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Hayden Chase only thirteen, running for her life thanks to her scumbag of a father, Ripping off not one but three different mafia organizations, Can she survive a life on the run or will they end up catching her.

Criminalité Interdit aux moins de 18 ans.

#betrayal #mafia #billionaire #strong-teen #reble
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Chapter 1


I ran as fast as my legs could carry me, my feet splashing in puddles as the rain continued to pour, It was dark out the sun already set. I look over my shoulder to see two hulking men chasing after me, I have been on the run for about six months now, Six months since my deadbeet father skipped town, six months since I've had a giant human target on my back all becasue he decided to get greedy and steal from the Mafia,

You think the Mafia wouldn't try to kill a thirteen year old girl but I guess that doesn't matter to them all they want is revenge for all the money my father stole,

I continue to run as my lungs feel like they are ready to burst, I cut down an alley I see a chainlinked fence and picked up speed climbing the fence with ease,

I look behind me seeint the two knuckle heads having a hard time climbing the fence, I smirked knowing I finally gave them the slip, I knew I couldn't keep running like this forever, No matter where I decide to hide, They always manage to find me and I have to run like this, I know my dad Pissed off three Mafia organazations but I only ever seen the two come after me, The third one never made it's self known, Or chased after me,

Were they just biding their time until they strike just so they can put a bullet between my eyes, I don't know but I definetly didn't want to find out.

I just needed to keep looking over my shoulder, Never walk out in the open during daylight hours, don't stay in one place to long and always keep running no matter what, those were the rules I had to follow or I would end up at the wrong end of a barrel of a gun,

The day my dad decided to steal and split town they came knocking on my door, They forced me into a car, No matter what I said they wouldn't listen, thankfully the ass holes had me seated near a door. Where I opened it and jumped out a moving car traveling at 60 Miles per hour, sure it hurt like hell but I had a feeling it was nothing compared to what they were going to do to me,

I was so wrapped up in my thoughts that I forgot to look both ways before crossing the street, Only to hear a car horn and before I knew it, I was hitting the hood of the car and rolling a few times on the road,


I was in the limo looking on my tablet at the info my men gathered on Eric Chase, He had a daughter, But we don't know her age, No one has ever seen her, it was like she never existed, All we know is her name, Hayden, The bastard stole 80 grand from me and I am pissed as hell sure it didn't dent my funds but no one steals from me and gets away with it.

We visited his home it was ransacked and there indeed was a girl living there at the time but she just disappeared,

Suddenly my driver is slamming on the breaks and I feel an impact, I throw my tablet on the seat and get out of the car quickly and see a teenage girl on the ground, I see two goons from two different rival Mafia groups, I keel in front of the girl,

"Shit." I mumble

She groans in pain,

"Are you okay? What hurts?" I ask she doesn't say anything,

"Can you at least tell me you're name?" I ask

"Hayden, Hayden Chase." She says before closing her eyes.

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