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(MATURE CONTENT!!) When my hand buried itself in his hair from his shoulder, I felt the hardness of his manhood at the entrance of my womanhood. I continued kissing, ignoring that he was there. His tongue and teeth were destroying my mouth. And this extinction has never been this enjoyable. He rubbed his manhood, which was in my womanhood, against my wet womanhood. My womanhood started to burn and throb. As if he felt this, he slowly pushed his manhood inside me. He slid and entered my wet womanhood easily, but as my walls ached with his unexpected entrance, I put an end to the kiss and the moan that broke free from my throat disappeared between his lips that continued to move.

Érotique Interdit aux moins de 21 ans.

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Last Terrible Bike, This Girl

Those Behind the Curtain, To Myself


As the door opened, I held on tighter to the man I was holding. He closed the door he opened while continuing to walk by shaking my body. My face was on his neck, my eyes were closed, my body was numb. I noticed that another door had opened and at the same time I noticed the light hitting my closed eyes. I slowly opened my eyes and looked at where we came from. While my eyes were trying to scan the surroundings, my body found a place on a bed. My gaze focused around found the eyes of the person who carried me to this room. We were actually eye to eye all night.

I could feel the thing spreading on my arm numbing my body even more, every time I blinked. I looked at the man leaning over me and smiled. I don't remember how many times I laughed at him like this tonight. With my smile, he leaned his body a little closer to me lying on the bed.

His knees were on either side of me. "Are you sure you want to do this?" Black eyes, whose identity I did not know, were looking at me with need.

I shook my head, the drug circulating in my blood was not allowing me to think clearly, but I wanted to do this with every fiber of my being. I was struggling to taste it. For example, I didn't know who the black eyes bent over me belonged to. Really who was this?

"You can't stop me! Make up your mind now." I heard you say. I closed my unconscious eyes with his sentence.

“I won't ask you to stop,” I began. "I want." My moaning words provoked him even more.

Simultaneously, I felt him enter between my legs. While I was about to pass out on this bed in this room, a stranger who came between my legs told me that I was not on the right track. I wasn't on the right track at all anyway. I was someone who always made wrong decisions. But I want this with all my cells, desperately.

I was struggling to give my virginity to a man I didn't know, in a room I didn't know. With the courage of the drug spreading in my blood, I grabbed the neck of the man leaning over me and pressed his lips. Her wet lips were like a map helping me find my way. He sucked my lower lip brutally. So I captured her upper lip with my lips.

With the tingling reaching from my stomach to my groin, my tongue explored inside his mouth. This feeling, as if I was walking on a cloud, was very nice. When he pressed himself hard against me, my hand on the back of his neck was buried in his hair. Her soft hair was flowing through my fingers. At this action, she moaned and bit my lower lip. We were out of breath when we separated from each other.

"I'm asking for the last time, are you sure?" I opened my eyes and looked at the man whose hair I had just messed up.

"I'm sure do it, come on!" The pain reaching from my groin to my womanhood was increasing and it was now hurting me.

I pushed the man standing on top of me back from his chest because I knew I couldn't stand it anymore. I quickly got up from the bed and threw him on my bed. While he continued to look at me in astonishment, this courage of mine, which I did not know where came from, astonished him.

I crawled over, put both my legs on the sides of his hips, and sat on his lap. I was positioned right on his manhood. The miniskirt I was wearing seemed designed for this occasion. I felt better with only my panties underneath.

I pushed my hair back harshly, leaning over her as my eyes were about to close. I started moving my hips as she continued to look at me with confused eyes. I felt his warmth along with the thinness of his fabric trousers. I put both my hands on his chest and leaned over him without putting too much weight on him.

"I think I'm sure. What do you think?" I tried to make my voice sound provocative. I kept making invisible circle shapes with my hips.

“He's going crazy to be inside you right now, baby.” The owner of the black eyes, speaking through clenched teeth, reached for the zipper of my dress.

His eyes were locked on my unconscious eyes as he slowly lowered the zipper. I stopped the movement of my hips and waited for him. He opened my zipper and slowly lowered his hands to my waist, his eyes were on mine as he continued to move from my hips to my legs. He grabbed the skirt of the dress and lifted it up, I raised my hands on his chest with the urge to help him. He took the dress off me and threw it away.

When my breasts were bare, I leaned over her again, smiling when I should have been ashamed. I slowly started to unbutton his white shirt that hugged his muscles. She pressed herself against me, lifting her hips into the air, I continued to unbutton the buttons one by one, giggling. He was clenching his teeth looking at my breasts.

"Shh, calm down!" The joy in my voice was evident, even as I said these to him, I didn't want him to hold back my words.

"I'll tell you this soon when I bury you."


End of chapter.

The book was written in 2020!

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