast lunged right for Valentine, both arms stretched out with sharp claws bared, emitting an echoing growl as the monster sought to end the fight quickly. However, the young man proved agile and evaded the attack, deftly ducking out of harm's way. With seamless precision, Valentine pulled out a pistol from his inner pocket. In the tension-filled moment, Valentine let out a calm sigh, his expression unwavering as he pulled the trigger.

The silver bullet soared through the night, meeting it’s mark in the back of the wolf's skull. The creature's eyes widened in a chilling realization, the intensity of rage now replaced by a profound awareness of impending death. The once-menacing growls turned into a haunting howl of agony as the wolf collapsed to the ground, a pool of blood expanding beneath it.

The young woman, caught in a maelstrom of fear and disbelief, watched the scene unfold before her. The forest once echoing with the primal sounds of the battle, fell into a heavy silence. The moon casting an ethereal glow on the tableau of life and death beneath the canopy, leaving the young woman grappling with the surreal reality of the supernatural forces at play.

The young woman, caught in a maelstrom of fear and disbelief, watched the scene unfold before her. The forest, once echoing with the primal sounds of the battle, fell into a heavy silence. The moon cast an ethereal glow on the tableau of life and death beneath the canopy, leaving the young woman grappling with the surreal reality of the supernatural forces at play.

A crimson red notebook, adorned with a black star-shaped symbol, manifested in a flash of red light, floating beside Valentine. As the book opened on it’s own, pages flipped with an ethereal grace. Letters made of red glowing demonic light materialized on the previously blank pages, inscribing detailed notes of each monster Valentine had faced. The eerie script chronicled their habits, weaknesses, and peculiarities.

Valentine, engrossed in his own thoughts, spoke to himself: "What a spectacle, indeed," he murmured, his aqua blue eyes reflecting his sense of astonishment. "The silver cross, a mere deterrent for a creature like this. It can stagger, unsettle, but evidently lacks the bite to finish the job"

The notebook absorbed his insights as he continued, "Now, the classic silver, deadly, efficient" A hint of satisfaction lingered in his voice, his refined demeanor evident. "An age-old solution for an age-old problem"

The red-glowing letters continued to etch the supernatural history of Cornelius Valentine...

CHAPTER 1 A Deal To Live

With a casual snap of his fingers, Valentine walked back towards the frightened girl as his levitating journal vanished in a flash of light. One hand rested in his side pocket as he spoke in his calm sophisticated voice, "Are you alright madam?" he inquired, his aqua blue eyes expressing genuine concern. "Do you have any wounds from the beast?"

The woman stood in silence for a moment, her eyes wide and still shaking from the recent encounter. After a soft stutter, she managed to respond, taking a cautious step back. "I-I'm alright," she said, her voice barely above a whisper. The surreal nature of the events had left her slightly scared, unsure of what to make of this stranger and the extraordinary abilities he possessed.

The tall figure smiled at her, speaking in a soft comforting tone. "Fear not, my dear. You're safe now," he assured, his eyes holding a slight warmth. "Dawnmire is still quite a distance away, and Quail Hollow Forest harbors many dangers. Allow me to escort you through the rest of the way. Your safety, as well as all those without sin, are my priority"

The dark-haired woman pondered for a moment, weighing her options—risk venturing alone through the eerie forest, or entrust herself to this enigmatic stranger. Valentine let out a slight laugh, carrying a smug tone. "If I were of any threat, my dear, wouldn't I have done something already?" he mused. "We're in the middle of Quail Hollow with no one else around. Your safety is paramount, and I wouldn't want harm to befall you"

The dark-haired woman pondered for a moment, weighing her options—risk venturing alone through the eerie forest or entrust herself to this enigmatic stranger. Valentine let out a slight laugh, carrying a smug tone. "If I were of any threat, my dear, wouldn't I have done something already?" he mused. "We're in the middle of Quail Hollow with no one else around. Your safety is paramount, and I wouldn't want harm to befall you"

Her eyes widened in defiance as she clenched her fist stamping her foot. "Do you really think I'm no threat to you!?" she asked sternly.

A brief silence lingered between them as the wind brushed past, stirring the fallen leaves. In that moment, she lunged forward, her fist aimed towards his face. However, Valentine easily deflected the coming strike with his wrist, causing her to stumble. Her heart raced as she felt herself falling towards the dirt. Just before she hit the ground, he wrapped his arm around her abdomen, catching her in a display of agility and control.

Cornelius let out a slight laugh maintaining his hold on her. "My dear, I've met plenty of strong women over the years," he retorted, his aqua eyes gleaming with a mix of amusement and sincerity. "Some were even stronger and more capable at fighting than me. So, don't confuse my confidence with the thought that women can't be a threat. Strength knows no gender"

Her cheeks slightly flushed, she pushed away from him, frustration evident in her tone. "Fine, you can escort me to Dawnmire, but don't try anything!"

A smirk played on Cornelius's lips as he responded: "Rest assured, I would do nothing of the sort"

With that, the pair finally continued their walk through Quail Hollow forest. The moonlit path ahead held both the mysteries of the night and the enigmatic companionship of two individuals with a shared destination but vastly different perspectives on the supernatural world around them.

With that, the pair finally continued their walk through Quail Hollow Forest. The moonlit path ahead held both the mysteries of the night and the enigmatic companionship of two individuals with a shared destination but vastly different perspectives on the supernatural world around them.

They walked side by side, their footfalls echoing softly against the forest floor, accompanied by the gentle rustling of leaves. After a few minutes of silence, the woman broke the quietude.

"What's your name?" she asked, curiosity lacing her voice. "And how did you know there'd be a werewolf in Quail Hollow?"

Cornelius turned to her with a slightly serious expression. "I'm Cornelius Valentine," he replied, his tone calm yet tinged with a hint of mystery. "As for the werewolf, I've had several encounters with such creatures and have studied their habits and weaknesses. In places like these, one must always expect the unexpected, no matter how minor. One mistake could mean certain death"

As Cornelius and the woman in red approached Dawnmire, the town appeared before them like an enchanting tapestry of eerie beauty. The buildings, fashioned from timeworn stones of muted gray, their surfaces weathered by centuries. The twisted timbers that crisscrossed the structures were painted in shades of deep maroon, adding a touch of spectral richness to the architectural ensemble.

Narrow alleys snaked between the buildings, their walls adorned with ivy that seemed to possess an otherworldly vibrancy, it’s leaves casting ghostly silhouettes against the moonlit walls. Small candles nestled in the windowsills emitted a soft, flickering glow, their warm light painting the facades in a dance of illumination.

The cobblestone streets, meticulously arranged in patterns that seemed to echo ancient sigils, bore the passage of time in their uneven surfaces. Streetlights, forged from wrought iron, stood as silent guardians, their flickering flames casting elongated shadows upon the ground, further shrouding the town in an aura of mysterious allure.

The central square, encircled by enigmatic structures, featured a mysterious fountain sculpted from aged stone. With a surface that bore the patina of countless stories, the water within reflecting the haunting glow of lanterns that hung from wrought-iron poles. Market stalls, constructed from dark, weathered wood, cradled an array of artifacts beneath their shadowy awnings.

As the duo traversed a small cobblestone bridge over a narrow, shimmering river, the color palette of the town warped in a spectral symphony. Muted grays, deep maroons, and spectral greens harmoniously. The moon's gentle glow bathed the scene in an otherworldly light, casting long shadows that danced across the cobblestones.

A sudden breeze swept through the dark, cold streets, causing the woman to involuntarily shiver. Her dress billowed around her as she crossed her arms, seeking warmth against the chill that permeated the night air. Valentine remained unfazed, his demeanor composed and unaffected by the abrupt shift in temperature.

"God, it's so c-cold!" the woman muttered through chattering teeth, her voice trembling with the chill. Cornelius turned to her. "Indeed," he acknowledged, pointing towards the inviting glow emanating from the lit tavern across the town square. "Perhaps we should seek refuge there for a moment. It appears to be the only establishment still open on this chilling night"

The flickering lanterns and warm ambiance within the tavern's windows served as a comforting beacon amidst the cold and darkness that cloaked Dawnmire's streets. With a shared understanding, the pair quickened their pace, drawn towards the inviting light and the promise of respite from the frigid night air.

As they were just meters from the tavern, the comforting atmosphere shattered. A trio of muggers stepped out from the dark corners of the alleyways, their sinister intent evident in the malicious glint of their eyes. The muggers had pale white skin sporting black flat caps perched atop their heads with brown sweater vests and white sleeves, now covered in dirt and tears, revealing a sense of desperation and hardship that seemed to mirror the obscure corners from which they emerged.

Cornelius remained unfazed by the unexpected threat, assessed the situation with a calm yet vigilant gaze. Meanwhile his acquaintance, her unease heightened, instinctively moved closer to her enigmatic companion. The dimly lit streets of Dawnmire now bore witness to an unforeseen confrontation, as the trio of muggers, with tattered attire and predatory eyes, closed in on their unsuspecting targets.

The mugger in the middle sneered with a slurred tone, "Well, well, what 'ave we got 'ere? Fancy folks strollin' through our territory, eh?" His words dripped with a mix of bravado and inebriation, creating an unsettling atmosphere as his cohorts closed in with an air of malicious anticipation.

With an ominous glint in his eyes, the mugger pulled out a large knife with a wickedly curved blade. Dried blood stained the tip, a gruesome testament to the malevolence of it’s previous use. As light glinted off the blade, the mugger's twisted grin revealed a chilling blend of sadistic pleasure and predatory instinct.

"Seems we'll 'ave to teach ya some manners the hard way," he growled, his voice laced with murderous intent, the malevolent edge of the knife reflecting the ominous ambiance of the dimly lit streets. Cornelius's expression remained unchanged, his eyes narrowing slightly as he regarded the armed mugger with a cold detachment, poised for whatever was coming next.

Valentine sighed, his voice carrying a casual warning. "If you insist on this course of action, it won't end well for any of you," he cautioned, his tone tinged with an underlying seriousness. "I don't hold back against those of sinful intent"

The trio of muggers responded with menacing laughter, their confidence unshaken. The middle one aimed the knife in Cornelius's direction. "You're nothin' but a bluff," he spat, his sadistic grin belying his intent. With a sudden charge, he lunged toward the blonde man, the glint of his blade slicing through the air with malicious intent.

But Cornelius was already steps ahead, effortlessly sidestepping the attack. A wry smile graced his lips as he seized the mugger by the back of his head, his grip firm and commanding. He then spoke with a chilling calmness, “Allow me to show you something far worse than death itself”

Flames ignited within the mugger's eyes, a manifestation of the unspeakable horrors Valentine revealed to him. His screams of agony pierced the night, filling the air with an unbearable tension. The other muggers watched in stunned silence as their companion writhed in torment, helpless against the unseen forces unleashed by Cornelius. With a casual release, Cornelius let go, allowing the mugger to collapse to the ground, his body convulsing with the echoes of his terror. In that moment, the remaining muggers were left paralyzed with fear and uncertainty.

One of them cried out in desperation, vowing not to let Cornelius do the same to him. With both men gripped by sheer terror, they turned their heels and fled into the night.

Their hurried footsteps echoed through the dimly lit streets of Dawnmire as they left their quivering ally behind, abandoned on the cold cobblestone streets. The haunting aura of Cornelius Valentine's inexplicable power lingered in the air, casting a chilling shadow over the once-menacing trio, now scattered in the wake of their encounter with the enigmatic supernatural investigator.

With a solemn expression, Cornelius allowed his hand to fall to his side, the weight of his actions heavy upon him. Turning to the girl beside him, he spoke with a note of regret lacing his words. "I apologize that you had to witness such...heinous acts," he said, his aqua eyes reflecting a glimmer of remorse. "But sometimes, in the face of darkness, one must make difficult choices" Despite the apology, the lingering aura of his supernatural abilities hung in the air, a testament to the complex nature of his role as a protector in this mysterious world.

The girl, her right arm gripped as if seeking comfort, hesitated to meet his gaze. In a shy and stuttering tone, she asked, "What...What did you do to that man?" Her eyes focused on the cobblestone street beneath her feet.

Valentine, in a calm manner revealed the truth. "I showed him a glimpse of the dark and unforgiving void of hell itself," he explained, the weight of his words echoing the gravity of the supernatural forces at his command. He let out a sigh, briefly looking away, as if carrying the burden of his actions.

Turning his gaze back to her, he continued: "I am a supernatural investigator who hunts down monsters and other entities causing chaos within the human world. Each encounter is meticulously documented in my index, a detailed account to better prepare for the next inevitable confrontation. Without people like me, this world would have far worse issues than a few monsters roaming around"

In response to his revelation, the girl's voice took on a sudden stern tone as she snapped at him. "How do you know so much about these monsters!? How can you do what you can do and act so casual about it!?" Her eyes held a mix of curiosity, fear, and frustration, demanding answers to the mysteries surrounding Valentine and his supernatural abilities.

A brief silence fell between them as the first droplets of rain began to fall, adding to the chill of the night. The woman shivered, her glare unwavering as she awaited his response. With a calm demeanor, Valentine insisted: "It's a long story, and it would be better to speak within the tavern before it begins to downpour" His eyes met hers, a silent invitation to seek refuge from the encroaching storm and continue their conversation in a more hospitable environment.

Letting out a slight groan, the woman pushed past him, gripping her dress tightly as she made her way towards the twin wooden doors of the large tavern. Cornelius followed closely behind, his right arm casually tucked into his pocket as he pushed through the doors with his left. The warm glow of the tavern enveloped them, offering solace from the cold and the uncertainty of the night.

As they entered, the atmosphere shifted from the dreary darkness of the outside world to the welcoming embrace of the tavern. The interior boasted clean yet aged wooden floors, polished to a shine by years of foot traffic. The gray stone walls exuded a sense of solidity and history, adorned with flickering torches that cast dancing shadows across the room.

In the center of the right wall stood a grand fireplace, it’s roaring flames casting a warm glow that illuminated the entire space. The crackling of burning wood added a comforting background sound to the scene. A long stone bar stretched along the back wall, it’s surface gleaming under the soft light with a back bar of wooden shelves overstocked with all kinds of wines and other kinds of alcoholic beverages. Red leather stools lined the bar, inviting patrons to take a seat and unwind.

To the left side of the room, near the entrance, a row of booths offered more secluded seating options for those seeking privacy or quieter conversations. The booths were adorned with sturdy wooden tables and plush cushions, providing a cozy retreat from the bustling activity of the tavern.

Overall, the tavern exuded an ambiance of rustic charm and hospitality, a sanctuary where weary travelers and locals alike could find refuge from the harshness of the outside world.

As they made their way towards the booth closest to the entrance, Valentine felt as if something was off, as if a sudden wave of anxiety hit him all at once. His companion slipped into the booth while Cornelius stood motionless for a moment, a chill running down his back. There was only one other time he had felt this feeling...searching around the tavern, that's when he spotted him – a man wearing a black cloth shirt, matching pants, golden diamond earrings, and a golden ring on his right middle finger. His skin had a strange pale hue of purple, and spiky black hair that framed his face. A large strand fell across his left eye, which seemed to give off a golden radiance.

Valentine could tell who it was. He knew their aura all too well. Yet, all the other people seemed not to notice his out-of-place appearance. The woman commented in a frustrated tone, "Are you gonna sit down or what?"

Valentine responded in a slightly worried, stuttering tone, "Uh, y-yes, just a moment" He slowly walked towards the bar, feeling a weight in his stomach growing heavier with each step. It was as if something were repelling him back, requiring more conscious effort to move forward.

As he approached, Valentine couldn't shake the unsettling feeling. What was Lucifer doing here? Why here, why now? The questions echoed in his mind, adding to the unease that gripped him.

He stopped right in front of the bar, the figure who was wiping down the bar with a white washcloth abruptly paused, slowly raising their head to look at him. Cornelius felt as if his heart stopped in that instant. The man looked him deep in the eyes with a seductive smirk, his gaze piercing through Valentine's defenses with an intensity that sent a shiver down his spine. His eyes emanated a golden radiance like two pieces of gold shimmering in the darkness, drawing Valentine deeper into their captivating allure.

Lucifer's voice, a seamless blend of sophistication and seductive allure, resonated in the dimly lit tavern. "Cornelius, my curious investigator, is it truly wise to trail behind a mere girl like a common bodyguard? Death shadows your every step, it might be prudent to leave her here, still breathing before the threads of fate weave a darker tapestry for both of you" The words carried a chilling weight, a tempting suggestion that lingered in the air like a tantalizing wisp of smoke.

Valentine placed his right hand on the bar, looking over at the woman he had saved before feeling a weight of guilt. "She'd be dead if I hadn't saved her," he muttered, "But maybe you’re right...maybe I should leave her here before I get her killed"

The demonic entity let out a slight laugh, his voice echoing in the dimly lit tavern. "Well, well, Cornelius, shocked that you'd actually take my advice for once after all these years," he responded with an amused tone. Valentine shot him a stern look. "Crawl back to hell where you belong devil" he retorted before turning away and walking towards the booth where the woman was waiting.

Valentine sat down, letting out a hard sigh of frustration. The woman, sensing his turmoil, asked, "Is everything okay?" A look of genuine concern in her eyes.

"You should probably stay away from me. It's for your own safety. Otherworldly monsters tend to come after me, and I don't need you getting hurt" He answered. The woman’s frustration reached it’s peak as she slammed her fist on the table, her eyes locking onto Cornelius's with a mix of exasperation and concern. "I'd most likely be dead if not for you!" she declared, the intensity of her gaze conveying the weight of the situation.

"You don't need to feel responsible for what happened in Quail Hollow or out in the streets. Bad things happen, and sometimes there's nothing we can do to stop them" She responded. In the midst of the heavy silence, Cornelius sat there, reflecting on the past few years, the monsters, and the innocent lives lost. After a moment, the woman broke the silence with a sigh, apologizing for never introducing herself. "I'm Elizabeth Anderson," she offered, a slight smile softening the gravity of the moment.

Cornelius looked up at her, his eyes carrying a mix of sadness and regret before responding, "It's nice to meet you, Elizabeth Anderson" As he uttered those words, a shadow of self-doubt and self-hatred passed through Cornelius's eyes. The weight of past mistakes and the faces of innocent lives lost lingered, casting a pall over the moment. It was a revelation of the toll that a life spent battling the supernatural had taken on him. Elizabeth could sense the burden that he carried, the invisible scars etched into the fabric of his being.

Feeling Elizabeth's hand over his, Cornelius looked up at her, her touch offered a fleeting moment of solace amidst the storm of emotions raging within him. "Please," she implored softly, "Tell me how it all started. What is it that seems to be eating away at you?"

His gaze shifted to the bar, but to his surprise, the demonic entity was nowhere to be found. In his place stood an average male bartender, wiping down the counter once more as if nothing out of the ordinary had occurred.

With a deep breath, he answered: “Fine, I’ll tell you my story...the story...of Valentine the supernatural investigator” Cornelius's frustration dissolved into a calm yet serious expression, his demeanor shifting as he prepared to reveal the intricacies of his life's journey. The events that had shaped him into the enigmatic figure he had become—the trials, the sacrifices, and the relentless pursuit of truth amidst the shadows of the supernatural world...

10 Years Ago...

Cornelius found himself within Fernmill Forest, just outside his hometown of Fernwood. His girlfriend Amber Hill hadn’t been heard from anyone within almost 24 hours which wasn’t like her, given she was a very social person, always sending texts and memes to her friends and family. His worry for Amber escalated with each passing moment. The thorns of underbrush clawed at his clothing, leaving traces of torn fabric in his wake. His heart raced, pounding against his chest, as beads of sweat gathered on his forehead. Determination fueled him, overriding the anxiety that threatened to engulf him.

The moonlight filtered through the thick canopy, casting eerie shadows on the forest floor. Every rustle of leaves, every distant sound, heightened his senses. The air felt charged with an unspoken danger. As he pressed on, the fear of the unknown mingled with the urgency to find Amber. The rumors of a cult kidnapping people and bring them to these woods were now tangible threats, and Cornelius was determined to face them head-on.

In the distance, a faint light beckoned, drawing Cornelius closer. Crouching down behind a large oak tree, he approached stealthily, his heart pounding with a mixture of apprehension and resolve. As he peered into the clearing, he felt a cold shiver run down his spine. A pentagram, drawn in what appeared to be either red paint or dried blood, glowed ominously, surrounded by the flickering of five lit wooden torches.

His breath caught in his throat as he saw Amber, bound to a wooden cross by ropes, her long blonde hair tangled with dirt, her clothing stripped down to just her black bra and panties reveling her pale white body. The atmosphere was suffused with an indescribable horror. Dread coiled in the pit of his stomach, but Cornelius steeled himself, clenching his fists, ready to confront whatever unspeakable horrors awaited him.

Into the macabre tableau stepped the cult leader, a tall, pale figure covered in white paint wearing a pure white robe. A red pentagram at the center of his forehead, a symbol of the darkness that consumed him. In his hand, he wielded a rusted machete, it’s dull blade catching the eerie light of the torches. The air filled with malevolence as the cult leader approached, a twisted smile playing on his lips. Further terror gripped Cornelius.

Amber remained unconscious, her body bound to the wooden cross, her chest rising and falling with each shallow breath. The cult leader's slow, deliberate steps echoed through the clearing, the malevolent winds of the night billowing his white robe around him like a sinister cloak. As he drew nearer to Amber, his twisted smile widened, his eyes gleaming with a dark fervor. The air crackled with an ominous energy, intensifying the sense of dread that hung thick in the forest. With a chilling calmness, the cult leader raised the rusted machete, poised to carry out his sinister intentions.

That’s when the cult leader rose his rusted blade towards the moon and in a confident voice spoke: "O magnificent Lucifer, eternal lord of darkness, I gather here beneath the celestial tapestry to offer our humble devotion unto thee. In the shadows, your greatness eclipses the feeble light of this world. We beseech thee, grant me, your loyal servant, the strength to eradicate the corruption that festers in every corner of this wretched existence.

Behold, the world is plagued by the vermin of corporate greed, their feeble attempts at righteousness staining the purity of your dominion. Only through the embrace of a greater malevolence can true justice be served. I entreat thee, Lucifer, empower me to be the instrument of your divine justice, for in the face of a more profound evil, the lesser evils that taint this realm shall crumble.

In your name, I shall become the vessel through which your darkness shall purify the land. Grant me the strength to cleanse this world of it’s hypocritical insantity. For only through malevolence can we usher forth a new era, where the truly wicked cower beneath the embrace of true power. Hail Lucifer, the harbinger of eternal night!"

As the cult leader tightened his grip on the rusted blade, an eerie gleam in his eyes, a malevolent anticipation hung in the air. He prepared to pierce the poor girl's bare chest, intent on spilling her blood for his twisted ritual. In this harrowing moment, Cornelius's scream pierced the night, “AMBER!!” a desperate call fueled by the adrenaline of sheer horror. Emerging from the dense foliage like a vengeful specter, he propelled himself toward the cult leader with an unyielding force. The impact was a collision of wills, an eruption of primal instincts against sadistic intent. Cornelius slammed his whole body into the cult leader, catching him off guard, his only focus to protect the woman he loved at any cost.

The cult leader, brandishing the sharp tool, charged towards Cornelius with a powerful shout, "You can't stop the inevitable! True salvation is found through the purging of corruption!" His voice echoed through the dark forest, a twisted proclamation of his unhinged beliefs. Cornelius, determined to protect Amber, braced himself for the impending clash, a silent vow to thwart the cult leader's delusional quest.

In the throes of excruciating pain, Cornelius felt the cold numbness enveloping his entire body. He coughed, spitting out blood as he quivered from the intense agony. Through gritted teeth, he managed to choke out, "I'm happy to give my life if it means you won't get to her" Determined to protect Amber, he summoned the last reserves of his strength, knocking over a nearby torch. Flames erupted, engulfing the cult leader, who shrieked in torment as the fire consumed him.

With his life fading away, Cornelius collapsed against the cross where Amber hung, the flames flickering wildly around them. In the midst of agony, his gaze softened as it met her still unconscious expression. With each fading breath, he began to softly sing the love poem he had written for her on their first date:

“Two souls– one bearing the weight of a fractured past, the other embodying purity. A journey begun with shattered history but promise of a hopeful start, their hearts forever entwined and destined never to part. Amidst the remnants of tears and scars, they found refuge in the sweet hold of love's embrace, dancing beneath the stars. These two souls, entwined in eternal love. A broken soul and one untouched by darkness. In each other's arms, they discovered a love that heals...a bond...forever bound”

His voice growing faint with each word until only a whisper lingered in the air. As the last vestiges of light faded from his eyes, his love for her remained etched in the depths of his soul...


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