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Violet and her family take a trip to LOS ANGELES but after ending up in a unknown area of LA her and her family stay in an unknown hotel where weird things begin to happen, Violet begins seeing things that aren't real, somehow she sees something but her parents and stepbrothers don't seem to see what she sees in that hotel, why is the staff so weird? what happened in room 4b??

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summer 2024

Summer of 2024 my Family and I took a trip to Los Angeles City of angels, though my stepmom and stepbrothers were coming I was just glad to get out of Wisconsin even though before I heard my father and stepmom go at it arguing about me "Violet is out of control" and my dad always defending my name, as if her kids were any better. The road trip was already going to be a nightmare but I tried to control my anger just because what I had already heard before our trip, I made a promise to myself that I would be calm the whole vacation. As we drove, I put on my earphones and looked out the window, and eventually closed my eyes to the music playing on my iPod.

Hours later I was woken up to my stepbrother same age as me 17 pulled out the earphone from my ear, "what are you hearing Vii" I pulled the earphone off his hand "Mind yours Leo" my father heard us and put the volume down on the stereo "Guys cut it out we got a few more hours left go to sleep or something" meanwhile my other stepbrother age 7 was in the back seat eating all the snacks and drinks my dad packed for the roadtrip, now I was hungry and mad because of Leo and Santiago.

The whole trip after I had fallen asleep and when I awoke we were finally in Los Angeles, but somehow we didn't end up in the pretty side, we ended up somewhere with tall buildings and hot dog stands in every corner, some areas smelled nice and other areas didn't smell so good, " Dad" Leo said loudly, making me put the window up to hear "Yes, Leo" "Why aren't we in the nice side where the beaches are" finally something me and my stepbrothers could agree on, "I know dad I actually agree with Leo" we both laughed that we finally agreed on something.

That whole day we tried finding our way to the beaches and the pretty side like Malibu or Santa Monica, but we just kept going deeper and deeper into this area of LA. As the night approached my dad gave up and decided to just get a room to sleep in we found 4 hotels but they all seemed sketchy, until finally we seen a nice hotel where everyone greeted you nicely, we stayed in room 4b but the thing was you didn't see any people.

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