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Day 1 (Feb. 21, 2024)

I choose to write down everything's happening in my life from now on. And for me writing mode always depends on your mood. Who wanna guess what's my mood today when I was thinking to write down here what I feel and what I think? People inspires to write when they are happy and inlove. Do you think I have one of those moods?

Nah! I feel so really down today. Work have been so tough, family have been missing, love ones seems so distant. My life has a lots of downfall and a least to be perfectly fine but I'm still smiling despite of disappoinments and discouragement. Though not genuinely happy. In all aspects, I think I'm failing to do what I'm supposed to do. But no space for complains, life will always make you feel useless and it's up to you how you gonna deal with it. At the moment, I'm laying in my bed now, about to sleep and let's call it a night. May everyone have a good sleep. See you tomorrow.😊

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